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Drew this all night instead of studying for finals 😁👍🏼 #priorities

I feel like Sri Lanka is helping me remember where my priorities lie ... I’ve been going to this beach each morning to get photos but have (unsurprisingly) enjoyed more just flowing to get my body warmed up. Flowing with the sound of the waves and the wind. “Forget the photos, just flow” .
By the way: This includes how I get into the forward fold I posted a few days ago (HINT: it’s tough to find the right distance between the hands and feet the first few times, where you can hold yourself up. So try from different starting points as I’ve shown here) . .
I’m teaching Accessing Advanced Asanas as part of the 200hr TTC with @sankhyayoga in April! Join in with me and learn the fundamentals that build a strong practice . .
#beachyoga #yogavideo #yoganastics

The line is atleast 40 people long, but donuts come before lunch always when you go to #dickensofachristmas in Franklin. #priorities

If you think I’m not wearing my snow boots until every last sign of snow is gone, you’re wrong! These boots give me major heart eyes and I only get to wear them once a year. When @jeffdauler told me to carefully get home ASAP yesterday, I mayyyyy have popped by our storage unit to get them out of storage on my way home. 🙊😍 #priorities #dontkillmyvibe #goawaysun

Baby it’s warm inside! Enjoying this Saturday snuggled up on the couch with my favorite men watching Christmas movies! Wishing you all the best day 💗 #FamilyTime #Priorities Shop today’s look here -> http://liketk.it/2tN6J #liketkit @liketoknow.it #RHOD

Boston. Is. Amazing. I love everything about performing in this city - the comics, the audiences, the clubs, they’re are all incredible. Thank you @improvboston you guys are awesome, the @riottheatre - I don’t think I’ve ever seen more comics in desperate need of an uber pool before I hope you all made it home ok, @ll_comedyclub, @giamdaddy and Dan Kelly for having me on their podcast and Alex for throwing me a spot at High Performance and ImprovBoston again for putting me on their Last Laugh show.

I’ve got one more tomorrow night (sun the 10th) at the Somerville Brewery called Liquid Courage Comedy. Then I head back to Jersey. I enjoyed it all and I can’t wait to come back.

My family❤️ 2017 has been both wonderful and really tough. We lost loved ones, my daughter had spine surgery, I changed jobs, started a new business, added new animals to our family. ❤️
When you work 4 jobs, have children, a husband, and 5 animals to care for it can become difficult to make time for yourself. I went from running daily and lifting weights 3-4 days a week, to drinking wine nightly, and gaining weight. I was unhappy with my body and my energy levels were horrible.
Those of you who are in the industry understand that giving your energy to clients can sometimes leave you feeling empty and depleted. We need to take care of ourselves first.
I had to take a step back and realize that all of it can wait. The one priority in my life is in this photo. It does not matter how many followers you have, or how hard you work if you are not putting yourself and those you ❤️ first.
#sundayvibes #personalgrowth #familyfirst #december #holidayphotos #soulsimagephotography #thebeautyinjector #priorities #scottsdale #troonnorth #sonorandesert #az #beautyblogger #lovemylife #blessed #inspired


Nutty #chocolatechip #cookies! I had an hour from the time I got home until the @outlander_starz season finale and I got these baked and my sugar cookie dough made so it can chill overnight. Now to watch the show! #baking #cookies #priorities

@maddy.cob ,and @tcoble0528 killing some dove down in San Diego #goals #priorities #doggogetter #jager

You can dress ‘em up but you can’t take ‘em out. Happy to report that it’s officially Christmas party season. 🙈 #priorities #happyholidays

The only way to achieve your goal.

Get your priorities. It may be simple for some but difficult for others. No matter what make it your priority to get your priorities straight.

#priorities #ambition #motivation #motivated #dedication #dedicated #hustle #grind #knowledge #entrepreneur #business #humble @priorities_apparel

All lat shit comes before me , i gotchu baby girl 💯💯🙏🏽 #priorities

After being trapped in bed for the last 2 nights with a GI bug, whats the 1st thing I do? Wash my girl. #Priorities #honda #hondarebel500 #motorcycle

The last couple of weeks have been nonstop work every day including weekends. I’m super grateful to be busy and reap the rewards of hard work but sometimes you must allow yourself to unplug and recharge. I was able to do that this weekend although still snuck a few calls and emails in 🙈 ... spending as much time with my family this weekend and my little girls-who are growing up at such a crazy fast speed-was incredible. I will never apologize for putting my family first ❤️ they are my why and the reason I work as hard as I do...
#soincrediblyhappy #thankful #girlboss #workhard #unplug #recharged #workingmom #workingwife #priorities #healthymindset #readytoslaytheweek

Well I've got a date with my food and healing textbook but I definitely thought it was more important to upload this selfie Rn #Priorities am I right💁#Procrastination #selfie #brunette #me


Some people ask me why I share my faith with my business and on my platform.
Babbbbyyyyy if only you knew where JESUS brought me from!!! You would give God the glory and praise too!

Don't call on Him and praise Him only when things are going wrong and you need some help! Praise Him and give thanks when things are going right too!

#priorities Roller coasters and Christmas lights are no match for bundled up naps.
#tiredboys #hersheypark #hersheyparkhappy #snow #christmaslights #familytravel #threekidsandacar

My plan for the Christmas break. #priorities

Nesting on this fine Sunday afternoon in December, post photo shoot with the amazingly talented @micaelamalmi_photography. 🍁☕️🍪 Featuring a vanilla almond milk latte, toasted pecan cookies (gluten-free + Paleo friendly!☝🏻), candles and a 🔥. The perfect day!

If you're a soon to be mom, and been wanting to capture your baby's movements inside your belly like I do, it really wouldn't matter that this angle was not too flattering for your ever growing bump, and that you were wearing your very comfy pambahay shirt na may butas! 😂😂 because filming baby kicks are #priorities.👶 #babykicks #babyramen #31weekspreggo #preggobelly #imgrowingahuman

Status is NOT everything!
Oh the life of non-revenue travel, but I wouldn’t do it any other way. First time checking a bag in 9-years of non-rev travel all to bring back some of my new fond adult beverages. 😂 #Priorities
Let the adventure never end.
#Travel #NonRevLife #StandBy #Tumi

#YoureNotThatImportant #Priorities #DedicatedDad #GetItRight #TheyAreWatchingYou #GetOutYourFeelings Don’t tell her or him who they better not have around your kids if you aren’t even around. #ImTryinToHelpSomebody #Parenting101

Stop wasting your money on the same over priced shoes made cheat overseas and start investing your money in things that will improve your financial life... #business #priorities #wealth

Believe me, I'd rather be binge watching the 2nd season of The Crown, but I want to build my future even more. What have you done today to make a difference for tomorrow?
#timeisvaluable #priorities #sacrifices

The ONLY box I am happy to see this AM 🍩🍩🍩 bc #priorities... #stillunpacking #boxesfordays #ineedamanicurenow

I never imagined myself owning a mini van.. the sacrifices we make in life..

We came out of some heavy inversion into a perfect sunny day 😍

Fun sandbar and beautiful conditions the other day! Mahalo to braddah @alohalexx for the shots! 🤙🏽☀️🌊🏝️ #boogiefever #alldayerrday #priorities #botodragger4life #cheeee #monksealpower #waves #Hawaii

Sunday’s have always been about God and family.... Miss you always Grandaddy (known to others as Rev. Moore) #barNUNN

Sunday meal prep FTW. 🙌🏼 Prepped hubby’s and my dinners yesterday and now got my breakfast and snacks for the week done this morning. I usually am home with the kids during lunch time, so I don’t prep that and can switch it up each day just so I am not having the same 3 meals everyday. Honestly that is an excuse I hear a lot of people use when it comes to their nutrition (or lack thereof) - that they don’t want to eat the same thing all the time. And I mean, I don’t prefer to eat the same thing all the time either, BUT if it comes down to eating the same pre-prepped meals each day or not eating because I’m too tired to make myself something after tending to the kids, house, appointments, errands, etc/or making poor food choices for the same reason, I’m going to choose the same pre-prepped meals for the week 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s easy and then I know I’m staying on track with my nutrition. Sometimes I have more time and get creative and give myself more choices for my prepped meals, but during this time of the year, that’s not the case - The holidays are such a crazy time of year! #Discipline #NotWishingForItWorkingForIt #MealPrep #SundayMealPrep #NutritionOnPoint #WisconsinMom #StrongMoms #MommyOf5 #AngelMommy #MommyOf4 #Priorities #EatWholeFoods #CleanEating #GirlsWhoLift #PrepGameStrong #TheseAreAFewOfMyFavoriteThings

Carwash $10... Power steering fluid $5
Looks good but sounds like schitt... Hmmm

We got to get out of that poverty mindset and put priorities first. Doing the same thing expecting different results is called insanity. Contact me so I can help give you financial freedom. #creditrepair #repaircredit #ifixcredit #financialfreedom #goodcredit #lowinterestrates #results #priorities #letmehelp #contactme #thecreditrepaircounselor

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