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Go to the hashtag and see them work. I love how some of you even showed the progress after not getting the movements right away!
This week @sirstyle gets my new green apple bcaas with @trusupplements and @southsidemoni & @thephenomlady get a pair of my mini band resistance from last week's challenge!
Keep beasting, keep moving. Next Friday I'll hit you guys with another one! #PROGRESSNOTPERFECTION.
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La motivación de este lunes son todos ustedes que hicieron mi reto de este viernes y los movimientos de esta semana #MAwarriorchallenge !

Cada viernes tendré un reto así que prepárense para el próximo! Quiero ver a mis latinos así que anímense!

#motivacion #hijadecristo #ma30day #mawarrior

There are some days you just don't want to do anything. Just getting out of bed is a task but for me the only way I have maintained my health and my sanity is to just push through it. Of course there are days when resting is what my body needs but most of the time when I force myself to my mat, I feel like a new person afterwards. I'm not like other yogis. I don't love to practice. I end up loving how I feel afterwards but 95% of the time I've dragged myself to my mat. I made a choice 15 years ago to make yoga my career because I knew if it wasn't my job, I'd never be able to motivate myself. My practice has always been about showing others that no matter what your limitations are you can push through them. 🙏🏻
Day 16 #effectivehandstands Dolphin Pose. Awesome prep for pinchamayurasana. Practice with @kinoyoga and me on @omstarsofficial! Use "wearelive" and your first month is $5. (Link in bio)

Inspired by a post from @sophactivelife I looked back over my pics and realised that A: I barely ever stand completely front on to the mirror and B: I'm a HUGE fan of the horse pose! I just can't get enough of it. 🙈
Anyway here it is... a comparison to 'keep it real'.
We can all look very different depending on the time of day, what we've eaten, the lighting and the way we stand. All are very real... I always say you can only flex what you've got. Not long ago I didn't even have the mind/muscle connection to flex certain muscles. It's definitely so important to get the mind/muscle connection happening to get the most of out your workouts though. You really want to be feeling each and every exercise in the correct muscles. 👌🏼

Finally after getting a nasty stomach bug in Brazil a few hours after getting there on Thursday, is finally able to eat all my meals, drink fluids, and keep everything down. I've traveled all around the world and never caught a stomach bug like that in my life. Thanks to my Brazilian fans for letting me know (a little late lol) to not drink the water. Caused me some serious issues. But we already back at it putting in that work for the @bevsgym #NYPRO #HereWeGoAgain @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @gaspbbstore @official_otomix @cardilloweightbelts @nutrichefnyc #Quadro #ProgressNotPerfection #SAW #JustGettingStarted #R1R2 #CenturionLabz #CenturionLegion #DreamTeam #AintSeenNothingYet #IFBB #NPC #212 #Bodybuilding #Gasp #NoCompromises #TeamNutrichefNYC #Otomix #Savage #IfNotMeThanWho #IfNotNowThenWhen #TeamQuadro #trainhard #noexcuses #fitness #fitlife #instafitness #fitfamily #motivation

Be willing to work for it.
Focus on health, not weight. 💯
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Picked this frame from behind to give you the surprise when I turn around and see that I'm 20 weeks pregnant 🤰🏽😂. BOOM. 😂😩. Anyways so currently I Weigh 141lbs and thank god I gained all the weight I lost from the awful nasuea and vomiting I had in the beginning of the pregnancy. Before I got pregnant I was about 133lbs. Around week 7-8 I started throwing up 3-4x a day. One day I actually threw up 7x. I had tried everything from over the counter nasuea pills to home remedies and nothing worked. Finally after I was admitted to the hospital from dehydration from all the throwing up, my OBGYN doctor told me I should do IV home therapy which I had to get 45 minutes of zofran and 4-5hrs of hydration. I was on the IV for about 5 weeks and was out of work for about 6 weeks. When I came back from Vegas (a trip we planned before we knew we were pregnant) i had the IV taking out. Since then I have felt SO much better. My first pregnancy wasn't like this at all so it goes to show you that EVERY pregnancy is completely different. During that time I didn't workout as much. I did very light cardio and stretches. It wasn't till after I had taking the IV out I started going back to what I was used to. And enjoy some billy Joel 🎶 🎶

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@theirongiantess "Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running." I listen to this speech all the time when I need motivation. I listened to it throughout my journey. Wake up running, my dears. After two years, 100+ pounds and a new health issue-free lease on life, I can honestly say deciding to "start running" was my greatest decision. Why will you run? 
Top row: 304lbs to 190lbs in one year. 
The craziness is that the whole bottom row is the same weight. "

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Breakfast of Champions! 💪🏽
Oatmeal doesn't have to be boring. Switch it up by adding banana & blueberries drizzled with a bit of honey. So yum! 🍇🍯🍌 #Oatmeal #Breakfast #HealthyEating #healthandfitness #HealthIsWealth #NoMoreExcuses #ProgressNotPerfection #Women4WomenBody

No more excuses!
Had a boxing session at 7am this morning ... Because nothing changes if nothing changes. Even if you only do 30minutes of exercise a day, it's good enough. What is your activity of the day ladies? Let's talk! #Women4WomenBody #GoWorkOut #healthandfitness #HealthIsWealth #NoMoreExcuses #ProgressNotPerfection

Any #londonmarathon2017 runners still struggling to get down the stairs this morning? 🏃‍♀️🏃

Waiting for true leaves so I can start moving them to individual cups. #scotchbonnet #thestruggleisreal #progressnotperfection #verdurafarms #theweekendfarmer

Here are some more seedlings that willl get repotted soon. Orange Habaneros, Cebai Rawit, Yellow Habaneros and Bhut Jolokia. #thestruggleisreal #progressnotperfection #theweekendfarmer #verdurafarms #urbanfarmer

I got 56 cups last office activity that we had. I transplanted 28 hot chili seedlings using the double cup method. These seedling are a mix of the 7 Poy Lava, 7 Pot Chaguanas, 7 Pot Primo, Douglah, Congo and Jays Peach TS. I got more seedlings to repot, but not enough cups. #thestruggleisreal #progressnotperfection #theweekendfarmer #verdurafarms

It may seem like nothing but it's a lot for me. 💪 #progressnotperfection

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