I’m head over heels
to the madness
cursing through your blood
The branding of your name on my skin
came only from a single touch
You are bad for me
a tornado at sunrise
a rabid wolf
that I welcome back too kindly
You never return on announcement
always an arrival of havoc
and these broken bones
could very well build your monument
I have tried
to keep you locked up
in a solitary cell
within my mind
within my heart
But I always find myself
slipping quietly
under the covers
with your body
Bathing in our heat and ecstasy
Here now,
in the fleeting absence of you
my heart sprawls in the compost
of my own sadness
wretched like a crack addict
awaiting to be born anew
Thus, a storm
I keep chasing
even on sunny days
my soul spellbound
in a million ways
With you,
there’s no slipping and falling
only crashing to the ground
head first
in the cold morning
Maybe you are who she warned me about,
the tug I can’t seem to defeat.
I never listened to my mom
when she said
look left and right
before crossing the street ...
Elle Bor

Good looks last a decade, but your personality will never fade

************************************************************ That sweltering September night
in the motion sickness
of the pink and blue promenade
Glowing under a spotlight,
them sad dog stare
The taste of juvenile beer
still searing your tongue,
The delusion of premature drugs
drowning into
the bass speaker
You tell about a girl you fancy
through the microphone
holding on
to silk hands
that isn’t mine

I was there
the smoke filled disco hall
vanilla frost on my nose
that I am
but a windfall
You told her those words,
but they escaped to my direction
while they stare,
awaiting her reaction
I saw you,
a lone wolf
spewing pretty lies
in the midst of the crowd
as you scan for my damp eyes
And even though
my name is whispered
under heavy breaths,
I am not the one next to you
There is a way of corrupting purity
without laying a finger on her skin
a callous path to dismantling her self credence
in every part of her body
where your hands haven’t been
You tell a girl you love her
yet kiss the lips of another
And history can argue
that it never ends there
Elle Bor

“My name is Ophelia”
Often with grave assertion
but mostly, a defense
to my own question
On nights I look
at my reflection
and feel like a tourist
in my own body
On days I trade
with strangers
Unaware that
it’s my own hand
I’m shaking
I fear my mind
and the bog
where it rests at night
when it betrays its creed
to keep myself
within the line of sight

And it reminds me
that one can break
while remaining intact
run away
without leaving
That it is possible,
to be abducted
and still lay in your own bed...
Elle Bor

Oh the many moons it takes
to bring you back my stardust
and it’s always a deep impact
when you crash down here
so beautifully
Then I have to break
my own fall
because you can’t catch me

Even when your arms are ready to,
the universe always tells us NO...
Elle Bor

Crying all the way around
Frightened of mom not being around,
I didn't let her leave my hand
It was first day of school and
I experienced my first pain.

Those were my old school days.
Annual functions and sport day
gave most fun and happiness to our way,
Examinations and results day
were the toughest experience
that never flew away.
Those were my old school days.
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Darkness is daytime’s plaything
Marred by the massacre of love
Scarred by its abstract,
and putrid,
Yet mesmerizing painting
That many eyes have willingly
laid arms for its blindfold
To live safely
in the alternate world
where “what’s right”
meets a sweet genocide

Here, the carcass of our honor
sweeps reluctantly ashore
as we watch the sun
plummet only for us
Hoping that our sins
keel over to the sea
and find in its depths
the heart to forgive
For in digging the best gold,
we have gotten our hands dirty...
Elle Bor

Old writes from an old laptop😪
************************************************************ Today sounds a whole lot like the formula of a seamless destruction, the one that has become my friend when you left again, after being gone for a while. Here now under the covers, bed-ridden from the ailment of your origin and paralyzed from this fresh version of starving for your skin. The monsoon is raging outside but the urge to reach out and beg for your return, is the only storm wreaking havoc in my flesh. I have failed to dissect this disease you infected me with but I know that by doing so will only render science into a state of baffled and unknowing.
Why is it called Love when it’s only losing? Losing our hearts. Losing our spirits. Losing every regard for our dignity and self-worth. Losing our minds from reason. Losing our sense of right and wrong.
Inside my chest is this unfathomable well that’s gushing out of me. I don’t know how to drain it but I must. I’m drowning beneath its undertow from parts of my body that’s screaming for your name. My heart is suffocating, near implosion from this broken record of the words,“I miss you.”
I’ve sought refuge within these four walls, still tasting your kiss from my lips, still famished for our love that has dissolved into the floorboards where we used to lay. I hear your laugh and mine through gin-riddled breaths and wine stained teeth. You told me I was yours and I said you were mine, even though you weren’t. You lied. I lied. And we both bathe in them inside the tub filled with rose petals and blind eyes.
We were love’s rare but clandestine mission, always behind closed doors, and only meant to live in the dark. Arms around each other, courtships, picnics in the park, dinner dates on the balcony under the merciless moon- mere aliens to our world. I know we tried to make things right, to sow our love beneath the stars but plants don’t grow in a sunless earth. Our final destination has always been same (cont.👇)

You left me with no option
But to let go.
You left me crying
Till I couldn't anymore.
You broke me so damn much
I couldn't be mended.
And then YOU still think I
hurt you

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You put something beautiful that I can’t touch, right there in front of me. That is how you kill slowly
📷🛠 @atil.design

But darling, we know
about this everlasting bind,
drifting secretly around the universe
that has our hearts tethered
at both its ends
Hauling us back to each other
when we stray too far apart

It’s truly sad though,
how destiny became too clever
for we also know
that we can’t chase the wind forever...
Elle Bor

I was reared in the womb of
and nurtured as the whore
of endless malady
My fat, red lip stick
has grudgingly stained
countless rows
of unwelcoming beds
Yet none of them
ever really asked
to be graciously paid
In the morrow of great sadness
my tears will always be invisible
to the dark world,
whose innocence is incorrigible
Thus, I breathe
in the air too polluted
that pain cannot rob the credit
for finding me too corrupted
But you came perfectly
in the false guise
of entirely saving me
Even when I was already
in the precipice of salvation
Expecting my calloused hand
to carry your barbed heart
as if this is the first time
I’m hearing this command

I’m sorry
but your body
feels far from heaven
Only that,
your stifling gravity
is one thing I’m weak in
I know of your skin
as the soil in my motherland
No birds make it here
just to fly by
This is where the famished souls
come to die
Elle Bor

Weak hands find comfort
in the grip of my coattails
Yet my arms become scapegoats
when their hold runs stale
This sea is a measure,
a ravaging critic
sieving the strong from the coward -why many perish
in the depths of the Pacific
Our love was never the ocean,
only my heart is
Behold my throne of unbelonging
I am not yours nor his
My happily ever after is lived
in the ships that I let go
and the souls I drown
to be someone regal and new
No one can touch me better
than my own swells
So heed the sound
of those sirens and church bells
Don’t you see?
This is the part about love that isn’t free...
Elle Bor

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