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*vernon dursley face* häshtäg happiness! #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness #domoreofwhatmakesyouhappy

Christmas is the season for binging Nightmare Before Christmas and wearing cute festive leggings! #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

#currentlyreading #currentlyscreamingabout AAAAAAAAAA!!! ... just one very minor little problem: I don’t know how to read Japanese. at all. but I’m determined to overcome this obstacle. #finalfantasyviii #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

do more of what makes you happy. here’s to a December full of fairy lights in the darkness! 🌌 every day can be an advent calendar day if you make it so. #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

this is what I woke up to this morning. I feel watched over (in the good way). my little guardian angels 💜 #lifewithcats #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

my cat isn’t very good with expressing affection, so my heart swells with love when she presses her fat butt right to my leg and is happy with the contact. so am I. #randomactsofkindness #lifewithcats #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

I haven’t played this in yeeeears... and I’ve missed it all that time. #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness #finalfantasyviii

more things that make me happy: my plants! look at the Scottish babies growing big and tall! 😍 except the damn thistles. but I stuck my poppy there so it’s okay. the grass is for the cat, it’s a cat-suitable grass she loves to chew. #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

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