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I remember when I started #legextensions I could barely do 85 lbs for 10. Now up to 205 for 5 sets of 10-12. #neverquit #progresstakestime #riseandgrind #keepmovingforward #legday #bodybuilding

Progress isn’t always about weight loss. I had body fat to lose after having my second baby, but not in terms of my total body weight. I lost the BF, then slowly worked on toning up and gaining lean muscle.
@kayla_itsines BBG helped me achieve all of those things, then adding more weights into my routine added a little more muscle. I still do cardio or LISS almost daily, but balancing out strength and regular weight training with some HIIT and plyo exercises, is a surefire way to achieve fat loss plus lean muscle gain. And remember, the heavier your weights, the more fat you will burn 💪🏼🔥🏋🏼‍♀️
So don’t stress about your total body weight, because an increase in kilos doesn’t always mean fat gain. This is why taking progress photos is so important! ☝🏼💁🏼‍♀️💗
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#FLEXFRIDAY 💪🏼 Results don't happen over night. It takes time and dedication. One day doesn't make your progress, it takes consistency over time.
There are days I am tired💤, there are days I have 1 million "other" things to do and there are definitely days where I just flat out don't feel like it 🙅🏼 But I can tell you this...Results can happen in your house, with kids running around and dogs 🐶 waiting for you to play fetch. Results can happen while you're surrounded by a messy playroom, a sink full of dirty dishes and 5 baskets of laundry. YOU can make results happen when you're tired and don't wanna.
YOU decide your RESULTS.
Nothing special happening here, just making a choice every day for the last 6 months to work toward my goals. We all can do it.
#ownyourjourney #progresstakestime #nothinghappensovernight #fitmom#charleston #fitnessjourney

Is the path you started on different than it is now?
Looking back before I started my fitness journey, my goals then were completely different than what they are now.
I’d look in the mirror, see a body that I wasn’t happy with, and wanted to lose as much weight as I possibly could.
After my body transformed and I leaned out, I started to see how I’ve changed and developed and my goals altered; I went from wanting to lose weight, to wanting to create a beautiful physique, in my eyes.
As you go through journeys in life, goals will change, tribulations will shake you, and the your path WILL alter...that is a good thing!
The point of a journey is to go through a trek in which you grow, whether that be physically, mentally, or spiritually.
So, when I look at the road I’ve traveled, heck yes I’d expect myself to have different goals!
If I didn’t change my perspective or grow in myself as a person, then the journey truly wasn’t worth embarking on in the first place!
Happy #flexfriday and #flashbackfriday everyone!

Be better than you were yesterday that’s all you can ask of yourself.

These are some rounds from this weeks workouts the trainers have to do them to! Follow @9roundphiladelphiaford and stop in for your first free workout! All the trainers are super friendly and will work with you to reach your personal goals. We can modify anything to meet your needs!
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Some of the problems when people squat is not only about the deep, sometimes is about the knees.
When I teach the squats to my little girls in gymnastics, as the sport requires, I ask them to do it with feet and knees together. Of course some of them are not able to do it because of lack of ankle mobility, so I switch the indication to open de feet where they feel comfortable. So, the knees came in and out the whole movement.
Sumo squats are my favorites, after conventional squat, cause it not only allows you to deep because you have the weight in front and down, but also, because it helps you to push the knees out for the same reason that the weight is in the front.
I can’t use weight like this for my little girls, but I use bands to control the stability of their knees 👌
You can do this with or without benches, the benefit of the benches is you can go deeper 🙃
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So the verdict is in... My ketones literally went from 4.5 and then dropping to 2.2. All because I had a Quest Protein Bar (cookie chocolate chunk), a Sugar Free Popsicle and an alcoholic beverage containing Tito's Vodka and water with a muddled lemon wedge. Still in ketosis, nothing gained and nothing lost in weight but I need to get back on track regardless. Keto On!!!
#nosuccesswithoutfailure #progresstakestime #makingshithappen💪🙌💃

Side view / front view. I am a total addict and I can now understand why people get obsessed with body building. I get so excited when I see new muscles!! Except for sometimes, like when I first noticed the muscle popping on my side/back and I thought that something was wrong😂. Since I cannot go workout this morning because I slightly pulled a back muscle 😥, I thought I would take some progress pics instead. I am learning that this lifestyle is definitely about patience, persistence, and resilience. Through bad days, sick days, injuries, hormones, bad weather, life problems, cravings, stress - you have to rise above. You cannot give up. You cannot expect to get wonderful amazing results quickly! I have been working my butt off since June and I do not have a 6-pack, perfectly lean body. So, uh, yeah, lifting weights is not gonna bulk you up like a man...building muscle takes a LONG TIME😂 I am not putting myself down AT ALL. I am thrilled with what I have done, but there are days (especially with a competition coming up) when I am discouraged and impatient. But, I will just keep trying, improving, working, practicing self-control, and PATIENCE. The thing that I will NOT do, is give up. Even with bad days, I enjoy this journey too much to stop! #newmuscle #progresstakestime #patience #hardworkpaysoff #girlswholift #fitnesslifestyle #bikinicompetitionprep #getobsessed #gettingstrongereveryday💪 #fitmom

FRIDAY!!!!! We made it!! And on Friday’s, we flex!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Day 61!✔️ Dudes, I’ve had to HUSTLE for that MUSCLE!
It’s not popped up overnight.
It’s not popped up over a month.
Sometimes it’s smaller.
Sometimes it’s bigger.
It’s taken time.
It’s taken committing to a program. Starting and FINISHING!
It’s taken committing to a NUTRITION PLAN!!! It’s taken changing my mindset! Understanding that change takes time!
Understanding that I have to trust the process.
Understanding that it’s about PROGRESS and not perfection!

This is progress right here, my friends!
#progresstakestime #hustleforthemuscle #45andfit #midlifefitness #whiskeyinateacup

Happy Flex Friday!!! 💪
Woke up bummed about the Cats but excited for the weekend. I only had a few hours of sleep 🛏since the game ended late but my energy juice didn't disappoint! 💥

I logged into the webinar 🖥 and saw my workout partners @sarahwhitneycox and @sarahcmeehan had already started cardio. I watched them wanting to stay on the couch but knowing I had to do the work myself to reach my goals.
I counted down from 5, pushed play and grunted through mule kicks and burpies but I didn't stop. I visualized sitting on the beach in a few weeks and finished strong!
I am proud of my progress and these pics! Taking and posting them keeps me accountable.
Yes some days are harder than others, the workouts are tough and the prepping and planning takes time but I'm getting stronger physically and mentally AND I'm better about not having to be perfect which is a HUGE win for me! .

You guys keep me motivated on my physical health because if I can show you that I can do it, so can you. Persistence is key.
#missedays #nottheendoftheworld #getbackonthegrind #gymlife #health #dedication #goals #tonedbody #workout #progresstakestime #muscle

So why did I throw on a bikini in the middle of the never ending winter? So I could throw it back to August 2016, 8 Weeks #postpartum with my 3rd child, and do a #backcheck for my girl @healthy.j.t This #nofilter , non flexing, simple side-by-side is just to say that #progresstakestime and #slowandsteadywinstherace . 18 months and a whole lot of #sweat stand between these photos - 42 Weeks #bbg + 16 Weeks @alexia_clark . Eat clean food, do the hard work, and be kind to yourself ✌️💗💪
#transformation #throwback #throwbackthursday #gains #fitmom #fitness #bodytransformation #ibuiltthisbodyathome #mombod #bodyafterbaby #momof3 #bodyconfidence #healthylifestyle #fitlife #fitspo #fitnessinspiration #queenteam #100strong #eatclean #trainhard #momswholift #weightlifting

New 60kg 3RM front squat PB today 🎉 (sound on 🔊)depth is looking decent and if was even more pleasing since I was already knackered from the DB snatch (10kg) and burpee box overs which I managed in 14.23 👍🏼 another successful day of training, making the most of my week off 🏋🏼‍♀️ I wish every week was like this! Off to London now to see the little sis ❤️
#girlswhosquat #pb #frontsquat #wedontquit #dumbbells #teamrichey #crossfitgirls #dbsnatch #protein #crossfit #18point5 #openready #ihateburpees #girlswholift #progresstakestime #gymlife #strength #london #gettingthere #backontrack

☕️So a lot of the science based fitness industry will tell you it's impossible to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Because building muscle requires a calorie surplus and burning fat requires a calorie deficit. 🦄They're right. 100%. You cannot build muscle and burn fat in the same moment. ☕️But...no one is expecting to build muscle and burn fat in the exact same moment. No one expects to go into a single workout and come out jacked and diced to bits. If someone does expect to do that, they have bigger issues to deal with. Like being a squib. 🦄Anyhoodle. ☕️No one makes significant progress in a day. Real progress takes a muggle ton of time and effort. Months upon months. Years upon years. And with that in mind, over the course of 6 months you absolutely can build muscle and burn fat. In fact, I’d say if you go 6 months without doing both something is wrong with your training and nutrition. 🦄That’s why it’s pointless to say you can’t do both at the same time, especially to people just trying to get in better shape. Because it doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t accomplish anything. Rather than say, “you can’t,” why not show them how to do it over the long-term? Because that’s what they’re asking for, anyway. They just want a plan to help them achieve their goals over time. They might not know the exact right scientific phrases but, as a coach, you know what they mean. ☕️With that said, my favorite way to do this is with calorie cycling. Several days each week you eat slightly above your maintenance calorie intake. And several days each week you eat slightly below your maintenance calorie intake. 🦄Per usual, you need to be patient. Progress takes a LONG time. But if you stick to it you will build muscle, burn fat, gain strength, and improve your body composition all at the same time. ☕️Beep boop! #fat #loosefat #gainmuscle #buildmuscles #workout #gymlife #kickboxing #healthylifestyle #tipsoftheday #fitness #coachinglife #coachingfitness #workhardplayharder #progresstakestime #trainlikeagirl #trainlikeabeast #trainlikeanathlete #trainlikeaninja #healthtips #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #muscleup #fatlossjourney #fatlosstips

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