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3 Kings 👑
Hemos acabado el show de Mendoza y salimos directos hacia Córdoba en el bus de la gira 🚎
En las stories he publicado un pequeño vídeo 🎬 por si quieres verlo
Vamos a estar varias horas sin conexión a internet y eso, para nosotros, es no-good-fuck-my-ass 😣
Aquí andamos aprovechando los últimos minutos de adicción. Yo ando gestionando un masaje, no te digo más 🤘

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If it sounds right, it IS right

Pama Studios, Sweden. 🇸🇪

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The Abbey Road TG12345 Mk IV from Studio 2 just sold at auction for $1.8million, most expensive console ever? I'm hoping to see this console when it makes it to LA #watchthisspace

Experimenting with 3 synths stacked Moog / DSI / Roland. Thanks for watching!


I'm extremely humble majority of the time but today I want you to stop what u doing and take a really good look at my life and ALL that I am now, and tell me how I'm not a king or a rockstar. 🏆 CATCH TF UP. #WavyCrew #producerlife #grindmode

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Tonight is opening night of my final @kingstheatricalsociety production and I'm so excited!

#producerlife #theatre #coloursinthedark #studenttheatre

Tonight is opening night of my final @kingstheatricalsociety production and I'm so excited!

#producerlife #theatre #coloursinthedark #studenttheatre

Pics from the latest photoshoot... :D Batch 1..
Credit Andy Porter
#pianist #keyboardplayer #photoshoot #vinyl #funtimes

Lease / Exclusive Beats www.JuneSeasonz.Com

You will be lied on, you will be made out to be somethin you're not. They will swear they know you. They swear they know what you got goin. But guess what... the ones talkin ain't tour'd the country before (did it twice), or got REAL gold around they neck and wrist (did it twice) 🤷🏿‍♂️CATCH TF UP #DudeWhereIsYourCar #soundcloud #producerlife #grindmode #WavyCrew

"A one way flight to Los Angeles, please"

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