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Time for some Ice Cream🍦

the lack of blueberry emoji is not only a disservice, but, an injustice

P.S. @womensbest pre workout is back in stock!! the only pre workout i've tried that 1) doesn't make me jittery 2) i can have even if i've had coffee earlier in the day 3) is marketed to women AND contains creatine! that, my friends is #progress 👸🏋️‍♀️ I stack mine with the BCAA's in strawberry kiwi in a 20 oz shaker bottle! 🍓🥝 #womensbest

Check out my interview w/ @mensphysiquepic following my win at the @saltcityshowdown 🙌🏽 Link is in their bio!

Don't be scared of what other people will say. ☝🏼Don't be scared when the journey gets hard and the end seems far away. Get a suport team, take it one day at a time..and go crush your own expectations ✋🏽#goals #wbffpro #wbff #wbffworlds #competitors #glutes

I went to the pool yesterday and the idea of being in a bathing suit was making me hyperventilate a little. 😬My stomach is my biggest insecurity by far. I've got some stretch marks going on and a little loose skin. I also carry a lot of my weight there and I'm very aware of it.
But you know what? I've lost 85 pounds and that's pretty freaking awesome. I still have some work to do but this is me, working on being a fitter version of myself everyday but also trying to embrace what I'm working with in the here and now🔅😎✌🏼 #hairisahotmess #iknow

Hoodrat stuff with my friends...🏄🏻⛷🏂

Booty work🎥💪🏼
I always train glutes from a variety of angles and ranges of motion. This exercise is one of my favorites. I often do this elevated with a further range of motion, but I also implement it like this with heavier weight, shorter range of motion and constant tension. I focus on keeping my weight in my heels and sitting back, not just lowering down. I really love how this movement targets the top of the glutes too! 4 sets, 12-15 reps
🔹Looking to Build your Booty🍑 with a personalized plan from me? Learn my techniques. Send me email or click the link in my bio!


Photo on the left was my mom and I at my bridal shower in June 2014 and the photo on the right is my mom and I at my best friends bridal shower in March 2017. We are both so much happier and healthier now. Mom and I have each lost over 60 pounds from one photo to the next #progress #healthyishappy

Managed to shave over minute off of my mile time as I work my way up to 2k! #Progress #Rowing

Despite everything going on in life I finally had the opportunity to see a great friend after two years, and let go of everything else and just goof off. Sometimes it can do a mind good to let go of reality and live a little. Thanks D you're the best! @littlebit_mia_roper

What do you guys do outside of lifting, training, etc? I love to ride and be around other awesome people! Not everyday is gym day

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Woo hoo! I'm up to 81. 🙌🏻
Link in bio to get your free health score by 3rd party scientific clinical studies. HIPAA compliment so no one can see your answers.

Kicking off the new week with a killer full body workout 😈 what did you guys train? Hope you all have a great Monday!

BOUT TO GET THIS $$$ YALL🤔😎💰💰💵 just finished a vicious back/ab workout and beginning to see/feel how amazing my body really is, and how it's always been there for me😍😍 #pumped #progress #lovemybody #strong #girlsthatlift #determined #sofuckingdetermined #progress #gym #whoami #thisisme #mytrueself #soinlovewiththisjourney

So let's get the party started! .
I am so sorry peeps, I've been so busy working on my own transformation, that I forgot to share the fact that TODAY is the very LAST day to get in on my May challenge group with the spring special. 😊 So if you need to change your habits, start getting rid of that "protective" layer of fat for the summer, be your strongest self, learn self control over your eating, lose fat, gain muscle, THIS IS FOR YOU.
This is it.💪 Depending on your goals, I would love to match you up with a program that's exactly 21 days and you WILL see results. That's my guarantee ✌️ Send me a friend request by searching Andrea Olivieri on Facebook, send me a message with your goals, and let's get started 😘 you can also click on the link on my profile and learn a bit more about what a challenge group is! See ya there


Dice por ahi que toma 21 dias eliminar o cambia un habito.. asi vamos con todo!
Lo siento mucho, he estado super ocupada con mi propia transformacion que se me olvido postear que hoy es el ultimo dia para entrar en mi grupo de Mayo con el descuento de primavera. Asi que si necesitas un cambio de habitos, deshacerte de esa capa protectora de grasa antes del verano, ganar fuerza corporal y agilidad, aprender a controlar los antojos, perder peso, ganar musculo entonces esto espara TI! Dale dale :P Dependiendo de tus metas, te quiero ayudar con un programa que dura exactamente 21 dias y VAS a perder esos kilos. Esa es mi garantia siempre y cuando pongas de tu parte. Enviame una solicitud de amistad en Facebook, me puedes encontrar como Andrea Olivieri, mandame un mensajito con tus metas y empezamos :) si hablas ingles tambien le puedes dar click al link en mi bio, ahi puedes leer un poco mas sobre lo que es un challenge group. Nos vemos ahi!
#challengeaccepted #letsdothis #newhabits

I got so frustrated... I had to stop for the night. lol it's comforting and enjoyable but my patience wears thin. So many times I wanted to throw up my arms and say "ah forget it" but if we all quit...what would be of us. But I'm sure I'm not the only one..hopefully #Progress #frustrated #acrylicpainting #folkart #breathe #hardwork #artwork #art #puertorico #refrenceused

Currently taking a break f I'm drawing to see some patches #jacket #progress #patches

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