There’s nothing quite like this moment! So much joy! ❤️ #Repost @sisterbirth
Ok this is one of my new favorites! The relief and joy on their faces just GETS me. So much feeling in the room at this moment.
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We have all heard about believing in ourselves which requires a a mindset about ourselves. How about starting with just believing ourselves?

In birth we can often feel others know better and whilst there is fantastic medical knowledge & expertise around us, we also know & can listen to ourselves. Trusting our own judgement & intuition and feeling that we can express this is so important in feeling empowered through birth.
When we are dealing with clinicians we can sometimes feel they know best but believing our own judgement is incredibly important. We know ourselves and experiences ourselves from the inside so bring great insight to situations where we may need support. There were great posts this week on the @birthbetter Site about the importance of listening to women.
I was reminded of this recently when I had a painful foot, the doctor insisted it was a verruca whilst I had a sense it was a splinter though nothing could be seen. Preserving it transpired it was a splinter and the pain was infection.
I know that’s not giving birth but it highlighted for me the importance of believing my own judgement without discounting advice.
Have you had an experience where you had an intuition about your body?

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✨Honor BIRTH
What is so special about this and the way I support birthing families, you might wonder?
I’ve had the pleasure of birthing all of my 5 children on my own and from it, have gained a conviction-filled, heart-led approach to my privileges as a birth worker.
Having attended @whapio_and_thematrona physiological doula course earlier this year enabled me to put my deeply embedded knowledge into “medical speak”.•
I know that homebirth isn’t for everyone but you know what?
We aren’t here as a species because hospitals were managing/processing births since the beginning of time. •
We are here because birthing women and the few men who truly honor and respect the sacred space and physiology of birth.
And I am here in this lifetime to IGNITE THAT WARRIOR MAMA in birthing mamas.
Ps ** check out my birth assistant #artemisfox on my back @mj_baby_carriers Fox print carrier 🤣😍😍😍😍
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✨The sacred birthing space: In my comfort zone ✨
This mama-focused birth @steffi_joy that I had the honor of guiding was 3 months ago already and I’m really cherishing these awesome photos by @photostoriesbym
Too often women fear labor because they’ve been told and retold by countless people in white coats that the “normal” and “responsible” thing to do is have the baby in a hospital.
There is a place for hospitals but not for physiological events such as labor.
If the mother is healthy and having a pretty “regular” pregnancy, it is ABSOLUTELY safe to birth at home, with or without birthworkers, midwives or doulas.
With that said, THE BIRTHING MOTHER SHOULD DECIDE how they want to birth and educate themselves to the teeth about physiological birth.

I’m a birth worker who sees TREMENDOUS VALUE in supporting the birthing mother and father first and foremost.
As an unassisted/freebirth/primal mama, what I value THE MOST is respect for the mama.
It is my duty and privilege to assess the situation in the birth and stay attuned to the needs of mama and her support.
I honor this sacred work I do and call forth LOVING FIERCE FREQUENCIES to all pregnant mothers/folks in the WOMBIVERSE ❤️🔥🔥🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @mj_baby_carriers check out my baby girl #artemisfox assisting me (jk sleeping) in your fox print carrier ❤️❤️#traditionalbirth #traditionalbirthworker #doula #sacredbirth #mamaledbirth #primalbirth #longbeach #homebirth #informedbirth #홈벌쓰 #교포 #교포둘라 #둘라 #집에서낳기

A woman’s home and familiar surroundings provide a natural intimacy during her birth process that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The privacy and comfort of her own setting affords her the ability to completely relax and let her body take over. There are no strangers. No unexpected visitors. No artificial lighting or machines to take her attention. She is completely free to allow her instincts to guide the way. While birth centers are sometimes needed, for those women living in relative safety— there’s no place like home 🏡 #homebirth #woodriverhomebirth #primalbirth #idahomebirth #haileyidaho #womenrising #sacredfemale #birthwithlove

When birth is truly undisturbed and physiological in nature THIS is the potential. And what a potential that is.
“Giving birth is women’s spiritual practice, requiring “…purity in strength, flexibility, health, concentration, surrender and faith.” It has also been said that to be consciously present at birth is equivalent to seven years of meditation (Jeannine Parvati Baker).
When we birth consciously, putting our great rational mind on hold, and allowing our instinctive nature to dominate, we can access the wisdom that all spiritual traditions teach: that the ego is our servant, not our mistress, and that our path to ecstasy and enlightenment involves surrendering our egoic notions of control. This level of surrender will also serve us well through our many years of motherhood”.
via Dr Sarah Buckley’s website.
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A little insight into why we are so often drawn to water for birthing.
“Our very essence is an eternal ocean”
A behind the scenes of another amazing photographic art piece from @natalielennard
I have shared her full post on my Facebook page x
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Lifting the veil.

Gentle birth.

A birth en caul, in the water 💗

Imagine if all babies were gently birthed and lifted to mamas chest by the loving hands of father and mother.

Gentle birth heals the earth.

Pic by @thesophiaco
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🌿🙌🏼Thankful for our biological abilities to birth our babies. When medical intervention is needed, we can certainly be thankful for that but we have to realize it should not be used regularly🙌🏼 •

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Indeed. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as they say ;) #Repost @whyhomebirth with @get_repost

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Ok this is one of my new favorites! The relief and joy on their faces just GETS me. So much feeling in the room at this moment.
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BEING ‘I am not a human thinking, I am not a human doing; I am a human BEING’

There is certainly a place for thinking. and doing in life but during Birth we want to connect to BEING BUT what on earth is that?
It’s a state of mental and physical surrender. Letting go of the striving, active thinking & rushing, pushing.
Instead, it’s stopping; noticing our breath, realising any tension in our bodies, observing our thoughts rather than being in them.

Most of our modern lives are busy, we are active and in control of outcomes. We can learn, prepare and action in order to get the desired results we envisage. My first birth felt like this for me and it wasn’t comfortable.
Birth is different to everyday life. We absolutely can and should think about, physically and emotionally preparing for birth but in the moments themselves we need to be able to surrender and just BE. #hypnobirthing #positivebirthpreparation #mindfulbirth #pregnancyyoga #mindfulpregnancy
Birth is a physiological process, whether we Birth vaginally or belly birth we want an element of letting go so that the instincts of the body can take over & the process can happen. We need to get our doing & thinking out of the way so our ‘being’ and the new being (baby) can come through.
We cannot control birth anymore than we can control another human being. We can influence, facilitate, encourage but babies are their own beings in birth too and we are in a different, more primaries state during birth. It’s useful to connect with them during pregnancy too, so the sensation is understood.
Hypnobirthing is a great tool in helping us connect with that feeling, as is yoga & meditation. Giving our minds something to ‘think and do’ so our bodies can just be.
When are the moments you are just ’being’ during your day?
Where can you add them in?

M E L A T O N I N is the darkness hormone and is a key messenger involved in the process of childbirth. It’s not talked about as much as oxytocin and other key chemicals, but it’s important nonetheless.
I listened to an interview with Dr Michel Odent today and he spoke about how artificial light disrupts the birth process. LED lights inhibit melatonin production and this integral hormone has a complex and synergistic relationship with oxytocin. Both of these hormones spike in the days leading up to the birth and during a physiological labour. The spike occurs so that the mother can transfer these important chemicals to her baby. Melatonin has important protective features for the baby as it is anti-oxidative.
One thing that was interesting that Dr Odent raised was that we shouldn’t be making a distinction between normal birth and surgical birth, but between birth that has labour and birth that has no labour. So a planned or elected surgical birth (c-section) has no labour, and therefore no transfer of melatonin to the baby during labour. The implication being that a baby born with no labour misses the full protective transfer of melatonin that occurs during labour.
We know that melatonin (being the darkness hormone) also supports the neo-cortex of the mother to be at rest, this is essential to birth, which as a physiological process relies upon the thinking brain being switched off.
📷 These pictures are just to die for by @elliana_allon - if you’re into birth photography check her out, just came across her page today and ooofff! I couldn’t decide which pic, so here’s 2 to feast your eyes upon!
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My little #tbt #throwbackthursday in honor of national #homebirth day! This is my #homebirthbaby. #unassisted #unassistedbirth #uc #primal #primalbirth
Sometimes I can't believe she's 3!

When I was pregnant with my son I followed every natural-birth-crunchy-mama-blogger I could find, so inspired by their connectedness to the earth and to their home birth stories and adorable crunchy babes.
I knew traditional childbirth ed just wouldn’t cut it when it came to fully surrendering to my primal nature and trusting my body to do what it knows how to do. And there was always that nagging voice at the back of my mind - how will I maintain my sense of self while caring for a tiny human?
I studied books and dove deep into my yoga and embodiment practices, and had the natural birth and joyful postpartum I longed for. But it took a lot of work and support. And there was still one thing missing - true sisterhood.
Through my pregnancy, birth, & postpartum + my experiences as a Birth Doula, I saw what was missing from traditional child birth ed and how truly lacking women’s knowledge was – including my own - of the womb’s role in our happiness and ability to manifest a life that excites us.
Thus was born the Sacred Wombyn 8 Limb Path. The very 8 practices I have used to grow exponentially into my sacred nature, more so than ever before, and the path that I share with women who continuously report feeling like they have finally begun to awaken to their true self and feel genuinely delightful in their bodies.
Join me LIVE tomorrow, Wednesday, at 11:15am PST as I share with you the 8 practices I believe are vital for a woman to be in her full power and sacred nature. Put a LIVE in the comments if you will be joining me live or a REPLAY if you’ll be watching the replay ♥️
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Repost from @australianbirthstories “Homebirth magic ✨ @leilarudge
This time last week, our little lady arrived after 2.5 hours of active labour. 🙌🏼 I’d been having mild contractions all afternoon but as soon as we tucked Marlow into bed, they got a little stronger. But nothing crazy. We filled up the pool and despite Trystan convincing me it would probably be a long night (🙄) Tully was born at 9:37pm just 10 mins after the midwife arrived. It was all kinds of magical ✨and I don’t want to forget a second... Thanks for saving the memories 📷 @trystaneeles And HUGE thanks to the midwives at Belmont Birth Centre (especially Kelly, Kim and Hollie) who make women feel like superheroes...”
Having cuddles & snuggles with your little one/ones in early labour is an amazing way of getting oxytocin flowing. I’m always so happy to see images of siblings present at Births. And if you can’t have your snuggly little one with you in person, you can always take a photo of them with you to the birth centre/hospital. ✨❤️✨

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