Be careful w/ me 🧘🏾‍♀️ I can be fragile 🌻

Warm welcome to our newest vehicle. Arrived just in time to be in the 4th of July parade with us. 🇺🇸 Happy Bday America
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My crazy little Christa and Danielle... 😫😫😫😌 ... I love y'all and I'm so proud of your work ethic and commitment to your goals. Y'all ain't come to play no games💯💯💯💯... 😍😍 #FocusOnYourFocus #CarryOnPrettyGirlCarryOn #BlessedLifeDopeExistence #DDT #DoDopeThings #ProceedWithPurpose #GoalDiggersDreamBigger #ItsJustDifferent #TeamNoExcuses #ImHereForIt #ImDownForWhatever @__christab_ @_this_womans_work

#grateful, this pic, our family and our 31 years owe so much to Richard and Mildred. Imagine, 51 years ago we would have been illegal.
June 12, 1967 #Lovingday
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One of the greatest joys of being an educator is getting to bear witness to amazing individuals growing from adolescence to adulthood. Tre Stephen’s was and is like a brother to me, someone I trust absolutely. Someone who’s character is as strong and compelling as anyone I’ve ever met. Getting to watch him marry a beautiful and deeply warm-hearted young lady was a special moment in my life that I was honored to share with them recently. I wish upon these two the world at their fingertips, peace in their hearts, and always passion in their path in life. #proceedwithpurpose

On the Ferris wheel of life, sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. But all the while we feel the breeze through our hair, and see the twinkling lights, always distracting us from the precarious nature of our existence.
I was informed yesterday that my position @osuit has been “retired”, as they are closing the Photography Program @osuitviscom .
While I wonder where life will take me in the coming months and years, I must say though that my first thoughts are not of money, or my own position and security, but the prosperity of my students, of the amazing and inspiring people I have met down here in Mugtown. Getting to work alongside such an outstanding individual like @nathanharmon , forming friendships with such a diverse group of photographers. #proceedwithpurpose

BAPTIZED 4/19/14- awesome day, beautiful memory.
My Spiritual birthday! #godisgood #lovegodlovepeople #spreadlove #positiveispossible #proceedwithpurpose #blessings #i.am.ams #ilovemychurchicc

I’ve had a pinched nerve in my right shoulder for a while now and have not been able to do much yoga. Tonight I pushed myself a bit in the gym and really realized the extent of the situation. My right scapula levator and a couple other associated muscles had completely atrophied. Trying to do a basic sun salutation and realizing the needed muscles simply aren’t there was wild. How quickly the human body can change. Time to rehab and regain balance. #proceedwithpurpose

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