Я подписана всего на 2 инстамамы, одна из которых @elenagord 💗
Уже около года я слежу, начиная с беременности) потому что разница между нашими девчонками всего 2 недели☺️
Для меня она просто какая-то диснеевская принцесса💫
Поэтому выражаю свою благодарность за ежедневную полезность и бесконечную позитивность в портрете😋✨
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"The sea waves are my evening gown,
And the sun on my head is my crown.
I made this queendom on my own,
And all the mountains are my throne."
- @auroramusic

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I picked up my iPad and started playing with ProCreate and fell in love with it. I’ve been unsure of how to post it because even though this is my all over art page, I feel like it’s been mainly for wood art and painting. My style has been changing rapidly- as you can see. I’m sorry for the confusion and twists and turns this page has taken, but if you’re an artist you’ll understand!!! This is a cactus from the Arizona sticker sheet I’m creating. He’s so cute!!! #procreate #procreateart #cactus #digitalart #digitalpainting #procreatedesign #ipadart #ipaddesign

Process of Lips for “Circus of Dreams” project💋
3 out of 9 illustrations are 100% completed and I honestly can’t wait to share them!🤐
App: @procreate
Stylus: @apple pencil
Tablet: iPadPro

111/365 @queen_umba 🎨💕

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