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Guys, this account may be going under changes, these changes may include •profile pic
I will be trying my hardest to change my posting schedule from 2-5 posts a week to daily

As you may or may not of noticed, this edit looks different to my usual edits, that's because I'm experimenting with a few new apps, just to make my edits seem not as boring

I actually hit 200 followers a few days ago, this is a HUGE milestone for me. But I don't know what I should do for it, I may do a Q and A live stream!

Some people suggested in a previous post that I should make a theme, so I've decided to make up a theme (that is in this post) for my quotes. These themes will change monthly. If y'all can guess this months theme, I'll shout y'all out XD

And finally, I've said that I may do a stream, I just don't know when. Lately I've been quite busy with school and all. So I may do the live on the weekend or in the holidays. Thanks for reading, and I'll try my hardest to keep y'all updated! :-)

16 feb- 25 feb
If you're getting bullied, having anxiety attacks,depression.... write these colored lignes on your wrists :
black: attempted/consideres suicide
Red:self harm
Purple: LGBT+
Dark blue: depression
Light blue: panic/anxiety attacks
Yellow: eating/sleeping disorder
Don't give up there is hope! For #support
#repost #projectlieben #blackxmovement

#project6789 ily guys so much....goodbye....goodnight


#project6789 I'm here anytime you guys know that I don't care if it's a rant staying up till four to help you or what I'm here just stay alive if you guys do it I'll do it to 💖💖🖤🖤🖤🖤 don't ever tell someone with suicidal thoughts that "I've tried to before" just listen it will help them far more than you think. #project6789

I've done all #project6789

I have @#project6789

#project6789 - ash

#project6789 I've done all of these many times

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