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Thought maybe some of y'all are thinking of becoming crawmoms/pops so I'll start posting some care tips! Since Manolo molted again today, here are some molting care tips!
1. They tend to become recluse and less energetic before they molt. But note this could also be a sign of poor water conditions.
2. The telltale sign for me is he stops eating the night before and his head looks loose!
3. Keep the molt in there! They eat it to help their new shell.
4. Don't fret if your cray loses a limb or antenna. They can grow it back! My boi's just growing back the antenna he lost.
5. They will feel vulnerable after a molt (I mean who wouldn't be if you're that transparent and squidgy) so try not to stress them out. I personally keep his lights off for a couple days.
That's all I can think of for now. Happy cray parenting!
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