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St.Guthlac died on 11 April 714. He had spent the last 15 years living as a hermit on Croyland, an unhealthy little island in the Fens. Born in 673, he was the son of a noble family of the Royal Mercian House of Icling. His father was Penwald and his mother was Tette. During his childhood and youth he was rich and influential. He was also a valiant warrior and a loyal soldier of the king’s, and he loved fighting. After nine years of battles and duels, however, one night he had a vision that was to change the rest of his life. He left the army and his family and went to the double monastery of Repton, in Derbyshire, where he became a monk, giving his wealth to the poor. Two years later he was allowed to leave the monastery and start a new life as a hermit in Croyland. He lived on roots and water for fifteen years, surviving all kinds of attacks, temptations and dangers. He used to talk to the birds and other animals, and was visited by lots of people, who found in him solace and relief. In 714, during the Holy Week, he announced that he would die within the end of he week. He died at the end of the seventh day from then and was buried on his island. #professoressabaucero #giannabaucero #libridigiannabaucero

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