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Jimmy and I enjoying a ride. #feurtography #procigar2018 #procigar #destination Photographer

Full House! Remembering a fantastic day during the @procigar_rd festival 2018!

El tabaco corre por nuestras venas 🍃🍂
Mi padre, mi mentor, mi inspiración ❤️

Un recuerdo fotográfico de la visita a nuestra fábrica en el marco de Procigar Festival 2018.
A photographic souvenir of the visit to our factory in the framework of Procigar Festival 2018.
#LaAuroraCigars #Procigar

Wishing a happy heavenly birthday to Avo Uvezian. (March 22, 1926 - March 24, 2017). Avo was an amazing guy. I had the good fortune of spending almost a decade of birthday parties with him in New York, launching his annual limited edition cigars with friends and customers year after year. We enjoyed chatting about cigars of course, but most of our time was spent talking music. Avo was a Juilliard alum, and i a Berklee alum. Our mutual affection for jazz, performing arts, and of course premium cigars was indeed a unique bond. This photograph was taken at Avo’s 83rd birthday party in 2009, launching the limited edition Compañeros.

Just blend in #procigar

The Band at the #ProCigar B&W dance was excellent #procigarfestival2018 #destinationphotographer #feurtography

It’s snowing outside, but it’s warm inside. Today we enjoy products differently than in years past, with less “product loyalty” and more product discretion. Our mood, time and place all lead us to the right thing for the right moment. With cigars, there is a general theme of enjoying milder cigars earlier in the day and stronger, fuller-bodied cigars later in the day and evening. But personally, I find myself doing the opposite more and more. I enjoy fuller, richer blends earlier, and I prefer mellower, creamy and more elegant cigars later. Anyone else?? . . . . . . . . .
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The process. Mild tobaccos plus strong tobaccos do not equal medium. Opposites don’t attract, rather they fight. It’s important to incorporate tobaccos from all positions on the plant for balanced strength and flavor. A cigar using a disproportionate amount of LIGERO tobacco, will not be as strong as you think, because the tobacco won’t burn properly by itself. LIGERO needs visos and secos for combustion, nuance and aroma. These lower positioned, thinner and milder tobaccos provide a “platform” (via their smoke) for the strength and richness of the ligero to be delivered to the palate.

Great food. Great wine. Great cigars. Great friends. What could be better!?! Catching up with @itsboofybaby
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