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Out with the ABH brow Whiz and in w the benefit brow pencil thing. I forgot to label it for my project 100 Pan. This is product 3/100 yay. #project100pan #beautyempties #benefit #abh #browwhiz #prrojectpan #pantasticladies

Completely finished the Tarte Undereye corrector!!!!! #tarte #empty #makeupempties #projectpan #panning #panningmakeup #makeupuseup #project100pan #48

As I previously mentioned, this year I’m working on my brush collection. I’m contented with what I have but I’m trying to discover some HGs. I know brushes can be expensive that’s why I decided to do it this year when I’m not buying makeup. Please list your top three brushes and what you use them for, drugstore, midrange or high end.


MAC Prep + Prime Fix +($26) 👍🏾 - If I could only purchase one thing from MAC for the rest of my life it would be this. Such a great multipurpose product. Always a repurchase. If you haven’t tried this product yet you need to re-evaluate your life! LOL just kidding, but you should try it. I may or may not have two of the original, a coconut scented one from the Fruity Juicy Collection and the mini holiday set as back ups 😏Don’t judge me, the two originals were my bday gift from MAC this month.

Urban Decay De-slick Makeup Setting Spray($30) 👍🏾 - I used this as my primer spray when my skin was oily, up until maybe January last year. It worked well for me. Will I repurchase? No. Sadly I’m stuck with another full bottle which will probably take me another 2 years to finish.

More Empties 🎉

Gilded Ganache in Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette($2.46) 👎🏾 - I absolutely hated this shadow. Everything about it. I ended up mixing it with Champagne Truffle to get a color and texture I liked. The two combined made a beautiful olive green shade that I wore all over the lid most days.

White Chocolate in Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette($7.25) 👍🏾- This matte shadow had a nice formula. It was nice and buttery. I used it to set my primer because I couldn’t find any other way to use it. If all of Too Faced mattes were like this I would be all over their shadows.

First empties for 2018

MAC MatchMaster SPF 15 Foundation in 7.5($38) 👍🏾 - I love this foundation but I have to buy two shades to find my match. 7.5 is too dark and 7.0 is too light. I would say it’s medium coverage and it dries down to this beautiful powdery finish. I think it’s a nice everyday foundation that lasts all day on my skin. I’ve been mixing this with a lighter foundation to lighten it. I would repurchase it in 7.5 and 7.0 when MAC has another 25% off sale.

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Nourishing Primer($5.92) 🤷🏾‍♀️ - I don’t suffer from dry skin so Nourishing primers aren’t anything I’m typically drawn too. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad primer but I used it mostly as a Moisturizer. I wouldn’t repurchase.

Peter Thomas Roth Professional 3% Retinoid Plus($9.84)👍🏾 - I’ve been using this for the last 3 weeks with @korres.skincare Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial and I see a major difference in my skin. I am so clumsy, I knocked it over and spilled a lot of it on the floor. The full size is 1oz and retails for $82. That size would probably last me about 10 months. I want to try @deciem The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion that retails for $9.80 before taking the $82 plunge.

DIOR Sample perfume is done and here comes my roller ball fragrance. They both smell delicious but the Harvey Prince smells like gardenias. I love it for after the shower. This update is keeping track of both the project 100 pan and the rolling project 10 pan. At the 1 month mark I'll recap all the empties. Basically I'm updating with each item I use up. #rolling10pan #projectpan #empties #project100pan

Before I go on to my two week update I just wanted to say that Tarte has successfully deleted 99% or the comments from all of theirs posts where people expressed their disappointment in the shade range. This is not how you handle matters and it sends the message that they really don’t care. I draw the line at deleting comments to silence the consumer. That will not make the issue go away.
I have decided to boycott Tarte. I have removed all photos of their products from my page. I am also returning the Tartelette in Bloom palette I received for Christmas. I won’t throw out the other two products I own(a brow mousse and powder brush) because I already spent my money on them but I will never showcase them on my page. I am adding the brow mousse to my project Pan so I can get it out ot my collection.
I know some of you are reading this saying it’s just makeup but until you’ve been on the receiving end of this from makeup companies you won’t understand. It’s 2018 and there is absolutely no reason I can think of why an established brand like Tarte should launch a new complexion product with such a disappointing shade range.
If you haven’t checked out the article by Temptalia I linked in bio, please do so.

I had to do another 2 week update because I wanted to repress Milk Chocolate. My blending brush wasn’t picking up powder from the outside of the pan. I finally finished White Chocolate and Gilded Ganache is on its last leg. I would say one application is left. Expanded pan(barely) on Milk Chocolate, Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge and Champagne Truffle. Really hoping I can hit pan on Amaretto by end of month.

Excellent article by @temptalia and beautifully written. Link is in my bio. Go take a look.

Adding my Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Foundation in the shade Espresso to my panning project. I currently mix Espresso with Cocoa but Espresso is a bit red. I believe mixing Cocoa with Mocha would give me a much better shade match. I’ll purchase Mocha when I finish up Espresso. This is the best drug store foundation I’ve ever tried. Still can’t believe it’s only $5.99(sometimes cheaper) a bottle.

One of the products I want to finish in 2018. Lorac lip gloss in EASY Rock. This came out in a holiday collection years ago and it's still good! I'm gonna be starting a new project pan and this is going in there. #project100pan #projectuseitup2018 #projectpan #panningcommunity

I remember when I stored my lipsticks in a 72 spinning tower and this 36 Lipstick holder. I sold the new and barely used lip products I didn’t need, gave some to family and decluttered some. The goal at the end of 2016 was to have only enough to fit in this acrylic holder. Then the goal went to 24. My ideal goal is to be down to 6. If all goes as planned by the end of the year I should be down to about 18 and I will still have a decluttering to do.
I also need to work on my glosses. I don’t have a whole bunch of glosses but it’s more than I need. I have around 11 glosses but I would like to be down to about 3.

Third day of the year, haven’t worn a drop of makeup as yet. Swipe to see product photos and panning goals for January.

I originally set out on a no buy for certain categories in 2018. I decided to make it a complete no buy for any makeup products with a few exceptions.

I will allow myself to purchase 3 foundations during the year, any 3 out of the 11 pictured. Some may be repurchases as I already have them in my collection.

I need to purchase a contour powder and a bronzer. I don’t own any of the two. I’m still shopping around for them.

I will also allow myself to repurchase any of the following products if I use them up:
MAC Fix+
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - NC55
MAC MSF Natural - Dark
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder - Medium Deep
Urban Decay Ultra Definition Powder Foundation - Dark Warm
*The Powders listed are what I use to set my foundation.

I forgot to post my Pan That Palette Challenge for 2018. I’m giving myself February and March to finish work on the Chocolate Bar Palette then I’m moving on to the Lorac Pro. I believe I can move through the Lorac Pro fairly quickly because of the powdery texture and shallow pans. Shadows marked with a Star are not part of the panning project and I have no desire to finish them.

Project Pan 2018
Swipe to see product photos and panning goals

Project Pan 2018
Swipe to see product photos and panning goals

Happy New Years everyone! Here's my last post tonight, an entire year of makeup/skincare #empties. All the makeup empties are along the bottom half of the pic and skin care and lotions along the top. I sure did go through a ton of Elf lip scrubs lol. I'm still working on the Chocolate Bar and elf palettes I just put them here to show the used up pans. A lot of these were in my #project100pan and even though I didn't finish everything I had planned I'm happy with how much I've moved out this year. It's crazy seeing it all laid out but definitely encouraging too. I think for next year I'll only keep just the makeup empties as this stuff took up a bunch of room lol. #panningcommunity #projectpancommunity #projectpan #panporn #useitup #makeupempties #skincareempties

12 Pans of Christmas Finale

I really didn’t try my best with the project but regardless I’m still happy to have made some kind of progress.

I finished the Lancome SPF and the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. Both are favorites of mine and I will repurchase both sometime in the future.
I made no progress on the Model in Bottle Eyebrow Sealer since the last update but I really want to be through with it because I purchased a back up bottle in Nov 2016 and it still hasn’t been used. Needless to say I won’t be repurchasing any of them until about 2020.
I’m happy with the progress I made with the Smashbox Primer Water but at the same time I’m sad because I’m really beginning to love it. It is the best primer I’ve used this year. Primers are on my nobuy list for 2018 and I only have a travel size bottle besides this bottle left.
MAC Magnetic Appeal Extra Dimension Skinfinish is really getting to me. I’ve been using this highlighter since Jan 2014 3-4 times a week and it won’t go! I’m never buying another highlighter again. I have 2 other highlighters in my collection and I think I’m good with highlighters until 2022.
I’m almost through with the MAC Sweet as Cocoa Blush. I’ll finish up in 2018.
The entire first ring of my MAC Studio Finish Powder plus Foundation is now showing.

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