i gave him spot-on rhinoplasty and suddenly i’m a lot happier with everything about this. (also because i thought i’ve completely messed up a big detail’s size but it turned out i was right and my reference pictures wrong! how amazing is that!) next i’m gonna figure out their hair texture (they have it! i just made it too light to be visible to the naked eye 😂) and how to tone down her blush (or if it needs to be toned down because we pale people do turn into tomatoes easily). a r t . 💜 #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness it’s a great feeling to slowly start learning that i don’t have to be good because this is just something i do for fun for myself. all that matters is that i enjoy doing it.

things i did this morning: sat around for forty minutes because i was too emotional to leave the house because of this. :’) comment on art! it makes the creator’s entire day 💜 häshtäg a r t #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness #yohohoawriterslifeforme

gonna häshtäg a r t today 👌🏻 ”yes we can dance / but you gotta watch your hands” #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

they said video games are fun, mindless entertainment. THEN WHY IS IT MAKING ME CRY AND WRINGING MY HEART DRY (except it will never run dry) EVERY TWO MINUTES
“did someone order a bunch of sad traumatised teens? ‘cause boy am i here to deliver” -viii, probably
... still gonna tag this with #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness because it also makes me very happy 💜

AND i finally drew her stupid eyelashes AND lips! häshtäg p r o g r e s s 👌🏻 the make-up looks blaring now but it’ll be toned down once i get to the shading (and airbrushing it off a little because this is a business trip despite what happens in the dark). ... these faces will be about the size of maybe 4% of the final piece. but devil is in the details! i like details. she has 8 lashes per eye because VIII. #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

today on ”nooris presents: häshtäg a r t ”. first we make the idea sketch, then we sketch a base, then we sketch the real line art, and then we ink it. this is why everything lasts four millennia to make. #justdoodlegonnabeokay i also wrote about a train trip that turns dirty (but asdfghjkllöä i need to write the start before i get to the good parts - almost there!)
i’ve listened to Rihanna’s Te Amo and Umberto Tozzi’s Ti Amo about two hundred times as background music. i need a playlist of just them so i don’t have to stop arting all the time to press replay 🎶

*vernon dursley face* häshtäg happiness! #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness #domoreofwhatmakesyouhappy

Christmas is the season for binging Nightmare Before Christmas and wearing cute festive leggings! #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

#currentlyreading #currentlyscreamingabout AAAAAAAAAA!!! ... just one very minor little problem: I don’t know how to read Japanese. at all. but I’m determined to overcome this obstacle. #finalfantasyviii #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

do more of what makes you happy. here’s to a December full of fairy lights in the darkness! 🌌 every day can be an advent calendar day if you make it so. #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

this is what I woke up to this morning. I feel watched over (in the good way). my little guardian angels 💜 #lifewithcats #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

my cat isn’t very good with expressing affection, so my heart swells with love when she presses her fat butt right to my leg and is happy with the contact. so am I. #randomactsofkindness #lifewithcats #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

I haven’t played this in yeeeears... and I’ve missed it all that time. #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness #finalfantasyviii

more things that make me happy: my plants! look at the Scottish babies growing big and tall! 😍 except the damn thistles. but I stuck my poppy there so it’s okay. the grass is for the cat, it’s a cat-suitable grass she loves to chew. #projectinfinitedaysofhappiness

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