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this month's hobonichi monthly spread feat. 화양연화 n' lots of cute bebs ( ´ ▽ ` )

I'll be doing a smol/big (??) giveaway when I hit 10k with a bunch of goodies (stationery + trinkets) that I get from Japan !! So let's try to get me there asap !! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) yey

also, since I'll be traveling, I won't be able to post on here as often (just for 2 weeks though ♪( ´▽`)) but if you want to follow me around Japan and see my life updates you can follow me on my spam @erikkei (´∀`=) haha #shamelesspromo

🎶그대를 잊는다는 건 (Forgetting You) - 다비치 (Davichi) 🎶

exams start this thursday rip me 😭 ft. this empty spread!! 🍇

So a few weeks ago the lovely company @whitelinespaper was kind enough to send me a sample package! I'm finally here with a LONG overdue review. Also you can scroll to see my scanned note samples! EDIT: I FORGOT TO SAY THOSE TWO LITTLE DOODLES ARE FROM @studyrose !!! I adore chey's doodles!
- paper is GREAT quality! Even though i used pressure when writing with my tombows the ghosting on the paper is practically non-existent. - the scanning function is really helpful!
- I just really love writing on the paper (lol). The paper takes pen ink very well! When i was frantically revising for my government final writing on the paper felt nice haha.
- The scanning app will pick up most markers (i did a swatch before) along with stickers and washi!
- It's becoming more widely available!
- THE COMPANY IS SO NICE!! They were so so kind when talking to me!
- Shipping didn't take long
- the notebooks can be on the pricey side depending on where you're located :(
- pastel pens/markers don't show up as well.
- sometimes if your paper is crinkled the scanning app will pick up on that and it creates shadows.
- the colors will show up brighter and more opaque but i dont really think of that as a super huge con haha.
- i wish there was a "college ruled" notebook since the spacing on the lined paper is wide but thats just a personal preference!
SO YEAH I REALLY RECOMMEND @whitelinespaper !!! If you have the money i suggest you get some of their products ❤️
also i did the handwriting tag since i was tagged by numerous people!

Good morning 💗

my 100th post!! tbh i'm so glad i found this community bc you all motivate me so much and i'm so happy to see everyone doing well and being productive, it makes me want to be productive too 💕 everyone here is so supportive of one another i love it 😊

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Our ZIP STAINLESS™ wheel is guaranteed not to contaminate stainless steel! 👌 #WalterSurfTech #OnlyTheBest

Refine your skills. Read books. Buy info products and integrate them. ⠀

Read more about motivation: http://mattgallant.tv/motivation-just-bad-drug/

Happy Memorial Day Millenefits family! Have an amazing day with loved ones, and remember the true meaning of this day: to remember our fallen, brave veterans 🇺🇸

!Major key!

Don't let fear rip you off!💰

There's a time and place for serenity. Right outside my office there's a park where I can take a quick stroll and clear my head. There's something about nature that calms us... How do you recharge? My latest book, The Mindset of a Gentleman (via Amazon) is a guide to help you focus and stay on pace to reach your goals. For great discussions and conversations, tune in to the podcast. #podcast #podcasts #interview #network #podcasting #tunein #dappermen #nature #motivation #productivity #tips #gentleman #podcastshow #talkradio #internetradio #personaldevelopment #author

My weekend before the pen. It totally didn't go as planned but I love the rainbow!

These full box Gnome sheets from Plantasia PrintShop are a May exclusive and go away Wednesday, so don't miss out!

170529 // I'm not sure about this post but I really love my tombows. Happy Memorial Day to those in the US!

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If you are happy in a dream...
Does that count?
That happiness...
Does that count?

All that matters in this duniya (which is a dream) is our good amaals. Any melancholy or trouble should take us nearer to Him.❤

Getting closer to the showtime. It's only going to get uglier before its glamour. At this point, I don't tell myself to "Do what I can"...rather I push myself to "Do the BEST damned self that I possibly can!" As always, timing is everything. My work and my family has deadlines that don't compensate for my own goal. My focus is to get done...whatever needs to get done. My formula is... Time + Efficiency = Productivity. Simple right? #almostshowtime #5weeksout #notsoglamorous #thebestisyettocome #crushinggoals #worklifefamilybalance #time #efficient #productivity #npcathlete #bikini #scrawnylittlebeast #workingonmymasterpiece #mssymmetry

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Tuna salad and a jump start on the work week at my new favorite Montreal coffee shop. 👩‍💻☕️
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"Someday" is not a day of the week!! I am so guilty of putting the "pro" in procrastination!! There's so many things on my "Someday" list that are floating, lonely, and need some serious attention. Maybe you can relate? It's so much easier though, to just leave them tucked away because "out of sight, out of mind"! So far it's not been a very productive strategy. I've come to realize that the only way they're going to get accomplished is if I assign them to my calendar on a specific day and commit. A little bit at a time goes a long way, so today, friends... let's break out the "Someday" List and give it some glory!! (Or maybe just hang out and enjoy the beautiful weather 🤷🏻‍♀️??!! That's productive too, right?! 😉😉 • #someday #mondaymotivation #todo #productivity #procrastination #insurance #brokerage #entrepreneur #momlife #calendar

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