Inside 140 Maiden Lane.
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I see eggwaffles. 😋
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If I wasn’t on a wine tour around Healdsburg yesterday afternoon, I could have been in here for hours. SHED is a market that has a combination of cookware, gardening tools, recipe books, and varieties of food you can eat on the picnic benches outside.
My wine tour guide ordered Sean and I some shrubs to drink, and I surprisingly enjoyed it! The drink contains vinegar, but the sugar helped cut down the taste. It’s the perfect refresher to drink, especially on a hot day. 😊
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Holy See | One of only two square country flags in the world, the other being Swiss flag.

not alice

Thank you, stranger.
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Last year, today.
Photo thanks to Louis
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So, I heard @samovartea added boba to their menu… has anyone tried it?

There’s nothing like that moment of anticipation when you look out the window and get to look down at your destination right before you land. That anticipation quickly turns into the excitement of something new, yet familiar. It’s the excitement of what’s to come. This is why I travel and why I always try and grab a window seat. #pptakeflight @passionpassport

Chinese New Year at the Bellagio

You wouldn’t believe how fast you can go when your not worried about cops. 🚔

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