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SWIPE LEFT // I don't share these pages because I think anyone's interested in the detailed art and handwriting of my (then) 2nd grader. I'm sharing these pages because so many of you have been following my process of catching up on my kids' albums and you might be interested in seeing these scrapbook pages I made tonight to wrap up Porter's 2nd grade year. Some of this I scanned. Some of this I dropped onto my floor and photographed. All of the originals (read: PILE of papers) is now discarded and yet these treasures are totally preserved. // I. can't. express. how. much. I. love. doing. this. You guys -- I literally had a child laying in my lap tonight while I pulled these pages together in the #ProjectLifeApp with one hand and I scratched his back with my other hand while we were hanging out & watching a tv show together. Come. ON!! // When do I scan and when do I photograph?? Basically, I scan as much as I can (using the ScanSnap iX500 by Fujitsu) and anything that's too big or too thick or too dimensional ... I snap a picture with my iPhone. ALWAYS natural + indirect light. Oh, and Porter went through a stage where he would draw very small and detailed pictures and cut around them. You'll see pictures where I placed those little pieces on the floor and took pictures. Next up: App pages for the other grades I'm catching up on. Then I'll order all these pages directly through the Project Life App, slip those 12x12 prints into page protectors, and ... ahhhhhh! I LOVE catching up and I LOVE that my kids' albums are HYBRID, where our physical product + the app come together!! #BHPhotoTips #BHOrganizationTips #ProjectLifeTips #ProjectLifeAppTips

A while back we shared a photo from @megan_elizabeth_8 where she had expressed her struggle with storing her #ProjectLife albums. Thanks to YOUR feedback, she is thrilled with the shelf that was recommended to her (found at Target and Walmart)! The result is fantastic and Megan is thrilled that her boys are better able to pull out their albums at any time! Way to go Megan! #ProjectLifeTips

WAIT. LOOK CLOSER. // Know what this is? This is a scrapbook page that I made in the #ProjectLifeApp, which took me all of 2 minutes by the way. I left the journaling cards BLANK. I typed nothing. I ordered a print of this page directly through the app in the 8x8 size and THEN, I added my own handwritten journaling using our brand new SLICK WRITERS! No smudging. No smearing. Three tip sizes to choose from (swipe left). And it's the best of both worlds for those who want THEIR handwriting to be on those app & digital pages. This 3-pack is available at ShopBeckyHiggins.com. #ProjectLifeTips #ProjectLifeAppTips #ShopBeckyHiggins

Buenos días! Hoy @martualterada nos enseña su AVANZANDO .. Está enamorada de los productos de @lorabailora , cosa que no es de extrañar! Son IDEALES para las projectlifers ;) pasad por el blog (link directo en el perfil) para ver sus trucos e ideas! 💛 #projectlife #projectlifecafe #projectlifetips #martualterada

Buenos días! ¿Como utilizáis los thickers de foam ? @mireiacarbonell casi siempre los pega por fuera de las fundas. Como en estos diseños con letras de @amytangerine de nuestro sponsor @kimidori_shop #projectlifetips #projectlife #projectlifecafe #mireiacarbonell

Former Creative Team member, @abiableyphotography was struggling with what to do for her #ProjectLife album spine labels. She tried a few different approaches and ended up with these labels she made utilizing photos with text. We LOVE the result! You can check out her blog post for details by tapping on the link in her profile. // NOTE: We are close to having an editable PDF for you to download which will help you make your own simple spine labels! #ProjectLifeTips

#ProjectLifeTips // Fellow Project Lifer @laurenbhealth knows what a simple note can mean to someone, especially when it's unexpected. When you're packing a lunch for your loved one, add a note. That's the beauty of keeping pre-designed #ProjectLife cards on-hand.

#ProjectLifeTips // Use the internet to help document your stories and memories! @ktscrapbooklady in Utah is a big Utah Jazz fan so to pull together this scrapbook page, she downloaded the press packet from the Utah Jazz website and was able to add these great pictures and information into her #ProjectLifeApp layout. Perfect! Easy! DONE.

#ProjectLifeTips // Do you know how to see every single card design of every single #ProjectLife collection? Check out the tips that @kariholt shares in the video we just published! Search "Project Life Card Reference" on the Becky Higgins YouTube channel.


Week 20 is 'in the books', met die herinneringen gebeurt niets mee! De week heeft de spreekbeurt-mindmap als extraatje. Tip: vouw het blad dubbel, maar net niet in het midden. Laat links twee centimeter meer ruimte, zodat je daar de gaatjes in kunt maken! #projectlife #projectlifenl #pl_ef #projectlifetips #memorykeeping #memoriesandmore

One half of our #julyeveryday layout. I really like how the title turned out!! I will definitely be doing that again... #projectlifetips #projectlifeapp #projectlife #beckyhiggins #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #celebrateeveryday #yeswehavepetrats

I like to use the #projectlifeapp to plan out gallery walls for my home. It helps me figure out which pictures will look good together and how to size them. My mom and dad have a hobby farm with chickens, bunny, kitties, and several out buildings. The buildings are still partially filled with junk (according to my dad; still life picture heaven to his daughter) from a farmer in the 1970s. There is so much to discover. I love taking pictures there!! This gallery wall is for the loft in our new house. #projectlife #projectlifetips #farmlife #chickensofinstagram #hobbyfarm #gallerywall

Some of the pages to my little recipe book!! @beckyhigginsllc gave me this idea a while ago and I have had so much fun adding to my own 8x8 recipe book over the past couple years. My favorite link to this effort is printing extra pages for family members and, one day, for my kiddos as they leave our nest! #projectlifetips #projectlifeapp #projectlife #recipebook #appscrappers PS--the print is a little small on the 8x8!! I should go back and order 10x10 now that it is an option.

I have all my digital scrapbook kits stored on Dropbox, and will download to my iPhone or iPad as needed, especially if I'm working on a large group of photos using the same kit. But it's also really handy to use the search feature on @dropbox to find that one embellishment I might be needing. Like shells for a beach page! Saves time so I don't have to dig through folders. 👍 #projectlifetips #appscrappers #dropbox #appscrappersprojectlife

Two tiny tips...that you have probably already figured out 1) I strictly stick to the Project Life App. I don't export my layouts and add more stuff with other apps. (I could claim to be a @beckyhigginsllc purist but it's mostly for simplicity and being able to go back and edit with no problems. I can always get what I want working just within the app and it's WAY less overwhelming...which is what my ADD brain needs) Sooooo...you all know that you can only choose one justification and font size per title/journal box. If I want a little title in my journaling box (like the one I made on this page) I always find a way jimmy-rig the system with all-caps, that handy space bar, and/or additional symbolie thingies (yes...technical term). I like the variety it adds to the page. 2) I am kinda not loving the collage option if I am using all pictures in a collage. I just like to have white lines between for distinction. Sooo...I create a separate 6x8 spread (for a 4x6 space), export it, then import it onto my layout as a picture. I have to zoom in a little to get the edges blended in and voila!! more distinction between my pictures (and room for more pictures)! #projectlifetips #thatyouprobablyalreadyknow #appscrappers #projectlifepuritist #memorykeeping #kittensofinstagram #projectlifeapp #projectlife

Looking over my Project Life App pages from the past year (while awake in the middle of the night with pregnancy insomnia...sigh) and I noticed that the oldie-but-goodie Cobalt Edition most consistently pops up!! It's probably because I have all boys and, let's just be completely honest, the scrapbook industry DEFINITELY favors a more female look. I have totally learned to live with it for my boys pages BUT we are expecting a girl anyday now (I am 37 weeks pregnant) so.... A couple other colorful kits for my boys that I like (that aren't specifically "boy" kits) are The Happiness Edition, The Happy Edition, The Jade Edition, The Picturesque Edition, The Planetarium Card Collection and The Turquoise Edition. #projectlife #projectlifeapp #appscrappers #momofboys #cobaltedition #projectlifeapptips #projectlifetips

I tried #project365 and #project52 for a couple years and found it too overwhelming. What I loved about it, however, was capturing more of our Everyday...which is really what life is made if right? Now, at the end of each month, I go through my camera roll, find all the random shots and put them on a layout. It makes for a nice flow to my whole book...each month's activities separated by a monthly overview. It is also a nice way to highlight activities that an individual boy participates in that won't have a dedicated spread in our family book (like my oldest's week at EFY. That spread will just be in his book). These are always my favorite pages! #appscrappers #projectlifetips #projectlifeapp #projectlife #memorykeeping PS--I am loving a couple of the card kits in the latest update! I used the #foreveryoungedition for this spread.

4th of July layouts from 2015. The cards were a freebie, but I can't remember where. This is one my favorite spreads! #projectlife #projectlifeapp #projectlifeideas #projectlifetips #projectlife2015

My sweet niece Ramona (who calls herself Menona). I loved the series of pictures so I wanted to try something new. I made a separate 12x12 layout out of a coordinating kit using just cards, exported it, and placed it in as I would a picture. I then rotated it around a little to give it a more random, quilt look. I could have made a collage but I really like the white lines giving the layout a little more breathing space. The title line is created in a collage with the same exported 12x12 card layout and a journaling card. It takes a lot of exporting, and tweaking, and exporting again but the end result is worth it!!#appscrappers #projectlifeapp #projectlife #projectlifetips #cutandpasteminikit

Documenting our family experience meeting a dolphin ❤️ #projectlife #projectlifeapp #projectlifeideas #projectlifetips #projectlife2017

[Swipe to see screenshots of this process.] Card manipulation in the PL app is kinda cool. Normally, when selecting a card, only ones for that sized space will be available. So say you want a 4x6 card in a 3x4 slot. It's easy! Select the desired card, zoom out, press on the card until it pops out of place and then drag it to another pocket. Rotate the card to be right and there you go! This is especially handy using cards in the Big Shot templates. (Also, this only works for filler cards. Journal cards cannot be rotated.) #projectlife #projectlifeapp #projectlifeideas #projectlifetips

documented ✔️(right): LA day 2. surprise flowers, shop-shop-shopping downtown, and celebrating with brut and brazillian bbq. had to include a screenshot of the weather forecast that day: sunny and 30, feels like 29 #ohweathernetwork #youreallygetme 😁 PL supplies: high five core kit + kiwi core kit, design A protector, fuse tool, date stamp, precision pen 01. other supplies: #heidiswapp buzz words + washi, #freckledfawn washi. prints from #persnicketyprints 📷 #projectlife

p.s. to make sure i use my memorabilia, i treat it like my photos - competing for a slot and influencing my card and colour choices. like here, that coaster beat out a lesser photo from my morning of shopping. and the coaster's red side was a big part of why i decided to go with red/blue/white for this spread, among other reasons 😉🇺🇸 #memorabiliatips #myPLprocess #projectlifetips

I take TONS of pictures...all the time but when I put together a #projectlife page I am so happy I did. A variety of candid mixed with staged pictures are my favorite for a fuller view of our experience. It may bug my family to "look at the camera" sometimes but it is worth it in the end!! #projectlifetips #appscrappers #projectlife #projectlifeapp #raddadminikit

Last day of first grade!! Take a picture of the crap in the back pack, put the picture on a #projectlife page, then throw that crap away!! #ahhhh #thatsbetter #appscrappers #projectlifeapp #projectlifetips #scrapbooking #playgroundedition

I wanted the before and after pictures of my nieces haircut large and in the opposite corners. I just put in the pictures on the page and flipped them all upside down. If I wanted to add journaling I could have made a card collage, exported it, put it in its slot and then flipped it like I did with the pictures. When it prints I can turn it any way I want to!! #projectlife #projectlifeapp #appscrappers #projectlifetips

So excited to see one of my posts as a testamonial!!Thanks, @beckyhigginsllc - I'm still current with my 2017 album today. #Repost @beckyhigginsllc with @repostapp
#ProjectLifeTips (read to the end!) // Project Life helps you to put scrapbooks together in a fast + EASY way. HOW you use it is up to you. Physical or digital product or the app ... you choose! Chronological documenting or working within a theme or time era or whatever ... you choose! I mention this because sometimes Project Life is mistaken for being strictly about chronological / weekly memory keeping. It's whatever you want it to be! That said ... a lot of our customers do love that chronological "yearbook" approach (I've personally been doing it for years) ... and we were stoked to hear this from @mariaeufemiacrafts: "I had been stressing about not starting #ProjectLife yet this year. I wanted to do it, but with each passing week, it just wasn't getting done. I looked into the #ProjectLifeApp on Friday and decided to test it out to see if it could work for me. Less than 3 days later, I am caught up. Why have I not tried this earlier? Now off to order the pages!" #ProjectLifeTestimonial // I will add another thought to those who really did want to do this weekly approach in 2017 but haven't started or fell really behind: Playing catch-up can be as simple as this: Make a 2-page layout summarizing January. And again for February and March. You might decide to stick with the more condensed monthly approach for the rest of the year! Or ... at least that brings you to April where you can start doing those weekly layouts if you want.

What a cute way to showcase newborn photos! #Repost @beckyhigginsllc ・・・
One of the principles built into the #ProjectLife system and philosophy is that scrapbooking can be SIMPLE. Gone are the days that we "have" to spend hours on a page! We provide you with pre-designed cards where you can add your journaling (or not) and all you need to do is slip your photos and these cards into the pockets. THAT'S IT! We also know that many Project Lifers still want to add their own creative touches, even if it adds time + effort to the process. If that's part of what brings you joy, by all means ... do what works for you! @takaelclement in Utah created her own cards on the computer and we love how her pages turned out. Most importantly ... all the heart eyes for these sweet baby pictures. #ProjectLifeTips

both girls love reading so I snap a pic of their library books before we return them to the library + the photo gets added to their school albums 🙌🏼✨ day three | #fms_many #fmspad #littlemomentsapp

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