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The homie @pfr4nks is down with the movement. I still have a few shirts left, hit the link in my bio if interested.

Captain School Yard 1994 πŸ“· @schweigengel This was one of my old stomping grounds/homes away from home. Any giving weekend this play ground would be infested with twenty to fifty skater kids from all over St Louis(City &County) and sometimes even from out of state. Steve-O from Jackass used to skate there when in town visiting his sister going to Wash U.

My mom never taught me to hate or not to trust somebody because of the color of their skin. Snakes come in different shapes, sizes, shades and colors. I've learned over the years to hate everybody and trust nobody LOL you gotta prove yourself to me. Thank God for my Mom and skateboarding, for they have opened my eyes, mind, heart and soul to so much. I can go anywhere in the world with no money and be straight, thanks to all my brothers and sisters. S/O to my brother @andrew_puricelli for sending this pic over of us back in 1990/91, it's a nice remembrance of simpler times.
#ProjectPi #StregnthInNumbers #SecretSociety #AllWeAskIsTrust

U can take da boy out of St Louis but you can't take St Louis out of da boy. Where in the hell is Paris, he was Pi(31415) AF. πŸ“Ή @embvlad
#ProjectPi #IslandMobb

@popavelii got the Internet going nuts πŸ˜‚ s/o to @duckdownmusic for putting together the best edit I've came across so far. First concert I ever went to was the #BootCampClik in St Louis 97. I was way too young to be in there but I was front row spitting every song from the #ForThePeople album. #ProjectPi #Sackaveli

Quick lil 2 piece dipped in sauce πŸ“Ή @george_abraham

Getting artsy fartsy w/ @jacob.photo. Know The Ledge = Knowledge. #ProjectPi

Thru the legs @negroconqueso wallie 180 shot w/ @tadashifilters #projectpi

Missing sessions at Waller with my OG @thehuckfun but definitely not missing that ankle monitor tho πŸ˜‚ What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. #ProjectPi


The homie @pfr4nks is down with the movement. I still have a few shirts left, hit the link in my bio if interested.

Strength in numbers and numbers don't lie
Out here trying to get my piece of the Pi. πŸ“Έ @konstellations

His most favorite toys among all... #hapetoys
#projectpi #thiscolorfullifewithyou

Hello fans! I am now on my 7th month in this 7th day of September 2017. Wow, 777! πŸ˜†

See how big I've grown now!

My milestones are:
- trying to stand on my own by holding on to smething
- showing interests on toys
- sitting firmly
- consistently waking up at 5:30 in the morning
- eating fruits and vegies voraciously (if a family member is eating, I make it a point that I will eat too. πŸ˜‹) #projectpi

7β€’8β€’17__I keep reliving this perfect day on White Beach in Boracay, PI. It was the perfect closing to a perfect, life changing mission. I don't know why I fervently fought the freedom I so desperately craved. But there is such beauty in the surrender. God is in every detail. And even tho I am prone to forget those beautiful details, He gently reminds me, and reveals time and time again how faithful He is. To Him, and Him only, be the Glory. #projectPI #raisedtolife #youaregood #echoofmydays #handsandfeetofjesus #hereiamsendme

Still got some shirts left, link in bio if interested. Great conversation starter and perfect for Alt Right(KKK, Neo Nazi, White Supremecist) rallys πŸ˜‚ S/o to my girl @hallutamen for the support and making my shirt look so good with your fly ass

Beware the big πŸ” #projectpi

Awww. My heart. ❀❀❀ #projectpi

Can't wait to kick it with my dudes in Chicago tomorrow. Sorry George, had to censor your face out since you're not coming LOL still love you tho. #ProjectPi

Some sights from the Philippines. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ’• #projectpi #projectchurch #balangacity #bataan #imissit #cataning #missionstrip

Y'all, be expectant and watch God show up! This trip was i n c r e d i b l e. Ask me about it so I can tell you how G R E A T God is. The people of PI have stolen my heart. Mahal Kita. #projectPI #handsandfeetofjesus #inspirechurch #jesusismykuya

Missing PI, all the wonderful people that we met there,and our amazing group. This LOVE sign is one of the first things we saw after we landed, and it couldn't more accurately describe the people of the Philippine Islands. Mahal Kita ❀️ #projectPI #handsandfeetofjesus #inspirechurch

Hello fans!

I am now on my sixth month. Just like that and I am already 0.5 year old. πŸ˜‚

My milestones:
-I can now crawl and bounce myself on the bed
-I babble a lot
-I love to play with Ninong Jerryco and Daddy
-I love playing more than drinking milk
-I can now drink in a cup with the help of Mommy, Lolo and Daddy
-I would always want to go with Mommy whenever she goes to work in the morning. I throw a lot of crying but she never brings me to work.
-I am practicing to sit
-My favorite teether is my friend, Puso, the Bear with a heart.

#countingweeks #projectpi

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