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up close and personal for those who love the details 😉
1️⃣loving all the ali chipboard pieces + "the best" rubber banner on this spread. i almost never adhere outside the pocket but i wanted the banner to be in the middle because it kinda "attaches" (grounds) those sideways photos to the page. hoping red line tape will be strong enough over time🤞
2️⃣who says you can't include photos sideways? i was tight on space and it works (the green field helps). i faced them that direction because apparently i prefer tilting my head left to read sideways? 🙃👀
3️⃣screenshots for the win. sometimes they're all you need to tell a story, especially when you have no camera photos. much easier than time travel and no one's the wiser. this spread uses screenshots from my phone (twitter announcement), my tv (storefront), and my computer (high res images of the game).
4️⃣the beewolves are my favourite team #bzzzzzzzball
5️⃣the game photos were "wide screen" but i decided to leave those dimensions rather than cropping. the white on the top + bottom ended up giving all that busy on the right side some breathing room.
6️⃣totally screwed up the date stamp (after i left enough space and everythingggg #sigh #🙄) but i'm running low on man's world (a fave) so i didn't give in to a do-over.
7️⃣i made that fake video game case as a surprise christmas gift for S that year 😁🎄(photos on the right side, top left). his game was only available/sold digitally and so i thought it'd be fun to create what it might look like as a physical copy. designed the sleeves in powerpoint #nerdalert, printed at a local shop, and slid into an empty PS4 case - it was *so* fun to make and turned out freaking adorable you guys. and sentimental as heck 😍 #ilovemaking #inallforms #evenpowerpoint

#projectlifetips #myPLprocess

current library reads. starting the year reading a few books from the talented writers that will be at this years @perthfest writers week.

This year there’s a spotlight of FEMALE writers + characters which has given us so many NEW (to us) authors to DISCOVER.

day five | #fms_stacked #fmspad #littlemomentsapp

don't have the pocket you want? no problem. just fuse one on top. super easy. you can do one pocket or even a whole strip, like i did here for these 4x4s. if you can dream it, you can fuse it. i swear, i must use mine on at least 50% or more of my layouts. because it's seriously just The Best. thanks @beckyhigginsllc 😘 #fusefangirl4life #totalpocketfreedom #makingitworkforme #norulesprojectlife

p.s. just make sure it's super hot. like.. 10 mins of preheating. take advantage of the nifty ruler. aim to keep a steady angle, pace, and pressure (firm!). watch it melt as you go. avoid fusing right on top of an existing perforation - right beside is the sweet spot. for more tips + even a little demo video, check out my #fusetooltips hashtag. then unbox it and give it a whirl! #fusetool #projectlifetips #myPLprocess

documented ✔️(left side): ringing in 2015 🎉 since i had three clusters of photos, featuring me with each of my three fav people, i thought i'd document the party from the perspective of what i noticed/loved about each of them that night. such a fun prompt, made the journaling super easy ❤️ PL supplies: favorite things core kit + midnight core kit, design C protector + row of design P protector (fused to bottom row), fuse tool, precision pen 03. other supplies: #heidiswapp glitter stickers + glitter frame + foiled 2x2. prints from #persnicketyprints 📷 #projectlife

p.s. my first time writing directly on a photo! it was pretty necessary given all my slots were needed for photos. was nerve-wracking though since i didn't have spare photos if i messed up 😓 held my breath and just went for it, though too chicken to draw the lines 😂 relatively happy with the result, i may use again one day. have you tried a new technique lately?

p.p.s. still love cutting out embellishments from spare cards, like this "heart you" heart from the midnight core kit. also cut out and used "happiness is" and "right now" on the right side (see previous post). #projectlifetips

Quieres hacer Project Life pero te cuesta estar al día con tus fotos y recuerdos? El viernes @juanicastilloalcaide nos dio muchos tips para ayudarnos a organizar nuestro Project Life desde el celular! Sigue el link del perfil! #projectlife #scrapbook #projectlifetips #scrapbooking #fsn #fiebredescrapbook

sometimes i just can't choose between a photo and a story -- (must be the gemini in me 👯😜) -- so i just improvise. in this case, both the photo and story were BIG so i had to think outside the pocket. i folded one of my #heidiswapp notepad labels and adhered it to the photo and to the pocket to make a simple hinge. instant 200% increase in tropical memory goodness 👊💫 🌴💦☀️🌸 #makingitworkforme #norulesprojectlife #projectlifetips

p.s. that watercolour card in the bottom right 😍 easily my fav from the whole set. gorgeous as-is but those little glitter pluses were just too perfect to resist 🌟.. #BAM #blingitupanotch #goldlove

p.p.s. newly addicted to boomerang. will try not to overload my feed with them 😂 swipe right 👉

I started making pages of my favorite cards by kit. Sometimes there are fun "sleeper" cards that have a great phrase or print that I but would totally use but forget they exist. Some kits have multiple mini themes within themselves and I just don't realize how versatile they really are. I just get stuck sometimes and I think this will help...plus it's too fun...
#projectlife #projectlifeapp #projectlifetips #projectlifepages #beckyhiggins #scrapbooking #appscrappers #appscrapping @projectlifepages @beckyhigginsllc

i ran out of cards for journaling 🙈 if you like to write a lot too (or maybe just want an excuse to use one of the many cute frames included 😍) - an easy fix is to flip a spare filler card over and adhere a frame to the white back. voila! 📝 for an added touch, i backed the holes in the frame with leftovers from the word strips i'm using on the page to help tie everything together #scraphack #instax #cuteframesforthesave #projectlifetips

p.s. totally digging working on my mini album guys. i've laid out all the cards and photos on my desk (which is how i knew i was "out" of journal cards), and i'm just making my way through each page in random order. i scrap on weekends and have been sharing some of my process on insta stories. if you've seen some of my little clips - what do you think? is there anything you'd like to see? or not? 🤔 i like watching other crafters' behind the scenes stuff so that's mostly what i've been sharing. let me know as sometimes it feels like i'm talking to myself haha 😂 also, i've had a few people DM me when they have clarifying questions about what i'm doing or products i'm using - thought i'd let you know that you're always welcome to do that too 😊

i ❤️word phrases! in a mini album like this, they're an easy way to add coordinating pops of colour (and fun phrases) as little titles or as part of embellishment clusters. super cute and quick to make too.

here are my tips if it helps! 📝
1) create a table in microsoft word or any program that has tables. use at least three columns and as many rows as you like.
2) make the 1st and 3rd column narrow (1/4 inch), fill them white, and colour the borders black. do the same thing with the 1st and last row. i use these as guiding lines during cutting.
3) for the middle column, remove the border colour and fill the cells with whatever colour(s) you want 😊🌈 i wanted to echo the colours in this #heidiswapp tropical instax card set, shown on this ombre card, so i used a colour picker (free chrome extension) to get the RGB from a photo of it online. you could also colour pick from your photos. full disclosure, four colours ended up working great and two didn't = it's all trial and error so try not to sweat it 😉!
4) add phrases to the middle column. i used a mix of universal phrases ("so totally awesome", "on the menu", "selfie time") and some photo/story-specific phrases ("lost.. but optimistic", "besties", "couldn't stop laughing"). this free font is a current fav = remington noiseless, bold, size 12.
5) print! i used my epson inkjet printer, on "high quality" setting, onto epson premium matte presentation paper. i did this the night before to allow for dry time - it lays down quite a lot of ink on the high setting (with wonderfully vibrant results).
6) trim into ready-to-use strips - i used my dahle guillotine trimmer (love her). i cut out the table first so those black row markings are right against the trimming edge to help me line up the paper and keep the strips fairly uniform 📐
#myPLprocess #projectlifetips

Week 20 is 'in the books', met die herinneringen gebeurt niets mee! De week heeft de spreekbeurt-mindmap als extraatje. Tip: vouw het blad dubbel, maar net niet in het midden. Laat links twee centimeter meer ruimte, zodat je daar de gaatjes in kunt maken! #projectlife #projectlifenl #pl_ef #projectlifetips #memorykeeping #memoriesandmore

HOW MANY PAGES FIT IN AN ALBUM? // Great question! When you’re using our physical #ProjectLife products, about 60 pages is what will comfortably fit in a 12x12 album. That’s why our Big Packs of Photo Pocket Pages (and Page Protectors) come with 60 in a box. We intend for you to use BOTH sides of the pages. Cards, photos, printed pages … whatever you’re including would be back-to-back in the pages. Want to kick things up a notch and add dimensional embellishments? Totally cool, but that means less pages will fit in an album. Also, if you’re adding memorabilia in an envelope page then yep … that = less pages in the album as well. Hope this helps! Direct link to our Big Packs is in my profile. #ProjectLifeTips

A while back we shared a photo from @megan_elizabeth_8 where she had expressed her struggle with storing her #ProjectLife albums. Thanks to YOUR feedback, she is thrilled with the shelf that was recommended to her (found at Target and Walmart)! The result is fantastic and Megan is thrilled that her boys are better able to pull out their albums at any time! Way to go Megan! #ProjectLifeTips

WE'RE ALL ABOUT SOLUTIONS ... and #ProjectLife is an awesome solution for memory keeping (I have a feeling you may already know that)! @more_organised (recently moved from Dubai to Scotland knew just what to do with her son's nursery school artwork. No need to keep boxes and boxes of stuff! Instead she cut down some of her favorites, mounted them to plain white Project Life cards, and slipped them in to her album. She added a few photos and cards from the Boy Theme Pack (direct link in my profile) and she was done! #ProjectLifeTips

One half of our #julyeveryday layout. I really like how the title turned out!! I will definitely be doing that again... #projectlifetips #projectlifeapp #projectlife #beckyhiggins #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #celebrateeveryday #yeswehavepetrats

for this spread about how i taught myself to cook, i went back through photos i'd texted to people and chose 1-2 to represent favs from each cuisine type (italian, indian, asian, american, etc.). adding little numbers to the corners allowed me to combine their journaling onto one cute bi-fold card from midnight edition👌 i alternated backing the numbers with washi to pop a bit more without taking away from the photo. (not that i'm winning any instagram foodie photo awards for these dark/unstaged shots but you know what i mean 😜) p.s. love love love the reflection and stories i get out of topic-based retroactive pages! i take a lot of one-off everyday photos and i find that grouping them together to tell their larger story gives them the attention they deserve. like here - i would not have made this spread if i hadn't asked myself "what big everyday thing happened in 2014?" while i was picking photos to print for that year. i usually have to scavenge multiple months for photo evidence of these "non-events" but that's ok 😊 i also love that i can slot these types of pages wherever i have a blank spot in the year (they are great for awkward spots). other ones i've done: fav music in 2012, moving out (and moving in) 2013, quitting my job in 2014, and many more ❤️ #hobbyandlife #myPLprocess #projectlifetips #projectlife #retroactiveprojectlife

That whole idea that there are NO RULES in scrapbooking?? Yeah, we really do believe that! For example, all your pages within an album do not *have* to be the same size! @abi_schmit in Michigan totally gets this. She made this gorgeous layout using pre-designed cards from the Bohemian Adventure Value Kit and the Everyday Edition. Left side: 8.5" x 11" Page Protector is between a couple 12" x 12" photo pocket pages (Design B) ... and it all looks terrific! #ProjectLifeTips #ShopBeckyHiggins

Raise your hand if you've ever found yourself in a Tooth Fairy "emergency situation". @beckybruin was traveling with her family when it happened to her recently. Thank goodness she had some #ProjectLife cards on-hand to save the day! #ProjectLifeTips

Former Creative Team member, @abiableyphotography was struggling with what to do for her #ProjectLife album spine labels. She tried a few different approaches and ended up with these labels she made utilizing photos with text. We LOVE the result! You can check out her blog post for details by tapping on the link in her profile. // NOTE: We are close to having an editable PDF for you to download which will help you make your own simple spine labels! #ProjectLifeTips

LET'S TALK ABOUT SCRAPBOOKING WORKFLOW // It's going to be different for everyone, but sometimes hearing what someone else is doing can inspire your own thoughts! // @brooke_petermann uses #ProjectLife as her scrapbooking system and shares: "A few times each week, I take 20 minutes or so to print my favorite pictures, find coordinating journaling cards and document what's going on in our family. This is my way of playing. It is enjoyable, gets my creative juices flowing and allows me to hold on to all the tiny bits of our lives that are so fleeting." #ProjectLifeTips

I like to use the #projectlifeapp to plan out gallery walls for my home. It helps me figure out which pictures will look good together and how to size them. My mom and dad have a hobby farm with chickens, bunny, kitties, and several out buildings. The buildings are still partially filled with junk (according to my dad; still life picture heaven to his daughter) from a farmer in the 1970s. There is so much to discover. I love taking pictures there!! This gallery wall is for the loft in our new house. #projectlife #projectlifetips #farmlife #chickensofinstagram #hobbyfarm #gallerywall

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