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Любимая кафедра PR♥️😌
#prlove #khv27 #хрустальныйапельсин #pr 😅

Каждый под этим словом понимает свое-
Для кого-то это человек/город/место/музыка/книга
Для меня же- это два прекрасных слова Public relations #PR
Люблю за команду, которую PR подарил❤
Люблю за семью, которая сформировалась❤
Люблю за друзей, новых и старых❤
Люблю за проекты, возможности, опыт❤
Люблю за то, что PR- часть моей жизни💕
#PRlove #идунаPR

Tbt to being super candid on the beach 😏 #prlove


To continue on our #Summer2017 Campaign, our creative director Eric was among 10 lucky students who got to attend an all day PR boot camp held by AMP3 PR. He learned fashion PR skills and tactics used in the industry and got some great advice from industry professionals. #fitprssa #prlove

She prepared me to compete for Miss DC USA and now she is preparing me for Miss USA 👑 GAME ON! @_michelleaguirre @julesmeyerpr
#PRLove 💜 #MissDCUSA #MissUSA #RoadToMissUSA

I don't think you guys understand the joy I have for the fact that the universe made it possible for us to be friends!!! I love this girl to the moon and back!! I know many may have been surprised to not see her standing in my bridal party and honestly I wanted her to do so. However I also didn't want to get in her way of being great. I know that sounds strange but @deshaunabarber is a remarkable woman and even after her reign as Miss USA she has not stopped paving the way for others and keeps touching others hearts with her encouraging words. I simply didn't want to get in her way (not taking anything away from the 8 women that did stand by me because they are all remarkable too post, about them coming soon). When I heard the announcement that Teen USA was the same day as my wedding I almost cried standing there in the middle of TJ Maxx lol. That meant many of my friends would be in Phoenix to watch, as well as D. I quickly text her and asked if she was able to come still and she said YES! My heart was at ease, I needed my twin there on my big day. Even if she did go to Teen USA I would have completely understood. Thank you twin for making my big day even more special. I really don't think you understand how thankful I am for you and our friendship. And think it all started with a dress. PS so y'all don't get it twisted ... that's my girl #twin #KSandDC #PRlove

A huge heartfelt congratulations to @realjasminej Jasmine Jones, the new Miss District of Columbia USA 2016! What a magical journey this has been and to have both @missusa Deshauna Barber and @missdcteenusa Dylan Murphy there to be a part of it all, couldn't have been more perfect. Over the moon happy for this beautiful soul! #prpageantcoaches #PRLove #MissDCUSA 👑💗

We are fierce and ready to take on the world which we will one day run! Kenz there is no one I would rather have by my side, during this crazy journey we are about to embark on! #workwife #agency #prlove #olivet #lifeatolivet


¡De esos días ricos pa' refrescarse! #fajardo #pr #prlove

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IINISIKIMM LANTERN WORKSHOP // Be a part of Iinisikimm, celebrating the return of the buffalo to Banff National Park!
. . .
Join us tomorrow in the bison courtyard from 4PM-7PM for an afternoon of lantern making with this free workshop. All materials are supplied and the finished lanterns will be used for the Iiniskimm Buffalo Lantern Pageant being developed at Camp Chief Hector Wednesday, August 23rd, for performance at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (and then Morley & Calgary).

Muy feliz y agradecida y con un gran equipo para trabajar! #prlove #lovemyjob

Es un placer para mi formar parte de este equipo como Directora General y poder incorporar mis clientes también! Gracias 🙏🏼 #lovemyjob #prlove

Add #podcast host to my bio! It's launched!

The Purpose Academy Podcast is where I share my best free info for Creatives to make Impact + Income. I'm focusing on digital content, sales funnels, and business.

It's on iTunes and my website! Check bit.ly/papodcast to go right to it in iTunes and hit Subscribe! The first 4 episodes are up and I'll be recording a new episode every Wednesday live in The Content Crew!

Link's in bio ✅

"If people aren't laughing at your goals, your goals are too small" -Azim Premji •
Happy Monday!
Cheers to a work week of inspiration, dedication, positivity, and doing what you love!
What do you want to accomplish this week? ❤️😊

📸: @gloss_by_jaci_ruben

👉🏽 Before you doubted yourself? You had purpose.⠀
👉🏽 Before you allowed their opinion to matter more than God's? You had purpose.⠀
👉🏽 Before you spoke death over your calling and anointing? You had purpose.⠀
🎯 Don't you let anyone take from you what they couldn't give to you. Your purpose comes from God and that's that.

Thanks @dureecopr for the great #NationalBowlingDay shout out on your page yesterday! 🎳

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Lets take it back.... to the day we met the designer behind these gorgeous tailored made leather bags @cofileathers ♡ This week our pres, @tiagreene1 will be highlighting the creative soul behind this lux brand on #WomenprenuerWednesday along with sharing an exclusive deal with you ♡ if you are dreaming of adding one of these beauties to your home, make sure you like their page, @cofileathers and stay tuned with @tiagreene1 to use her code ♡ #DesignerLove #cofistyle #LiebeEs #FallInLiebewithCofi #Clutches #AgencyLife #Boutiques #Trends #Hamptons #Denver #Vegas #StyleSaturdays #PRLove #ItsALifestyle

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