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Last year this time at Lightning in a Bottle.
Last Supper Club.
I can promise it will be even better this year.

Even when she was little, Moana of Motiunui LOVED the ocean 💙 -Today, momma has strep so a new Moana book, Moana movie, small world play activity set and some naps are all we require😷 #Kidartlit #smallworld. • @kidartlit @make_it_your_own_
• Found this very cool water effect online - pictured is shown with food coloring Epsom salt. 2C Epsom salt, 1 T Vinegar, and a few drops food coloring!! It really sparkles like the sea. @disney @disneystore @disney

Here another throwback. This was a work in progress that inevitably became something quite different in the end but this was an interesting progress shot. At this stage in my career, I see works as having the potential to be endless. Maybe I will get a chance to create a piece that I will be able to work on for the rest of my life.

Kinley and I spent the day strawberry picking but we still had time for an evening print project or two! @blastasticday got me all amped up for fireworks last night so I decided to try and make some of our own. We combined our last @get.creative.with print project with our first #steamkidschallenge patriotic project and came up with spider mum firework prints 😁😍 Totally blastastic, right?! My Mother's Day bouquet was getting all wilty anyway, might as well get some gorgeous stamps out of it 😁🙌🏼 Make sure you tag your last printy projects with #getcreativewith because I don't wanna miss a single one and tomorrow is the big day when I have to narrow down all that awesome into one small grid...wish me luck you super incredibly creative friends of mine! 😘😘

Happy a Sunday! Had the best time away at a beautiful wedding in Sonoma wine country kids-free! (Our first time away alone over 4 years). Hope you're all having a great weekend! 💖 P.S. last day to enter our Piggie & Elephant giveaway (3 posts back). P.P.S. search site archive for our DIY Pom Pom rug) 💕💛💚

m a k e. c r e a t e. c h i l l.
This little lady set herself up to paint stars during her play time. I'm working inside on the computer and she's working on the deck behind me. She grabbed some bits and bobs from our indoor art cabinet, some paint and other materials outside, and got down to business. Love this down time before the big kids arrive home! .
#theworkspace #raisingcreativekids

As it so often happens while making my own art, my daughter and her friend wanted to jump in when they saw how much fun I was having. How could I resist their enthusiasm, questions, and delight?
I handed over my supplies, gave them some gentle suggestions and a few tips, and they were off! Painting and spraying. Dripping paint down the walls. Splattering. Inventing. Paint experiments. Joy. Unbridled enthusiasm. Process over product.
People often ask me what open-ended art experiences look like for older children and this is it right here. "I don't care how the painting turns out, I'm just having so much fun."
Inspired by the wildly creative, brave, and intuitive painter, @florabowley If you love this kind of making, her gorgeous book is a must-read! 💕🎉


Monoprinting - 3 out of a big pile of artwork my kids made. This activity is a process over product with my kids but we have plenty of colorful paper to chop up later 😁

#printing #monoprinting #kidsartwork #childrensart #processart #processoverproduct #creativekids #activitiesforkids #paint #print #getcreativewith
#kreatywnedzieci #odbitki #sztukamalucha

Pokemon and rainbow rice! That should keep him busy for a while 😉

Kūrybiniai darbai su spalvotu smėliu kitaip! Susidraugavo su PONU LIPALU! #pazadukas #košėmakalošė #minidarzelis #kidsactivity #toodlers #toodleractivity #kids #painting #processart #kaunas #daile #menas

Dripping Colours experiment. The run lines happened nicely with this one, I think...
#abstractpainting, #abstractart, #art #painting, #processart, #processartist, #perpetualism, #perpetualist, #worksonpaper, #evahesseinspiredme, #evahesse, #greatartist.

Spring is here and the flowers had been inspire us. Endless options to explore and create #ProcessArt

My Frida inspired whimsical Journal cover girl/demo for today's art mentoring sesh.
Keep an ear out for 'Paint n Stitch Journal Making' workshops! 😊👍👊💚💛💜🎨 #canvascreations #artmentoring #handmade #artjournals #processart #artsessions #sewing #stitched #paintday #lovewhatido #workshops #artteaching #sacredworks #fridaart #fridainspired #creatingpower #tanyacoleartsdotcom

Getting ready for tomorrow's mandala rock painting workshop for some of the staff at UABs Center for Psychiatric Medicine. It's so worth painting into the midnight hour. ❤️ #uabartsinmedicine #uabcpm #alysstephenscenter #processart #mandala #dotpainting

Burning off the release agent before I close this mold up. Can't wait to see what it will look like in bronze! 🔨

Most of our art sessions here at Li'l Crafters end up involving hand print painting in one way or another....it's not always in the 'program ' but absolutely always welcomed!!!! I'm loving the addition on this li'l crafters work 🖐💚 it's perfect!
#handprintart #golfballpainting #processart #artforkids #childledart #artclass #creativekids #

Golf ball painting is not only awesome fun but also a great way to start learning how to work together in groups, collaborating, problem solving, coordinating their movements and taking control and ownership of the art while the grown ups stand back and get outta the way!😂 #golfballpainting #movementart #processart #artforkids #paintingideasforkids #messyfun #creativekids #kidsworkingtogether #innerwestkids #artclass #fun

Vegetable prints 🌽 turned finger painting #artsandcrafts

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