Often times we are searching for something or someone outside of us to heal ourselves. When we think we find that thing or person it (temporarily)eases the pain... but in reality if we are able to get quiet our soul will tell us exactly what it is we need.
My challenge to you is to sit still and ask yourself what is it that you need? What do you want?
Sitting still and experiencing the silence silence can be uncomfortable. Often times when we are new to sitting in silence it is extremely uncomfortable and we stop before we arrive at an answer that our soul gives to us. Still, I urge you to take 5 minutes and just sit still in silence and wait for the answer.
Sometimes it's as simple as a glass of ice cold water with a squeeze of lemon. Other times it's more complicated like examining boundaries or reevaluating a friendship. As uncomfortable as it may be when you start a practice of sitting with yourself and asking your soul would it needs the more often you do it the stronger the relationship you have with your soul...and the easier and the quicker it is to get to the root of what it is that you want and what it is that you need
What does your soul need?

Today is #worldkindnessday and for my birthday I am having a fundraiser for @projsemicolon ...it's a nonprofit organization and a great cause. This is just one simple act of kindness and it can help lots of people. Go check it out and/or think about doing one simple act of kindness of your own. Every little thing counts and adds up. 💙 #worldkindnessday #birthdayfundraiser #nonprofit #projectsemicolon #greatcause #yourstoryisnotover #kindness #simpleactsofkindness #hope #awareness #spreadkindness #spreadlove💙 #love #addiction #mentalhealth #mentalillness #selfinjury #encourage #inspire #semicolon #_ineedanescape_

It’s true. I’m always learning and growing and changing with the help of GOD’s grace. My counselor even recently told me that getting so upset and anxious over another individual’s actions is allowing that person to control
me! And the biggest thing I’ve learned from therapy is this: You CANNOT control another person. All you CAN control is how you choose to react to another’s person’s actions. That’s a HUGE piece to take away for any of us that suffer from anxiety or anyone in general. Anxiety is like free falling through the air and wanting so desperately to be able to stop. Most of all, it happens because some situation in our lives has made us feel completely out of CONTROL. So this is what we can do: talk about our feelings instead of burying them, own our feelings, and then choose to not let other people’s actions to affect us. This is what I have had to do in the past to get over the pain and grief of a painful childhood and life circumstances. Now, I’m here again but I hope if you’re reading this, you know that you are STRONG, that you will HEAL, and you will continue to live a BLESSED life! GOD has already claimed it for us all! And don’t forget to take care of not just your MENTAL well being but your PHYSICAL well being as well. I promise that getting your gut healthy is another LARGE piece of the puzzle! 💕😊💪🙏🌱
#fightanxiety #projectsemicolon #probiotics
#guthealth #happymomof1

@umabrooklyn is holding a kickathon to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness. Each student will do 2018 kicks and we are looking for sponsorship.
I have personally lost friends and family, and many of us are not many degrees of separation to someone who has struggles.
Thank you in advance for support and compassion to help the cause.
It’s also on my Facebook page if you can’t access the link.
#projectsemicolon #suicideawareness #suicideprevention #compassion #showsupport #insolidarity

Dont expect anyone to understand your journey, especially if they've never had to walk your path.

#journey #walkyourpath #struggle #keepgoing #strongerthanyouthink #projectsemicolon #mentalhealthawareness

Jade’s Creative Corner Post 2
Fundraiser post!! “[a] semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.” Do you or someone you know suffer from depression? It’s a serious issue and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly! Just to drops some facts for you:

Depression affects 20-25% of Americans ages 18+ in a given year. (CDC)

80% -90% of people that seek treatment for depression are treated successfully using therapy and/or medication. (TADS study)

I have 15 of these amazing semicolon keychains available for purchase in all different colors! They are $5 each plus $2 shipping! 20% of all sales will be donated to Project Semicolon!

Project Semicolon is a faith-based non-profit that encourages and supports people with depression, addiction, and thoughts of self-injury or suicide.

To claim one just comment below with your email address!

They can be shipped to you or can be shipped anonymously to any one you would like!! #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthisnojoke #projectsemicolon #depressionawareness #suicideprevention

“Se amable, pues cada persona con la que te cruzas está librando su ardua batalla” 🌸capítulo terminado, la historia continua... 🙂
#semicolon #projectsemicolon #lahistoriacontinua #lifeisbeautiful #tattoo

"I have a value, and everyone has value" - We are all human.

This series is created in collaboration with @fodtfri to inspire others that has experienced or that still lives under negative social control, to take their life back and start building the free person they want to be ❤️

Two years ago I went through a really dark time. I attribute it to the combination of pain killers I was placed on. Medicine + Jen do not equal a smart idea. This was an understanding I realized after my divorce when I was prescribed a heavy dose of daily Xanax. An experience I had long since blocked from my memory. Long story short, I didn’t remember how bad narcotics can be for someone like me. They mess with my head. They allowed dark thoughts to breach through the walls I had fortified for years from self-care and self-love. // —> If you suffer from dark thoughts, reach out to a friend who you know will be there for you no matter what. For me that was my bested bestie, Tara 🖤 I never properly thanked her for saving my sanity, but that’s the thing about best friends . . . They don’t need to be thanked. They just want to be there for the ones they love. So let them in xoxo
#dailyjournal #noedit #journaling #microblog #projectsemicolon #onedayatatime #inhaleexhale #breatheinbreatheout #youareloved #youareenough #youarenotalone

I got a new tattoo! .
In 2015, @projsemicolon began to raise awareness, educate and reduce the stigma of and mental health. @projsemicolon encourages people to get a semi colon on their wrist if they have experienced depression, anxiety, self harm, addiction, had thoughts of suicide or who have loved one affected by these things. .
“A semicolon is used when an author could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life," explained the late Amy Bleuel, founder of Project Semicolon. .
The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. ... Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. The lotus flower represents long life, health, honor and good luck.
As someone personally affected by depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and who professionally works with this amazing population everyday, it’s an honor to have this mark of solidarity on my arm. .
We can rise above any mucky darkness and bloom into something beautiful. We don’t need to be ashamed. Society is so accepting of any other body part breaking down except our brains. That is pure ignorance. Reach out. Rise above. Don’t let your mental health define you as a person. You are so much more than that! Never shame anyone who struggles with mental health. The battle is a nightmare you can’t imagine. Be kind. Be supportive. Listen. Ask how you can help. Be open and let others know of your struggles. Reducing the stigma starts with how we talk about our own mental health with others. Start the conversations and be kind to yourself and others. .
#semicolonproject #projectsemicolon #reducethestigma #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #therapist #therapyiscool #counseling #tempe #chandleraz #mesa #phoenix #gilbertaz

Proyecto punto y coma (en español) tiene un propósito claro: luchar contra la depresión, el suicidio, la adicción y todas aquellas prácticas autodestructivas que atentan contra nuestro desarrollo pleno.

@projsemicolon nació de la mano de Amy Bleuel, una de esas admirables mujeres capaces de transformar el dolor en superación.

Y es que Amy creó este proyecto luego de pasar por una adolescencia bastante tormentosa, marcada con varios intentos de suicidio, y de haber perdidio a su padre a causa de la depresión.

Via: vix.com

Puolipiste. Lause, joka olisi voitu päättää, mutta jota päätettiin sen sijaan jatkaa. Aina kantsii jatkaa, mennä eteenpäin. Tai siis joskus kannattaa pysähtyä puolipisteen verran, muttei erehtyä siinä samassa luulemaan lauseen tai koko tarinan lopun jo koittaneen. Aina se jotenkin jatkuu, kun sille antaa mahdollisuuden. Elämä nimittäin. Se koostuu usein yllättävistä käänteistä ja tarinoista, jotka kannattaa elää ja kertoa kokonaan. Laitoin sen ihoon ylös, että muistan. Go on. Jatka. Eläkä ikinä luovu toivosta. ☄️
#puolipiste #tatuointi #eteenpäin #newbeginnings #goon #symbolsofhope #trust #life #live #nevergiveup #projectsemicolon #inked

"We live but once, but good things can be found around in spite of all the sorrow. If you see black you cant look back, you cant look front, you cannot face tomorrow." #semicolon #projectsemicolon #Life #love #alcohol #tobacco #Poetry #Poet #MrsFoote

Today, I give thanks for books. 📚
I have always loved to read.  In fact, when I was a young teenager I would lock myself away in my room and read for hours, often times finishing a book in a day.  I loved how I reading could take my mind of things that were bothering me and help me temporarily escape from my own life and everyday stressors.
Reading allows me to feel connected with others and that I was a part of something much bigger than myself.  While you will rarely see me getting lost in a fiction novel these days you will find that my taste for reading is now for books that sharpens my brain and enable me to expand, explore, grow and to dream.
I'd love to hear from you!  What book(s) are you currently reading? 🦋
#befree #beheard #breakthesilence #useyourvoice #speakyourtruth #speaklife #anxiety #depression #suicideawareness #stopcutting #projectsemicolon #stopsoldiersuicide #mentalhealth #youarenotalone #mystoryisntover; #firstloveyourself #choosehappiness #choosefreedom #lifewithpurpose #mindset #inspiration #entrepreneur #30daysofgratitude #book #lifecoach #momboss #bosslady #reading #iamachildofGod #navigateyourfreedom

This tattoo was my 18th birthday present from my uncle. A semicolon, uniquely designed for me and my personality. (If you don’t see it, look in the very left part and focus on the part that’s not colored and you’ll see it.) I decided to get this tattoo the moment I saw it as a trend online- The Semicolon Project. Once I heard the meaning, the “I will never get a tattoo” talk ceased instantly.
I had seen this while I was in a crisis and slicing up my wrists. So I promised myself that if I stopped, I would get this tattoo. .
I’m six months clean to this day. .
So this is my present to myself to remind me never to go back to my old ways. People always ask me: “why would you want to remember such an awful time in your life?” And to which I respond: “I want to remember, not that I suffered, but that I survived.”

Tattoo was done by Hayden Zelsman at Marlowe Ink Of Downtown Fairfax, VA. @haydenzelsman

#thesemicolonproject #mysemicolon #mysemicolontattoo #mytattoo #semicolontattoo #semicolon #semicolonproject #projectsemicolon #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #cutting #marloweink #marloweinkfairfax #haydenzelsman #rainbow #lgbt #lgbtq🌈

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