Step by step on drawing the eyes by #Proko .
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Here’s a 20 minute layin of Yoni with charcoal. WIN a premium Yoni model pack!!! Use #proko to post your own layin of any proko figure model. On April 27th I’ll pick 3 of my favorite drawings to win the model pack.
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So, I recently started with mannequinization stage of figure drawings. .
Mannequinization essentially means simplifying body parts into simple forms- eggs, spheres, tubes and boxes that interlock to create something that looks like a human form. So for example, the thigh can be visualised as a cylinder tapering down to the knee which is also simplified as a box and so on! These obviously are not the most neat looking mannequins, coz I am so heavy handed sometimes 🙄!! Will hopefully get more elegant with practice! But I love seeing some structure built upon the basic gesture-makes them feel more solid in space ! .
I hope this helps! As always used charcoal on a newsprint sketchbook 😊

2,3,&4 min qcksktch

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