A little dessert after dinner, Halloween oreo cookies. I haven't had an oreo in years and I've been missing out.
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Yesterday was weird. At first I was anxious because I was going to hang with sone friends and we were getting pizza from domino's because they had an offer. 4 pizzas for 4 people it was going to be...I was VERY VERY triggered.
But they were saturated and we would have had to wait too long, so we decided on making them ourselves. And we did.
I felt bad because due to me we made some that they didn't enjoy as much because I didn't want to load it with meat and sausage.
But in the end, I ate more slices than them. Lower calorie per slice maybe but in the overall I ate more. Even the f***ing Crust.

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Reality: I love running but this was me doing a photo shoot so I rolled my normally hunched shoulders back and stood up straighter for it. The second photo is more realistic to my less than ideal running form, but I’m thankful that God gave me legs to move and also a need for rest.
Today was kind of an interesting day. I did a long run, went to the farmers market, kind of just didn’t do much, and I’m now just looking forward to the sabbath day and allll the rest. .
And I wanted to share again about my relationship with exercise: I’ve had to really be careful and see what my body can handle; I can’t handle the training they recommend for any races, so I just make up my own schedule. After this race I’m not sure how much time I’ll spend running; exercise doesn’t have the power over me it used to but I think it will be a lifetime battle of learning not to idolize moving or ‘athleticism’ .
I think what Nicole @tryingtobenicole shares is so true; recovery will have its battles. And every day you have to fight; but with Jesus as the captain of our salvation we can do this battle. We can say NO to those thoughts of thinking we were a mistake because our body doesn’t look a certain way. We can say NO to restriction so we can live outside of the prison of comparison. .
Life without constant ED thoughts is amazing, and each day I’m so amazed at God’s faithfulness in so many lives like the many recovery warriors on here. Love you all. Thank you for your constant encouragement. #recoveryisworthit #recoveryfromexercise #exerciseaddictionrecovery #recoveryispossible #fromfoodfearstofoodfreedom

Lunch from before. Really struggling with body image today. I had to go to the mall earlier and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was horrified. My team still wants me to gain 17 more pounds...I feel like I look like I need to LOSE 17 pounds. Watching my body get bigger is hard #anorexiafight #eatingdisorderrecovery #beateatingdisorders #2fab4ana #strongnotskinny #ed #edrecovery #edfam #eatingdisorders #ana #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #anarecovery #anorexiafighter #anorexiawarrior #prorecovery #recovery

Sunday wisdom ✨ breathe, release, recalibrate.... _____________________
Via @recoverclinic

I want to get better.

Tried this for the first time tonight and mmmm it was quite YUM! 😋🙌🏻 super sweet and soft! Excited to try more of their products!

My delicious lunch on this sunny day was a toasted cheese and tomato panini with a peach and a caramel candy!

So I recently started medication for my food-related anxiety. It got to the point where I struggled to get things done because of breakdowns taking up so much time, and being so anxious was actually one of the big factors in my appetite. When I feel anxious, I also feel VERY full.

But I never thought I would resort to medication. It was offered to me in the hospital (almost 5 months ago!) but I refused

In all honesty, I find the prospect of brain-activity-altering medicine terrifying. Partially because I feel like I will have a whole different personality, and partially because i'm afraid it will make me act "less anorexic". As much as I hate the stress my breakdowns cause me and my family, I think I fear the idea of having them dissapear even more.

However, after months of everyone offering it constantly, I decided to give it a try. I only just started it, so I can't say wether or not it's working yet, but i'll keep you updated.

Lunch part 1 was about 2/3 or just over half of this tomato soup with a "popover". It's basically a type of bread that is just like the inside of a honey cruller donut!

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As some of you might have seen on my story, my hunger has gone weirdly crazy all of a sudden and it’s been super hard to deal with. On a plus side, I applied the corrections on my personal statement and I’m rlly happy with how it has turned out😊
Anyway, here are today’s bites✌🏼
Amazing carrot cake oats topped with @alpro soya yoghurt, @myproteinuk sugar free maple syrup, grated carrot and cinnamon. Sorry about the awful advert noise in the backgroud!🥕
Morning snack
Chocolate brownie banana protein shake on the bus🍌🍫
Aubergine parmigiana with a bagel thin. Looks unappetising but it acc looked pretty irl! Tastes amazing too but was pretty tough for me. Pudding was chocolate hazelnut @alpro ice cream and @breyers cookies and cream ice cream. I wish they did dairy free but luckily my tummy was fine😅🍆🍅
Afternoon snack
Banana soreen and tea😍🍌☕️
Part two was an apple because my hunger pains were crazy and I honoured my hunger! That was big for me :) .
Cauliflower curry with a portion of rice. Pudding was semolina pudding and home made apple sauce with one crushed pecan🍚
Night snack
150g @alpro soya yoghurt mixed with a blended rice cake, some pumpkin purée, all spice, cinnamon and sweetener. Topped with @myproteinuk sf maple syrup and cinnamon 🎃
Sleep tight angels, wishing you a calm and restful sunday💖

Nightsnack Part 2.


A peeled and cooked pear, quaker oats made with water and sweetener, cinnamon, raisins, chopped unsalted peanuts and white chocolate.

It felt like the perfect Autumn treat.

Always move forward; because you can.

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As of my last few posts I've been straying about from actually discussing topics related directly to eating disorders which is the central focus of my account. I would love for you guys to comment subjects you want me to discuss. It would be really helpful as I truly want this to be an informative and helpful account.

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i’m going to see romeo and juliet tonight but it’s like ghetto version i guess? it’s a play and it sounds so hilariously ridiculous i’m so excited
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Helpful help

When people are feeling unwell or uncertain, offering a helping hand is important. If the offer is targetted to the real need or requirement of the individual, help offers are usually perceived positively.

If you try to rescue another or offer unsuitable support, the help can sometimes be perceived as intrusive, controlling, condescending etc.
So how do you make your help helpful? Best advice is to ask what the person needs, make tentative offers (eg. Would it be helpful if I ...) and be supportive of the person helping themselves (eg. Would you like me to watch the kids while you...). Remember help is only helpful if it helps.

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cereal is just milk broth + if u don’t mix different kinds together, you’re doing it wrong. this has been ur daily breakfast psa.

~Si tu hij@ te viene llorando con hambre, ¿le dirías que no? ¿Le dirías que está demasiado gord@, que pide demasiado, que debe reducirse a la sociedad? No.
Entonces, ¿porqué te lo tendrías que decir a ti mism@? Tu eres l@ hij@ de alguien.~ #recovery #anorexianerviosa #anorexianerviosarecovery #edrecovery #prorecovery #recoveryisworthit #anorexia #quotes #instalife #bodypositive #recoveryquotes

🍁 my FIRST DAY OF FALL started like this...
☕️ Two hands wrapped around a hot mug of coffee. Barefoot by the fireplace. Just sitting there on the floor, doing a whole lotta nothing. And you know what? It felt f*cking glorious.
📧 No emails. No text messages. No surrendering to the pull of those little red notification bubbles screaming “tap me, read me, clear ME!”. For just a few uninterrupted minutes, I sat + sipped + watched the snow fall outside.
💡 And that’s when it hit me.
“Hello, old morning routine. Missed you”
☀️I fell out of the habit. Lost the thing that helps me calm the chaos + manage my anxiety. But today I was reminded that a morning routine doesn’t have to be elaborate. It just has to *be*
📖 So this season I’m reviving my super simple, doesn’t take more than 5 min, morning routine. Hot mug. A little morning light. A few deep breaths. And just see how much more room it frees up in my day for joy to thrive.
Will you join me?

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