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what do i do/
once passion runs out/
where do i go/
when my heart/
wilts with doubt/

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G r a c e

••| there’s something beautiful about someone who sees beauty in your being, with no desire to change it. someone who finds beauty in letting you become the person you are truly meant to be without imposing themselves on you. someone who recognizes the gold within you, but has no desire to dig it out. someone who is inspired by your growth, and not intimidated by your ascension. too many of us allow love to take away from us, instead of letting love build onto what exists already, because we allow lovers with no self awareness to occupy our space. we allow lovers who lack empathy too much control over our energy. bad love will always make itself visible by the way it makes you feel, and if you feel drained by the people that “love you” instead of feeling invigorated, then that love is not good for you. 🌹

“The Ghost of Me”

the bad days all all consuming but the bright light still shines somewhere deep - it keeps me pushing on even when all seems hopeless


If you skipped to the end
you should know by now
that this is the last
but you would have missed
the many times I returned
to rescue our sandcastle
Your back to me
as you sat and built your own

Some hearts we burn
The memories die into ashes
And we plant them back into the earth
Yet I kept ours inside the urn

And some great things
are not meant
to be held
by you and me
Now I understand that our love
is much like the sea
Elle Bor

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