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I keep learning new things about myself, things that I may have always known, but didn't full understand.
I used to think that I had a hard time making friends or that I was bad at dating.
Now I'm realizing that it's not that I'm bad at making new friends it's that I dislike small talk and
That I have no patience for people who put on a facade.
I loathe small talk.
I want substance and a real conversation.
I want to hear about where you grew up, you're goals in life, your ideal home, the places you've seen and the adventures you want to have.
You're hopes and fears.
I don't want to know "what's up"
I want people who never pander or change based on who they are around.
I want to be around people who are so unapologetically themselves no matter the situation.
I want people with morales, loyalty, and genuineness.
It's so common now for people to put on a mask for the world.
Especially with social media.
Everyone wants to seem a certain way but they don't want to be honest about who they are.
There's a freedom when you finally get honest with yourself and others.
When you stop being scared to be who you truly are.
There's a relief when you stop worrying about what people think.
You're the best version of you stop trying to be something your not.
It's the best feeling in the world.
I will take honest over impressive any day of the week.

Ab Workout Ahead💪🏽
I love doing this super set (exercise 1 followed by exercise 2 immediately) at the start of my workout. I feel my abs engaged throughout the entire workout after! Give these 2 a try:
1️⃣ Hanging Knee Raises-3x10-15
2️⃣ Crunches on the Hyperextension- 3x10-15
Within 10 mins your abs will be on 🔥 The crunches on the Hyperextension are one of my FAVORITE ab exercises. Make sure you get a good, deep stretch and then squeeze your abs super hard and curl up in a C-shape. Make sure you're not activating too much of your hip flexors on the way up.
💪🏽 Gains by @blackstonelabs (use code: sumeet_sahni for 10% off your entire purchase 🙌🏽)

Lets beat this shape🛠🔜

My @barbellapparel jeans are the best combo for style and comfort! They're designed for men and women with big quads and squat booties 😇
Grab your own pair using promo code AMYFIT for 10% off 💪🏼💪🏼

Haven't moved all day 🙈
Last couple days I've been struggling with a virus but finally feel like I'm on the mend 👌🏽 Sad to say my diet has been next to nothing as I couldn't keep anything down. On the bright side I've dropped a few pounds and looking rather lean 🤔😂 (Diet not advised)
Feeling motivated to get back in the gym and get back eating!! Without training and dieting I genuinely feel like there's something missing. I'm just not me if I'm not in a gym or eating 🍔😂
With every dark cloud comes a silver lining 🙌🏽 Even though I haven't been able to train or eat I've been able to catch up with clients and most of all rest 🙏🏼 Another day and I will be refuelled and ready to take it back up to 100%!!

10 thousand calorie challenge today 🍔🍟 what do you guys think, can I do it??? .
YouTube video will be posted in a few days👌
Snap: NickPhysique
YouTube: Nick Falke (link in bio)


On the left, was taken about twenty minutes ago🤗 on the right, March 3rd. I've gained muscle and lost about 15 pounds, which isn't a lot, I know. However, I've also been working my ASS off in the gym and at home, eating extremely clean, to remodel my body the way I want it. I'm obviously not done, but I would've never imagined how the shape of me could change😍. Working on getting those booty gains but also that tummy loss 😅. I would never have imagined that I could look this good, but also feel this great. So if you're thinking about starting a fitness journey, please do it. It's not only good for your physical health, but your mental health too.
But please don't forget to love yourself no matter what size you are, because that's the only way I could do this. Although I exuded that 'big girl confidence', I could only really start my journey when I was at the point of loving myself and who I was, but also recognizing I should change for my health and mind.
I always thought you had to hate yourself to want to change, and that lead me down the path of fad diets and starvation, which DONT WORK.
Please nourish your bodies and learn to love yourselves before anything ❤️ #cleaneating #health #healthy #fitness #fattofit #fattofitjourney #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #gym #gymlife #gains #fatloss #progresspics #progress #beforeandafterweightloss #beforeandafter #weightlossbeforeandafter #hardwork #gaintrain #lgbt #diet

How cool is this watch?! Seriously cannot get over how much I'm in love with it.
Pretty proud I ran almost all of that today. 😎 I'm enjoying running again!
#progress #nikerunning #applewatch #myshortskeptridingup #improvement #runnershigh #relaxing #enjoyment

#TIUcheckin Happy #motivationmonday #TIUbabes! This past weekend was so nice to spend time with family and relax, however I did indulge in some coolers, and a few, not so, TIU approved snacks. With that being said, I know that I will get back on track as of NOW! This evening I came home from a long weekend away, to see that I have been featured on the ToneItUp website for their Motivation Monday post 🤗! Not even lying, I cried a bit as I have never felt so honored or so good about myself...but I have ALL OF YOU to thank for it. Without the #TIUcommunity I'm not sure that I could have been so motivated to keep accountable as all of your posts are so inspiring, so thank you all so much xo Let's keep getting stronger babes 💪✌.
@toneitup @karenakatrina @marie_tonesitup @sandyc6594 @travellingtiu_nik .
#TIUteam #TIUbikiniseries #tiugoals #TIUtransformation #TIUgirls #TIUcanada #tiuontario #TIUbrampton #tiunutritionplan #TIUfitness #healthy #motivation #progress #stillinshock

First picture was taken 15.05.2017 and the second picture 21.05.2017. I remenber when we took the first picture my skin was burning🔥 and the itching was terrible so im less red now and the skin feels soft👍 #psoriasis #psoriasisdiet #psoriasiswarrior #skin #psoriasisfighter #psoriasisproblems #healing #juicing #skinfood #drpagano #vegan #positivethoughts #progress

Just to show that body weight doesn't matter as long as it shows. This is one month progress and my weight is the exact same. But my body fat % went down and my muscle mass went up. Of course there are other things that have changed as you can see but those are the two that I'm most focused on. Second photo is me now but I don't have a before picture 😅 #fitchick #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #fitlife #fit #progress #muscles #bodyfat #gains #weightdoesntmatter

Just got off work, now it's time to hit back and Bis before FREE boot camp tonight! Who's down to join me?💪🏽
#fit #fitness #noexcuses #nutrition #herbalife #gym #fitspo #fitgirls #lifestyle #bodyforsummer #progress #healthcoach #bootcamp #community #freeworkouts

Almost finished with the first half! Y'all still putting in work or nah? #2017 #progress #mytime

340 lbs x 10 x 3 @ an rpe of 7, feeling very easy, this volume is killlllling me but I feel it doing its work. Glad to see my squat is feeling more comfortable every week!! Thanks for filming @john_greenwald #rutgerspowerlifting #rupl #training #lifting #strength #fitness #fitfam #squat #bench #deadlift #volume #progress #powerlifting #usapl #ipf #83kg #18 #athlete #grind #gains #motivation

Paganini Violin Concerto No. 1. Struggling with this passage. Super messy and flat. Does anyone have any advice? #violin🎻 #Paganini #flat

85 to 105
I would have been happier if I could have just stuck that 110 this morning but it is what it is and it just didn't happen!!
#nicesnatch #snatch #weightlifting #olympicweigifting #mastersweighlifting #masters #cf #crossfit #wheresmaria @mariadtaylor #5amislife #progress #prs #barbells #gains #strong #girlswholift #oldladygains #okinawa #japan #feedmefightme #beastworx #2pood #mybestfriend Thanks #jayman for the coaching 🏋🏼‍♀️😍

Tried a 24hr Fitness gym here in LV today. I REALLY like it. Going here for the rest of the week for sure! I don't want to try any other place. ⬛️-- Monday BACK DAY-- ⬛️ 4 sets to exhaustion @ RPE 5-6
Workout: ▫️Normal lat pull down machine - 60lbs 2x14; 70lbs 2x12; ▫️Seated cable rows - 50lbs 2x12; 60lbs 2x12
▫️Lat pull down on tricep machine - 20lbs x15, x20; 30lbs 2x14
▫️Bent over dumbell rows - 25lbs x12, 3x15
▫️Seated shoulder dumbbell press - 20lbs 4x15
▫️Front bicep curls - 17.5lbs 3x12; 15lbs x12

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