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All good things come to an end - including my Project 366. At the moments it was tough, but always very rewarding journey that reaffirmed my wish to continue and further develop my devotion to photography.
I want to thank everyone who was included in any way. First of all, I want to thank @acnhti and @marina___stojanovic for encouraging me to start this Project. Also, @ana_laca, @laca.katarina, @danijelaprotega, @katarinasupe, @uroda, and many others supported me throughout the whole year. My constant need to take pictures was sometimes pleasant to them, sometimes annoying, but they were always there for me. ❤
Now, when I've reached the end of this creative path, I look back and realise how many new people I've met, how many new places I've visited and how much time, money and effort I've put into this - and I hope it was all worth it and that you've all enjoyed it ☺

Happy New Year everybody ❤ ↠ 366 l 366 ↞
P R O J E C T  3 6 6
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Día 229/365 #Maspalomas 17 de #Agosto 2017 / El miedo es un enfermedad opresora de la ilimitada capacidad del ser humano que en algunos casos nos nubla la mente con su asombrosa publicidad del terror sembrando caos a su libre albedrío. La sociedad ya contaminada por los medios sociales ayudan a que aún todo sea más oscuro, mejorando nuestra merma colectiva y mental. En los peores momentos vemos que todos somos hermanos de este planeta sin importar ningún estereotipo físico. Y si por si fuera poco, a diario suceden estas cosas, pero los medios informan a su interés para que el rebaño siga bajo su obediencia. Religiones con el mismo idolatrado, un ser invisible llamado "Dios" al que yo lo llamo "dinero". Hoy en #project366 #proyecto365 una manera de pensar que muchos compartimos pero que poco ejecutamos. La mente colectiva ahora gobernada por el subconsciente es nuestra única salida a todos los problemas de este mundo.

365. [The Final]
Happy New Year! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉
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•Il sorriso più bello che abbia visto, da sempre• 💏
Credo che il regalo più bello che possa farci una persona sia ridere per noi, con noi! Trovate qualcuno che vi faccia ridere. Trovatelo e tutto sembrerà più facile.
Vi auguro un 2017 più facile, più felice!
Tanti Auguri a tuttiii 💫🎉🎊💃🏽 Ph: @alessio_fadda
#Day366of366 #Project366 #TheEnd #2017IsComing

366/366 "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." What a year this has been. Going into #Project366 I wasn't sure if I'd finish it. There's been days I've barely made it, disliked what was post or the edit. But through it all, I've managed to start seeing life through a lens and finding beauty in the everyday - the original goal.
So here's to 2017 and focusing on quality over quantity! 🎉

Big thank you for being part of my #project366 2016 🙏🏼😂 and to @instagram for featuring my top post for 2016 #bestofnine2016

Watercolor painting using Sennelier watercolors on cellulose watercolor paper

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Just chill & relax because this is Friday 😎
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eric & i are proud to present the relaunch of ‘portraits of a soul’ (link in bio) a collaboration unlike any other, with eric incredible ability of reading the face, he deciphers the hidden message hidden deep within.
visions connect

two idealists
boldly and informal
associated, not chained
the privacy of individuals

when feelings close
visions reopen
the unfinished is not a goal
the eternal restart knows magic

words can disconnect
silence can connect
love needs no clarification
the truth to be found in silence

relationship is a wandering
binding offers colourful ways
devotion is a friendship
with boundless freedom

daily attention
leaves no space for the i
the experience of diversity
fuses with one another

growth in exchange with the world
passion for the other view
the inflamed magic
when two hearts act

Day Two-Hundred and Fourteen: my grandpa came down and gave me his old Prius! Definitely became a big upgrade for me from my little honda❤️❤️
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