As a photographer, my focus has always been boudoir... but recently, I've had so many more requests by my boudoir clients to add social media-friendly headshots into their sessions, which I'm happy to do!

So if you want a more polished image for your professional online presence, or for your dating and social media profiles, this is something we offer.

No, we're not cheap. But in today's world, your online presence matters. You should not skimp on the face you present to the world. You want pictures that are flattering, but accurate. Well-lit, well-posed, and in sharp focus.

STOP using selfies and grainy, blurry snapshots on your LinkedIn profile. STOP using super high-angle shots for Tinder that don't look like you, and leave you wondering why there's never a second date. STOP using old pictures with your ex cut out of them as your Facebook profile pic. And for the love of all that is holy, STOP using blurry-face filters or snap chat woodland creature ears and noses. We all know you have pores and 100% human features, and we're cool with that. It IS possible to have photos that represent you as YOU, but the best version of you.

Call 302-365-5211 to book your session.

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