Chitose Tachibana

The younger sister of twins Itsuki and Mutsuki. She is my least favourite ghost to fight against because I feel sorry for her the most. Chitose had poor eyesight and she was often frightened by strangers, probably because she struggled with recognizing faces. She was close to her twin brothers, however since she was not born a twin, she does not know much about the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual. She never understood why Mutsuki never came home after he and Itsuki left or why Itsuki's hair turned white when he returned. Since she would often hide in closets or cupboards, Itsuki gave her a bell that she could ring whenever she feels that she was in danger or whenever she was hiding so Itsuki can always find her. On the day the Darkness swallowed Minakami village, she hid under a cupboard waiting for Itsuki to come and get her. However she was waiting in vain because Itsuki had hung himself when he found out that Yae and Sae's escape was not successful. Her ghost hides within the closets and cupboards of the Tachibana house. The sound of bells can be heard in rooms where she currently was in. She is always crying... demanding that her beloved brother be brought back. At times she would let out a sharp cry that disables the flashlight and blows out the candles causing the room to becomes very dark for a period of time making it hard to find her, although you can hear the sounds of bells ringing when she runs. She attacks Mio confusing her as Yae because she thought it was Yae's fault why Itsuki never came back.

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What a game. I am so thankful I found the courage in me to finally play this game. The ending was heartbreaking.... Mayu... dearest sister Mayu... you told me no matter what happens, you'll forgive me. But how about me? How can I forgive myself for what I did to you... But then you finally found peace... you thanked me for it. Did I really do the right thing? Was this really the only way? I dunno everything felt so wrong... yet light finally touches the village. I guess we really are the reincarnation of the Kurosawa Twins... and it was our duty to fulfill our role as the Twin Shrine Maidens from the very beginning. Born together... but destined to live and die separately... #FatalFrame2 #ProjectZero2 #CrimsonButterfly #TillWeMeetAgain

The Kusabi, also known as the Sacrifice, is an outsider from the village that is used to perform the Hidden Ceremony. This ceremony is performed if there are no twins available to perform the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual. The Kusabi, like the Shrine Maidens and Altar Twins, also helps appease the rumbling of the Hellish Abyss but for a much shorter time. To prepare a Kusabi, the poor victim needs to go through what is called a Cutting Ritual. The Kusabi is tortured by receiving cuts and slashes, it is believed that the more the Kusabi suffers, the more time he can buy until the next Crimson Ritual. Preparing a Kusabi is a delicate task, they have to make sure that he does not die whilst performing the cutting ritual or else the ritual will result into a failure. After the cutting ritual, the Kusabi then gets suspended by ropes in a special ceremony room. He is then further tortured by tightening the ropes wrapped around his body further crushing his bones. When the Kusabi is at the brink of death, his body is dropped into the pit completing the ritual.

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Samochody, restauracje, lumpeksy i śmietniki nareszcie dorobiłem się porządnego VHSa i Star Warsów w panoramie :3

The Kiryu Twins, Akane and Azami. The village was in a desperate condition at the time it was the Kiryu Sisters turn to perform the ritual which was why they had to do it even at such a young age. Azami was technically born first but by village custom, she was considered as the younger sister. During the of ritual, Akane had difficulty performing the task of killing her sister. A veiled priest attempted to assist the young shrine maiden but Azami refused and insisted that it should only be her sister that takes away her life. The ritual was a success, but it left poor Akane shattered. Akane loved her sister very much and losing her the way she did took a toll on her. Their father, who couldn't bare seeing his remaining daughter in such a depressed state decided to make a doll in the exact image of his late daughter Azami. Akane loved the doll so much, she would whisper things to the doll like as if it was really her beloved sister, telling her how sorry she was for killing her. The strong connection Akane had with the doll attracted an evil spirit, which eventually possessed the doll. The evil spirit pretended to be Azami which made Akane grow more attached to the doll. Their father started to notice that there seemed to be some kind of dark figure always lingering beside the doll which made him start to worry. One night the real Azami visited her Father's dreams and told him about the evil spirit possessing the doll trying to take over Akane's soul. Azami told him he needed to kill her again by throwing the doll to the pit. The evil spirit knew about the plan and told Akane that "their father wanted to kill her again". Akane believing the doll was really Azami, believed the evil spirit and hid the doll's limbs and head so that their father can never find it and complete the cleansing of the doll. Akane was soon taken over by the evil spirit and she eventually strangled her father to death. Her ghost roams the Kiryu house together with the possessed doll.

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The Crimson Sacrifice Ritual. A Shinto ritual that is performed to appease the trembling of the " Hellish Abyss ". The ritual is performed by twins, preferably twin sisters that become appointed as "The Twin Shrine Maidens". The residents of the Minakami Village believed that it is their duty to perform the ritual as needed to keep the Repentance from happening. The ritual dictates the older twin must kill the younger twin. It is believed that doing so will make the siblings become one again. The twin that dies will turn into a deity in the form of a crimson butterfly. The butterfly ascends into heaven bringing light towards the village that appeases the trembling of the Hellish Abyss temporarily. The living sibling watches over the village and is given the title, The Remaining... #FatalFrame2 #ProjectZero2 #CrimsonButterfly #KiryuTwins #CrimsonSacrificeRitual

In the cutscene where Mayu gets trapped inside a room. The twins had a flashback of the time when Mayu slipped and fell that resulted to an injury that hinders her from walking properly. Mayu was begging Mio to not leave her alone. But Mio had to leave in order to find the key to unlock the door. As Mio leaves the area, she hears Mayu talking in a creepy voice saying " Dear sister, are you leaving me again? ". Pretty sure that it was Sae talking. 😰

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Save point from #fatalframe2
It’s a work in progress. I am making a lantern with the handle that you find in the Kiryu house. I could easily modify the design so it’s like the ones on a stand you find inside the house in the village.

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Finally met up with the Bloody Ghost Lady and the " Kusabi " I am not sure what chapter I'm in but all I'm hearing from these ghosts is that " The twins are back ". And I've been called Yae and Mayu as Sae. 😑

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A Spirit Stone Radio from Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. For my store I’ll sell wooden ones and include LEDs to make the “stone” light up. #FatalFrame #cosplay #propreplica #prop #projectzero2 #fatalframe2crimsonbutterfly #FatalFrame2 #gaming #horrorgame #horrorgame #ps2 #playstation2 #fatalframeprop

Ayo ikutin petulangan Mio dan Mayu di Fatal Frame 2 :Crimson Butterfly (wii version). Game inilah yang menginspirasi game karya anak bangsa yang sangat populer,dreadout. Check ke channel youtube Popcornid ya. #horrogames #youtuber #gamehorror #fatalframe2 #projectzero2 #nintendowii #wii #walkthrough #moviereview #filmreview #ps2 #playstation #gaming #game

Ayo ikutin petulangan Mio dan Mayu di Fatal Frame 2 :Crimson Butterfly (wii version). Game inilah yang menginspirasi game karya anak bangsa yang sangat populer,dreadout. Check ke channel youtube Popcornid ya. #horrogames #youtuber #gamehorror #fatalframe2 #projectzero2 #nintendowii #wii #walkthrough #moviereview #filmreview #ps2 #playstation #gaming #game

The Ghost Lady's name is Miyako. She went looking for her lost lover that disappeared without a reason in the forest. She found her way to the lost village looking for her beloved Masumi, longing to see him. She did find him, however Masumi was not himself anymore, he strangled her to death. That was why she kept saying lines like " I kept searching for you.... I missed you... and Why?... " because when she found him it was already too late. 😞 Poor Miyako and Masumi.

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From last night's game... Just look at how bad these camera angles are!!!! >_< It is definitely setting you up to get jump scared. But hey so far the ghosts have pretty faces. 😅

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Project zero !
Un petit nouveau dans ma collection de jeux d’horreur ! Je l’avais aperçu plus jeune et je me suis toujours dit qu’il me le faudrais un jour 😁

Project zero!

A new kid in my collection of horror games! I had seen him younger and I always thought he would one day 😁

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