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We made these! Can you bring together dedicated learners? Local materials? Awesome makers? To Make Something Amazing Happen? Then Apply for our Project Coordinator role. #woodworking #jobs #projectcoordinator #craftjobs #makersmovement

-When architecture perfectly frames the landscape- @christatearchitecture
My mind is still in this dreamy house where an incredible project led by @gaileguevara and @lmelling took place. I learned so much with these wonderful women. It has been 2 weeks that the project has ended and I already miss your good mood, your good taste (for our healthy and beautiful lunch plates), and your energy.

• C O M M E R I C I A L . D E S I G N •
... ............. O, the lovely Facebook memory pop ups... This Institutional Design | Orthopedic Clinic was one my favorite commercial projects I worked on while in design school. Initially, I couldn’t get the exterior natural lighting to render properly, so outside the window shown is ghost white😂..... The final result had plants 🌱 and a few other accents, with a proper sheet title and so on; I also completed a set of Construction Docs for this plan.... Con Docs and Building Codes class was “brain overload” at times, but beneficial for sure! Find more on my webpage - link in bio (page needs updated but, it’s active! 😂). 😉 #designer #interiordesign #interiorspaces #commercialdesign #love #projectcoordinator

The Irish Youth Foundation (IYF) are partnering with Camara Education Ireland (CEI) to deliver a numeracy education programme for children living in socio-economically disadvantaged areas of Dublin. Camera Education Ireland are now seeking a part time STEM Project Officer to work on this project. See the International & Other section of EducationPosts.ie for more details

#jobfairy #careers #educationposts #cameraeducation #stem #maths #projectcoordinator #recruitment #advertising #job #dublin

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Been busting on this project and after the client saw a preview today I received this text from my boss. Makes it worth it. #projectcoordinator #workfromhome #longweek

As promised, here's some more #funfacts about another new member of the #KloshGroup team! Please help us in welcoming Jonathon, our latest #projectcoordinator extraordinaire :)
*Hometown: Banks, #Oregon. #Smalltown with a graduating class of 100 students.
*What's the most #rewarding project you've worked on? #Restoring my first car with my dad. He showed up at my 8th grade basketball game with my dream car at the time: a 1977 Camaro. He and I spent the next 3 years restoring and building the car which I still have today (although it's made a number of changes since).
*What's your favorite meme? One of my favorite memes used to be where they put Nicolas Cage's face on random things and name them after him. It's not really relevant anymore but still hilarious when you see one.
*What's your favorite degree? Why? #BusinessMarketing is my favorite of 3 degrees. Although people often associate marketing with the ads they see on TV, there is so much more to it. Marketing plays a massive role in building a #successful business but also in one's personal #brand.
*If you could be a #superhero, which one would you be? Why? #Batman, as he doesn't have any crazy superpowers, but relies on his #strength, #abilities, and #tools to bring justice. Batman also has the #coolestcars among super heroes.
#kloshgroup #constructionmanagement #ownersrep #construction #randomquestions

Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

#TB to either #2006 or #2007. Fyi @victoria_agyekum
looks EXACTLY the same. I'm almost 100% sure Lady Afua aka our CEO just got more regal and is still holding the Old Boys Club to account, but as for me..? I tapped tf out of corporate life cos it didn't serve me or my community way I thought it should so now I make much less effort but will outpull EVERYBODY including Charles. Plus I get to impact young & broken ppl directly now as opposed to fighting with every Tom, Dick & Harry the Third about giving us what is owed🤗#EverybodyWon

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An incredibly exciting job role has come up at the truly amazing 'Craft Revolution'. If you are looking for a job in the Craft sector and have ambition and drive this would be the perfect job.

Our team has been growing quite a bit lately, so you know what that means! More #funfacts about our newest employees!! First up is Andrea, our talented #executiveassistant and #projectcoordinator.
*Hometown: #PortAngeles, #Washington
*What's your favorite vessel for cheese? Any form of bread... mmm, grilled cheese, pizza, soft pretzels and nacho cheese... I could keep going!
*What are the different names you have for your cat? Rizzo, Rizzmatrizz (Trizz for short), Pretty Kitty, and Fatso... she's a big girl!
*What languages other than English do you speak? I'm fluent in sarcasm, but also speak some French and the only work you need to know in Italian - vino!
*Which mythological/fictional character would you like to be? Daenerys Targaryan or Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. You gotta be pretty tough to stay alive on that show! haha
*What's the most intense moment you've had on a job? Working with a project team located in another state to submit a proposal on a timed website. They kept changing things at literally the last minute and we got the bid package submitted with only 13 seconds to spare! We were all ready for a drink after that one!!
#kloshgroup #constructionmanagement #ownersrep #construction #randomquestions

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Being a project coordinator for this contract was a real eye opener. Since I decided to leave Montreal to live a nomadic life, I struggled between my two passion, travel and design. I could not consider that the two could work together. Well, since this unique opportunity I had to work with @gaileguevara and @lmelling remotly, I found my way. I am now in the process of creating my small business with a custom job that fit my new life. More info coming soon #girlboss 😎

Wij heten Wen Fei Huang van harte welkom! 👷🏻‍♂️🎉 Hij gaat via Bruggenbouwers aan de slag als Projectcoördinator bij Dura Vermeer Infra. 🚗🚙 Hij gaat werken op het project Parkway 6; de verbreding van de A6. 🛣🛣 #civieletechniek #infra #wegenbouw #wegverbreding #projectcoordinator

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