#mainstream A small shoulder strap handbag with a unique Tiger design for a causal look .
I designed the gucci lettering in a tropical fashion to give it it's own one of a kind authenticity and to enjoy the handbag every time. Designed BY Bird Castillo in concept format for promotional use.
#summertime #promotinal #unique #stylish #tropical

Grab them by the 😼

From the desk of @b2bent -Memorial Monday was one of my proudest accomplishments for #shine2018 .It came with many obstacles but with the armor of God and a wonderful hard working team and friends behind me this year's SHINE is one for the books. THANK YOU again for supporting the brand without you theres nothing. .
Thank you to @frosswire_visuals @kode784productions for helping put this promo together #promotinal
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Bet I can get more ladies then you can 😼

Don’t!!! For your own safety 🙅‍♀️

Forever is not enough

Yes...I go behind the scene sometimes....wanna shoot? 😉

Had fun with this gem 💎 fashion designer, blogger and fashionista @angelina.j.solomon @lolitafortpoint. Check her out and follow her :)

#gimbal shots for a #promotinal #video to be played at an #awards evening in june.

Let’s Pray Bitch!

I promise to be better 💋

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