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πŸ‘­ make me ☺️, when β›ˆ are 🌫

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My post IPL treatment @priveaesthetics face. By far the most luxurious IPL treatment I've ever had, the treatment started with a thorough cleanse of my face, followed by IPL over my whole face, and for the cherry on top - a whitening mask complete with back and shoulder massage to end. Bliss! πŸ’† Bye bye pores and pigments!! #priveaesthetics #bridetobe #gettingmyfacereadyforthewedding

So pleased with how even and bright my skin tone is getting thanks to the @priveaesthetics IPL facial I've been doing for the past 4 months - it's even lightened my sunspots and I hardly have to use concealer anymore! 😌✨😌✨

Team #prive warming up with Korean ginseng soup #Seoul #priveaesthetics #goodlife

I think I can be addicted to this Exilis elite treatment. Even my makeup artist notices my slimmer face. :) Thank you ladies of @priveaesthetics #priveaesthetics

The ever charming @drkarensoh stopped by the studios tonight and we had a very different chat! She's President of the Association of Women Doctor's (Singapore) and she clued me into the various training programmes (local & regional) that our young medical students undergo. From missions abroad providing medical care to being a part of mass health-screening efforts here; it was enlightening to discover how Medical Schools are encouraging the "soft" skills of communication, duty and empathy. If you want to show support - the AWDS organised charity premiere screening of #PeanutsMovie2015 is taking place Thur 10 Dec, 7pm at GV Vivo. You can purchase tickets and show support through the website http://www.awds.org.sg or emailing comms@priveaesthetics@com #bodyandsoul938LIVE #priveaesthetics

Sneak Peek!! Dr Karen Soh with Pin Prestige. Follow us to get full story on Pin Prestige -July Issue #pinprestige #priveaesthetics #priveclinic

Work. Work. Work.


β€œYes, uh huh, yep” … πŸ’­ You need a #browlift πŸ’­

Loving the #snapback!!

Be comfortable πŸ‘ Be beautiful πŸ‘ Be you πŸ™Œ

You only have one you … ❀️you, take care of you, and upgrade you. πŸ˜‰

Party too hard? Let us know.. we will dr your #hangover!

Work. Work. Work.

Little #humpday pick me up!

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Hydration is your friend. Make sure you are staying #hydrated in this #Texas heat!!

#Thankful πŸ™Œ #Grateful πŸ‘ #Blessed πŸ™

Wake up and feel gorgeous! πŸ’πŸΌπŸ‘‘

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Learn to love yourself. You are unique. 😘

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