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Withdrawals #tbt

Finally a Professional Soccer Player! Blessed🙌🏾 This is only the beginning! #professionalsoccerplayer

Proud of you son you have finally contracted today!!! The dream is real ⚽️👍🏼💙💚 #professionalsoccerplayer #dowhatyoulovetodo

Amanhã enfrentaremos o São Paulo FC pela Copa Ouro! Quem quiser acompanhar, vai ser transmitido ao vivo no site do São Paulo FC, às 10h da manhã! Espero por todos, vamos torcer! ⚽️🏆🙏🏻👊🏻 #naluta #soccer #professionalsoccerplayer #professionalatlethe

Glad to have had such a great opportunity to work under an Ex AS Roma player. I learned many great things and managed to further my knowledge in the game. Graças Julio Sergio bernatolli #ASRoma #professionalsoccerplayer

Already keen for summer.
#professionalsoccerplayer #beach #summertime

Congratulations @reikoshiota @masushima_tatsuya on your new baby boy 👶🎉💫 可愛い赤ちゃん誕生!おめでとう!! #baby between a #professionalsoccerplayer & #olympicbadmintonplayer #スーパーベイビー


Withdrawals #tbt

Tranquility 📸: @mskateegrace 🎨: @ashleyelizabethbeauty

Shout Out To Omar Bravo ! Always A Pleasure To Help With Your Wardrobe 🐐⚽🏆#Champ #Soccer #Chivas #OmarBravo #HugoBoss #SuitedByBoss #RiseingAsOne #WardrobeSpecialist #ProfessionalSoccerPlayer

My friend and our LA videographer @brians_camera just relessed this amazing doc.😉😀😉😀 A touching story of friendship, struggle and triumph, the film follows the journey of two Somali national soccer team friends chasing their dreams in the face of impossible odds. After surviving two decades of war, Saadiq,17, and Sa’ad,19, the team’s most promising stars, enter the only televised match of the year hoping scouts will be watching. With passports of no value on the world stage, soccer may be their only shot to escape a growing terror threat, persecution and poverty.Against the backdrop of fear and shared sacrifice, they embark on separate but equally improbable journeys. In the opportunity of a lifetime, Saadiq sets off for America with dreams of an education and a soccer career. Sa’ad continues his career in Mogadishu with the hopes of someday being reunited with his friend. Their biggest dream is shared – to be symbols of hope to generations who have only known war.❤❤❤❤❤

A simple yet profound statement. Go out there and create the life you dream of!

久々のアライアと、10年ぶりのNAOさん🙋💨私の尊敬するアスリート・スポーツ選手の中の1人⚽️💫小波だけど、無風の貸切の海は気持ちよかった✨ *
#アライア #Onjuku #Surflife #Goodtimes #professionalsoccerplayer #fctokyo #Naohiroishikawa

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