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The POWER of breathing!! @moekhan33 is showing us how proper diaphragmatic breathing can improve mobility very fast, allowing him to actually use his body the way it was meant to be used.
While he does have his knees slightly bent that's because he has just started to work on his hamstrings, big improvements to come!! If you can't touch the floor - contact me or another trainer/therapist who understands breathing😜
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That soft sound of proper breathing. Nice crew at "Casa del Yoga" in Oviedo. Very pleased to have spent two days sharing the practice. Thank you Nuno Oliveira and everyone who came🙏 #properbreathing #casadelyogaoviedo

For today's HIIT, I went off of a video from Emily Skye. 8 sets each/12reps per set of:
1)front squats
2)barbell military press
3)modified burpees
4)bent over barbell rows
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Did you know when you're breathing to sing or speak you should do so in a manner where your diaphragm contacts and moves downward as you inhale and relaxes to move upward as you exhale? #properbreathing #VocalHealthtips #LaRueHoward #KingdomResources #WLAinc

Last one and its just because I love #NationalDanceDay SO MUCH! Check out those beats #cabriole #ilovedance #talent #properbreathing


The most common mistake I see people make in the gym is not Breathing properly.
I see a lot of people holding their breaths while they lift which is a big NO NO.

The proper Breathing technique will allow you to lift heavier with less effort. The heavier you lift, the more you’ll maximize your results whether your looking to gain muscle or shed fat.

The proper Breathing technique consist of inhaling through your nose when your in the rest position and exhaling through your mouth as you're exerting force

As shown on this picture, I’m exhaling through my mouth as I’m coming up from the Squat position
Questions on diet, nutrition or techniques?
Email me.
Get Started 👇🏽or Email me!
Click the link in the bio —> @BigLFitness
Click the link in the bio —> @BigLFitness
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Not just for kids.....
Learn more at www.thebreatheinstitute.com/myofunctional-therapy
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They emulate us.... healthy habits! #healthybaby #properbreathing #momsoftoddlers

Day 11 - 21 Day Fix; Pilates Fix! ☆

Did you know that Pilates can really make a difference in your health without taking a toll on your body. Pilates is a refreshing mind-body workout that emphasizes proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, that will actually make you become more in tune with your body. Last but not least, helps you learn to breathe properly which can reduce stress. We could all use stress reduction... ☆

Pilates exercises develop a strong CORE. This is gonna help me achieve the abs I want to see before summer! Pilates also helps you gain long, lean muscles and flexibility. Pilates conditions the whole body, even the ankles and feet. No muscle group is over trained or under trained. ☆

Perfect workout for today....


SC: SelfCare: A well functioning digestive system allows nutrients to be absorbed effectively. Food sensitivities and stress can damage the lining of our gut allowing all kinds of particles to move into the rest of our bodies triggering an immune response. Over time this can take a toll on our health. Proper breathing, choosing the right food, mindful eating and posture allow the vagus nerve to work more efficiently creating a better communication pathway between our first and second brain. 🌿 #guthealth

It's easier to find peace in nature. Mauna is a Sanskrit term for the observation of silence to calm the thought waves of the mind. #hamilton #outside #nature #yoga #properbreathing #positivethinking #meditation

No matter what your age, you can work on retraining your oral-facial and neck muscles to help you achieve better sleep, proper breathing and digestion.
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Proper breathing during weight lifting is vital, not only for your performance, but also for your health. Breathing ensures that the blood circulating to your working muscles is oxygenated and that waste products are removed. Holding your breath during weight lifting can lead to dangerous increases in blood pressure, which can lead to injury.#instahealth #livelonger #fitnessmotivation #fitness #instadaily #dailyfitash11 #bodyengineering #bodybuilding #humen #foodie #foodfacts #knowyourportion #belive #innerpeace #fitnessmotivation#liftingweights #breath #breathingproblems #properbreathing #knowyourbody #belive #innerpeace

NATARAJA Bali Yoga Shala - Proper BREATHING “People come to my yoga shala with a need. They are seekers for many reasons. I am a servant of light in yoga and I share my knowledge during my classes to accomplish peace for the mind, love for the heart and light for the body. That is my vision, my goal.” ~ Acharya Yoga Nilesh R. Tiwari

Introducing 5 BASIC principles of YOGA

1. Proper exercise (Asanas)


Pranayama or proper breathing connects the body with its battery, the solar plexus, where enormous reserves of energy can be stored and retrieved.

Through the breathing techniques of pranayama this energy is released. When we consciously regulate our breath, we are able to store and access a greater amount of vital life energy or prana. Most people use only a fraction of the lung capacity for breathing. They breathe superficially resulting in tension accumulating in the upper back and neck due to lack of oxygen. Deep yogic abdominal breathing can release deep seated toxins and tensions and even depression.

A person who possesses an abundance of prana radiates vitality and strength and works with efficiency , calmness and concentration. Pranayama ( breathing exercises) not only increase prana but also how to control it. There is a subtle connection between prana and the mind , by controlling and regulating the prana we control the mind. All diseases of the body can be destroyed at the root by regulating the prana which is the secret of healing. Acupuncture, shiatsu, spiritual healing etc. are all examples of the conscious or unconscious control of prana.

BREATH is a BRIDGE between YOU and your BODY

JOIN our practice with Yoga Acharya Nielsh R. Tiwari and learn again how to BREATHE into your mind and body.
Peace, Love and Light

They emulate us.... healthy habits! #healthybaby #properbreathing #momsoftoddlers

Voice Lesson 101!
#ProperBreathing 😂🎤🎤🎤

Restore your Core workshop this weekend was awesome!
Muscles feeling it today. 💪 Thank you🙏🏼 @thelaurenohayon
I love learning techniques for #properbreathing 😤 #reflexivecore activation #pelvicalignment #spinalmobility so I can help other Moms to heal & function like we deserve to!
Our bodies are so wise & can learn new ways to move, strengthen and make lasting change!!

TOMORROW! Slight time change this week ladies!: 5:45-7:15pm • East Farndon, Market Harborough • A few spaces left, message to book in now beauties • £10 or 5 for £45 • Love Lulu xxxx #prenatalyoga #prenatal #antenatalyoga #pregnancyyoga #healthypregnancy #happypregnancy #mummyandbabyyoga #yogimum #yogainmarketharborough #marketharboroughyoga #yoga #marketharborough #getyourbodybabyready #peaceofmind #strongmind #properbreathing #properposture #feelgood #positivity #bodybabyconnection

Proper Breathing technique while running could mean the difference between feeling out of breath and going the distance.

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Poor posture of the head and shoulders is implicated in everything from chronic headaches to inability to lose weight (via improper breathing and sympathetic nervous system activation). Check out the video series I did with @mindpumpmedia on correcting upper cross syndrome, and take your aesthetic AND health goals to the next level! Be sure to subscribe to the Mind Pump Media channel for more useful health and exercise info. (Link to full video in bio)

A room full of beautiful mummies to be tonight in the Prenatal Yoga class 💖 Slight time change next Tuesday - how is 6pm - 7:30pm for everybody? This works better for a few mummies so want to try it out! • Book in now beauties • New mummies to be welcome! 🌈 Love Lulu xxxxx

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