The two look so glamorous!

Do you shipp jinhwi? -M

Lai Kuanlin is such a beauty!

Do you know this beautiful boy?

Look at my squishy bunny 😭💓 -M

babies :((( -M

Jihoon's just amazing ugh :( -M

Don't you love 😩 -M

I love that Kuanlin is bigger than Jihoon! That is so cute! -M

Who is your Wanna one bias?
Mine is Jihoon 💗 -M


By The way He is my First bias, and Guanlin my second bias! But I love both the same!!😘😍❤️ -S🌸

I have also 2 Bias Wrecker.
Jaehwan! And.......? -S🌸

.....And Sungwoon😍
I love this Picture! -S🌸

He Look so good on this Picture!!😍😍 -S🌸

@sweet._alien💕 -S🌸

is typing... -M

The cutest babybu 💘 -M

I must appreciate Kuanlins cute dimple 😩 -M

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