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The amazingly talented @mumsthatslay_crew nominated me to take part in this 5 things about you post... I thought it would be a good way to reintroduce myself 🤷🏽‍♀️

1️⃣ I’m 36 in March, and I’m kind of on some hippy spiritual journey to find myself. Kinda, sorta. First step is to travel somewhere on my own and spend some time by myself without being a “mum” or “wife”. •

2️⃣ I’m rather loud, however I didn’t realise until recently how quiet I became over the years. I guess due to insecurities, believing people’s negative comments, etc, etc. The loud one is still here, pops out now and again and is trying to make a come back. •

3️⃣ I used to be a professional makeup artist back in the day. That’s before everyone went on YouTube and learnt how to contour and do lashes and therefore become makeup artists. Worst job I ever had was making over a hungover model who hadn’t even been home after her night out. Best thing was working on music videos and seeing them on tv, still to this day. •

4️⃣ I’ve been on reality TV... I think 3 times 🤔 you can’t find the show online which is great because we came across like Surrey Tw*ts 🤦🏽‍♀️

5️⃣ One of my greatest tv moments was mouthing “I love you” to @richardblackwood during an MTV show, can’t remember what it was called. But the presenters would stand in front of a window, with fans behind, and introduce music videos. Cringy but true. •

❤️ I’m nominating @thejaninerenee @adamanoshame @aisha.sheerena @purpleramblings @nomipalony next ❤️

This is a touch up shot of a recent shoot with New Face, Morgan of Ford RBA.
A true behind the scenes not something you'd expect to be shared. However it's in the small details. I created a very clean look on Morgan with both her hair and makeup. There aren't any filters so you can zoom in and see my actual work. There isn't any editing whatsoever so yes you can also see pores and flyaway hairs. What you see is a natural beauty showing through not someone whose overdone with a million filters to hide "imperfections". This shot was snagged by Photographer @rouxdboi_ and I appreciate the authenticity of it.
Styling by @allthingsphashionizta
Hair and Makeup by Me @jaliadp
This is the definition of how to CREATE CLEAN BEAUTY!!!

Want to learn how to create CLEAN "Makeup No Makeup" looks similar to this??? Be sure to attend #ISSELB the biggest beauty event on the west coast!! Sign up and don’t miss my class on 'Creating Clean Beauty' which takes place on January 28th at 4:30pm - Long Beach Convention Center. My class is FREE so I want to see all my fellow licensed beauty professionals in the building. To attend the three day event purchase your tickets: https://probeauty.org/tickets/isselb/

ISSE Long Beach is open to licensed beauty professionals, cosmetology students and instructors only. Manufacturers, distributors and manufacturer representatives are NOT eligible to attend this show unless they are members of the Professional Beauty Association @probeautyassoc

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Football Game Selfies 🏈 #GlossyEyes #ChromeNails #DarkLips

Feelin like one of the boys #NoBrows #GlossyEyeshadow #GlossyEye #DarkLips

In love with this head shot of @michelleds21 Those cheekbones!❤ Photographer: @andrew_images
@mpsginc @studiosauga
Makeup: @makemeovermua
Hair: @mimicuts


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