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Will you give up on what’s precious to you, what’s really worth it? Or will you keep pushing forward and take hold of your dream?
It’s okay to feel discouraged and dissuaded at times. You’re only human. But it’s not okay to give up. No matter how slow you go, you have to keep going. That’s how you get there. It’s just one small step at a time. That’s all. Just don’t stop. Keep pushing forward! 👉👉Double TAP if you agree. 👉TAG someone who you think could benefit from this. 🔥Click link in bio. 👁‍🗨Visit blog: aspire2retire.net

UNC's Luke Maye hit the game winning shot to send the Tar Heels to the Final 4 then showed up to his 8AM class this morning. #StudentAthlete #Leader #Priorities #expandroutine

My ideal bodyweight, is yours on mine.⚡️

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Make money until the pain of being broke fades completely!

April is a tough part of the semester as I teach - grading ramps up a ton, we meet with all our groups for 2 hours a piece, we get tired, and we enter this weird space in higher ed where we have to make sure we wrap up the term strong *AND lay down groundwork for the summer (where we pretend we will get stuff done but actually don't). In the chaos I must anchor in this as I periodically lose my shit 😂 how do you remind yourself of the purpose of it all? ✒ pentel sign brush pen #jchungwrites
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We did middle leprechaun and constrictnine this weekend. Now we're heading to SLC for one last attempt to fix the furnace. I hope you all got into something fun this weekend. #recreatedaily #choosefun #priorities #canyoneering

Cruising sounds good RIGHT ab now... #cant #priorities


Don't let nobody have you in your feelings..they SHOW you how they feel about you. Pay attention. #onpoint #thatpart #priorities #letitgo #keepitclassy #itiswhatitis #actions #staywoke #first #maturity

My brother @dsmmaster2003 and his amazing wife @danicupcake_h are posting pictures of their beautiful newborn son and I'm over here posting pictures of my goofy dog who's trying to fit behind the trash bin. 😂 #priorities Congrats James and Danielle, hope Gavin grows up bigger, stronger and smarter than my son Sailor!

Por qué es que siempre tengo motivación para estar aquí a diario y hacer mis ejercicios? Tu pensarás, como ella tiene esa energía haya un domingo? Será pasión?
Pues te voy a decir cómo. Yo lo ofrezco, yo decido que quiero darte motivación y al hacerlo yo la recibo inmediatamente. Es el universo, que te devuelve lo que tú ofreces. Si quieres motivación ofrécela tu primer, si quieres dinero, da dinero, si quieres salud ayuda otro a tener salud 😉
Hoy da y mañana recibirás 🤗☀️
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skipped class for margarita monday #priorities

I've been doing some reading lately about vulnerability and it's got me thinking.... 🤔

Putting myself out there was always scary for me. I've always had a fear of rejection, what others would say, think, judge, etc.

I noticed that after years of thinking this way I was holding myself back from so many new and positive experiences. One of them, being coaching. Letting go of fear, so that I can help others on their journey towards health and fitness has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Progress doesn't come from staying in your comfort zone. Push yourself to be better, even if it means exposing yourself to the chance of judgement or rejection. What matters, at the end of the day, is how YOU feel about what you are doing. I'd rather people judge me and be authentic than faking happiness when I'm really not 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Boasting the best ice cream in all of Cuba, the Coppelia Plaza was commissioned by Fidel Castro as one of the first orders of business after the Revolution 🍦 #priorities #🇨🇺 #cuba2017

Clearly not dealing with the fact that I have a mid-trimester exam tomorrow 😅 besides I have a @struddys_apparel order to place and a Trial Game to prepare for.. #priorities @adam_berardi @griffithdragonsrlc

Our member @jumpforjoy4089 totally gets it! In her IG stories today she took a quick moment to tell her friends about her goal setting and plan for the week... and it was #priorities to get her Chiropractic adjustment! Your health is our priority too Joy, can't wait to see you in the office soon!!! #goals #healthisachoice #chiropractic #wellness

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