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home rituals | warming up to drinks i don't need, like lavender mochas, aka meeting at coffee shops for photoshoots #acreativedc #wwlxlocalspot #priime_cathedral

I wish we had more #snow than what fell this morning 🌨
#thebmorecreatives #rooftops #wintersky #priime_cathedral

Welcome to Taipei.

When you're hungover but pull through to eat literally every brunch plate on @thedoriansf menu with @cristinaviseu and other babes 💕✨

Walked around in Mile-End this morning with @cizenbayan who's visiting from Istanbul for the #RBMA! // edited with #priime_cathedral in collaboration with @priime

Here in Melbourne for the next few days after a long drive. I'm exhibiting at @australianteaexpo as @endeavourtea, which should be fun! Pictured here: the cutest studio I ever did find on Airbnb. Felix our budgie fits right in (we brought him for moral support and company.) #🐤✨

I'm going to miss this place! Until next time NY. You've treated me well, but not so much my family😂I now have ALOT of photos to edit and publish on Priime on the plane so be ready for the biggest and best collection yet! #priime #priime_cathedral

I love this airport


Impressive as always.

Still managing to get that third post in for the day! Here is a long exposure I took earlier. I'm in love with night photography. I need someone to come with me to the square and get some photos below the neon lights. I'm sure the reflection on faces would look nice🙈 #priime #priime_cathedral

I now officially have my very own personal domain(peytondollar.com). My entire website is now 100% finished. All of my prints have been added for the month of June and my two blog posts are up as well. Since I have a new source of information though, Instagram will probably no longer be my first priority like it usually is. With my website under way, I plan on blogging A LOT and adding even more photos to my gallery. Right now I'm fundraising for the WWF(World Wildlife Fund)to fight climate change on my homepage on my site so go donate now! Any and all are appreciated. All donations go directly to WWF and their mission to help make our world stronger.
Thanks to my followers and the amount of support and inspiration I'm always getting from the lot of you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be where I am today.
Peyton C. Dollar
#priime #priime_cathedral

I found these giant plants at that lake the other day. I also took this with manual focus as I did with the others as well. I do 10x better with manual focus but manual focus just takes too long🙄 #priime #priime_cathedral

Solo te deseo luces al final del túnel tan brillantes como las mías.
Lifeforms - Daughter

El fin del mundo lo llaman, sin barreras de protección ni salvavidas. #retounafotoaldía

We are red-dy for summer.❤️

Tiny us.

ramadan mubarak to everyone beginning their journey around the world, iA.

may you find the strength to stay focused, calm & open to growth during this time of reflection.



Tall and pretty 📍Venice, CA #tbt

"'Cause I'm gonna be free and I'm gonna be fine..."
Delilah - Florence + The Machine

I love this airport

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