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I went to the river again, my place of healing. The world was a fairy land of white, of glittering snow. I’m so in love with winter.
My writing journey has been very slow as of late. I sensed I had to be silent and listen, that there was something I had to do differently. Then came a deep sense of joy and relief as the words started flowing again. Are you creating something these days? Wishing everyone a still beautiful Advent time. #writerscommunity #priestess #writer #pagan #priestesspath

I may be a little weird but I don't check my podcast stats.⠀

I only see them on the rare occasion that something goes awry with an episode + I have to quickly log in to see what the heck is going on.⠀

Well recently I had to take a peek + at iTunes as well. And my hair - just like in this photo (!) almost blew right back.⠀

100,000 downloads. And still sitting in the top 10 episodes every week in the spirituality category + top 20 overall. ⠀

I may create with my beautiful guests but those results are only possible if you listen.⠀

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart - thank you - for this truly wonderful surprise. I'm honoured.⠀

Photo @eyesoflovephotography

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HAPPY SOLAR RETURN BELOVED PRIESTESS SISTER @spiritoftherose!!! We cherish, honour, love and adore you to the Moon and back again and again and again!! Thank your for being Love incarnate at this time. We celebrate you and amplify with you all your dream seeds for your next sacred solar cycle! And so it is!! Loving you!! Go on over to @spiritoftherose's page and give her some birthday love! 🌹👑❤️😘 #goddessrisingmooncollective #priestessesofthemoon #priestesspath #spiritoftherose #happysolarreturn #womanrising #goddessrising

Last night as I was laying in bed, with the melodic hum of my son's inhale and exhale keeping me present to extreme love, I began to wonder about prayer.
I was in that in-between state of letting go of the day, thinking about tomorrow... and about to take my own exhale and give gratitudes and speak my prayers for myself, my family and loved ones, and the world as a whole.
How do you pray?
I know how I pray.
I know how I pray when things are good.
I know how I pray when things are hard, painful.
I know how I pray when I really, really, really want to make something happen.
And I know how I pray when I am fully in Spirit. When I feel the Grace of the Goddess breathing in me, as me.
I know the power of prayer.
And I know that we all do this absolute exquisite act differently.
As I layed there, I thought of the millions of people who might be praying at the same time I was and how all of the strands of our aches and our celebrations were weaving together to bring forth the vision of our lives and our beautiful planet.
And what made this visual even more beautiful and enchanting was knowing that we were probably each doing it a little bit differently. We were praying to different Gods or Goddesses or Beings or No-Beings.
Some of us laying in bed. Some kneeling on a Church bench. Some davening. Some in Mosques. Some at an altar created with specific totems and crystals and flower essences. Some womb to womb in Nature or nearby trees or at waters. Some while driving or doing dishes. Some with a beloved in a hospital. Some whirling as dervishes. Some in Priestess Temples. But we were all in the union of Love.
Right?! Isn't that the foundation of our prayers?
Every day, every year, I notice my life becomes more of a living prayer. It's not so much separate moments.
What about you? I'm so curious how you pray? What you pray for?
The gorgeous and simple practice of prayer can be what divides us so I would love my late night musings to inspire us here, on Instagram, as a Sisterhood, to unite and accept one another in how, where, when and to whom we pray.
Please share here 🙏🏻🙌🏿🙏🏽
Artist name on bottom of image
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Spend 5 weeks living in the magic of Flower Essences and the Alchemy of Nature 🌿
There’s so much to learn from the spirit of plants. Through this course you will deepen your communication skills with plants... really embodying that sweet spot of Trusting that what you see, hear and feel is absolutely real and valid!
And of course you will be guided with great love and care into the places within that need tending... into your limiting beliefs and self-judgements that are creating stagnation and torment into your life. And you will learn specific Flower Essences that will repair and heal and support your journey into Wholeness and Sovereignty.
Our Temple Doors are Open. The invitation is to learn directly from the plants and carry a system of healing that directly addresses emotional healing... yes!!!
Click link in my profile. We start on Wednesday!! Temple doors close tomorrow night. Would love to be in the plant spirit Medicine cauldron with you 🙏🏻
#floweressences #emotionalfreedom #shadowwork #priestesspath #womanrising
Photo by @nothinmyst

Join me in the Sacred Priestess Circle on Dec 14th at 7pm AEDT for our next FB live discussing spiritual and cultural appropriation. ⠀

It's likely going to be a messy, sticky, challenging conversation - and that's ok. We show up anyway. So we can learn together and truly feel more grounded in what is and is not appropriate to use, wear, do and practice with as spiritual beings. ⠀

Please invite anyone into our group that you feel may benefit from this discussion. ⠀

Am I an 'expert' in this? No. But I'm willing to lead a discussion and share what I know. ⠀

The link to join us is above and then all details in the events section. ⠀

#sacredpriestesscircle #priestess #priestesspath #spirituality #culturalappropriation

It is within you... it shows up in your intuitive abilities, your empathic ways. It shows up in your ability to love, to create.
Believe me when I say... magic lies within you 💜

#magic #neverforget #priestess #priestessofgaia #priestesspath

Family, TODAY at 4:44pm PST I'll be holding a live prayer circle on IG Live & in our Goddess Rising Sisterhood FB group for all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. ❤️
The power of collective prayer is an amplifier as we weave a web of light in our Goddess Rising Sisterhood group with almost 12,000 of us and many more here on IG.
I hope you can make it today at 4:44 pm Pacific. If you can't make it live, the replay will be pinned to the top of our FB group page and on IG Live
Click the link in bio to join our FB Group ❤️
Photograph by Cadencia from our Wild Sacred Women Retreat with @woman.rising and @goddess_rising
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Some things I’ve come to overstand this year:
The answers really are within. The divine really is within. Happiness really is within. Peace really is within. Your truth really is within. The love and validation you seek, really is within. The whole universe really is within you. The body really is a sacred temple. True growth is confrontational, & always inside out. Pain can be your greatest tool, if you let it. Unlearning is just as important as learning. No one has it all together. Energy is currency. Be loyal to your damn self (that part). Also, there is no arrival.

#throwbackthursday to our Moon Temple Facilitator Training in Ojai, Sacred Valley of the Moon. Continued prayers for all those in Southern California and Ojai who have been impacted by the fires. 🙏🏼
Blessings and celebrations to all women of this precious Earth. We are the Temple Keepers and the voice of the Goddess herself. As women. As sisters. We rise together!

Thank you for who you are and who you are becoming!
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✖️bali calling✖️
I'm feeling every single cells of my being craving Mama Bali.
Less than 2 months until we are reunited.
And only another 24 hours or so to book your space on Wild Goddess Bali Retreat for the early bird discount. (Ends on Dec 15).
This is a week long deep dive into the mysteries of the feminine. Archetypes. Goddess invocations. Yoni connection. Womb alchemy. Clearing. Sisterhood. Rising as the Queen you are to share your divine gifts with the world.
The work is immense.
And the women who have already taken their seats unite circle are powerful.
I have goosebumps at what will birth.
Full info is on my site.
PM me if you have questions.
Only 3 spaces available. 💜🌹💜🌹💜
#wildgoddessbali #priestesspath #sacredsensuality #sexmagic #bali #ubud

Seeking answers? I’m not a fortune teller, I’m a soul reader and together we uncover your soul map; that’s where all the medicine is! Time poor? That’s ok we can do a 3 card emailed reading; you provide a question so we can go straight to the heart of the matter. Skype, zoom, FaceTime available
Message or call O401788094
Marina ❤️

Showing up ✨

Listening to Brene Brown talk on braving the wilderness - aka how to stand in your truth in the outer world when it means risking not belonging and losing approval.. ... Total bing bang inside when she says:
Opting out of speaking out because we may get criticized is the definition of privilege ...
I was like yuck that hurts because I know that place where I hold myself back from fully showing up in the bigger world when I know what I am here to do - how I am to serve and be the trailblazer like other women who are rising high and bright with the remembering of who we are
the priestesses
the healers
the shaman
the wisdom keepers
The life bearer
The oracles
the sacred warriors who activate the ancient codes of sacred feminine wisdom and promised to walk in sacred union with herself, with the divine, with the masculine.
And yet is comfortable enough in her own life to not risk being criticized and misunderstood by those who are not fully ready .
But not serving in times like these is crazy - it's indeed holding the privilege of ancient wisdom that must be shared for it is so needed and there is no excuse not to show up .. I know that so deep inside .
I know that to be truth for every person I have helped to remember who they truly are has been the biggest joy and gift in my life ..
We cannot hold back anymore ... our medicines are so needed ... we made it back from the fire and the ashes ... we will not die for truth ..
Not anymore ...
#priestesspath #divinefeminine #

All you need to be is YOU. All of you, all parts, all sides. Just YOU. ✨
You see, the truth is, what lights you up is what lights you up. You can’t change that, you can’t control that, you can only surrender to your passions. ⠀⠀⠀
In fact, there’s a reason why you have such a unique blend of interests and passions - it means you bring something to the table that no-one else does. You see things in a way that’s just sliiightly different to every other human on this earth. ⠀⠀⠀
Embrace who you are. Every single beautiful inch of you. The Universe made you that way for a reason. ⠀⠀⠀
I believe in you. 💕

Jojo x

She trails her branches in the lake.
Connected to Earth and to water.
When the big freeze comes,
So cold, possessive.
There she stays.
Having total faith,
that the thaw will come.
And with it,
movement and freedom. - Priestess of the Woods #priestessofthewoods #priestess #priestesspath #wisdom #highertruths #spirtual #storyteller #openheart #spirtualpath #beauty #reflections #earth #heart #nature ##naturephotography #gratitude #musings #winter #cold #frosty #ice #poetry #mothernaturesbeauty #findingthemagic #wisewoman #trees #lake #blessings

From my book, Call Her In, Sherry Sharp 🔮 .
My etsy shop is closed for the holidays. But if you'd like a copy of the book just PM me. I'll send you a free gift intuitive healing reading just for you. $20 plus shipping. 300 pgs of women's inspiration.
You can also order it on Amazon but I will not be able to send a signed copy that way
Interested in distance Reiki energy balance sessions? Read more about how I practice in my bio link
Blessings. Sherry 🌻
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#wintersolsticechallenge #13
Ein gefundener Lochstein aus Holland.

A gift from the Seagoddess in the Netherland,on her shore... #waterwitch

T h r e e C a r d R e a d i n g - R e v e a l s
Card 1 Queen of Cups
Helen, the Queen of Cups is the woman who apparently prompted the Trojan War. She was the most beautiful woman in the world and she was promised to Paris who in the card of the lovers, was gifted Helen because Paris chose Aphrodite in the beauty contest. Unfortunately, at the time, Helen was the Queen of Sparta and married. Eventually Helen and the Prince of Troy fell in love and the King of Sparta Menaleus, discovered that Helen had eloped with Paris. This then led to the Trojan War and this was the beginning of the end for Paris, he died and Helen moved on to other lovers.
Helen is creative and destructive, she can easily move between worlds, between the conscious and the unconscious, stirring your feelings as she emotional triggers your life. Helen is powerful; she is empowered to be everything that she wants to be and can fall in love again and again and again. Each time she falls in love it’s real and it is deep and can’t be controlled or tempered down.
She is your passion and your desire for feeling and emotion and passion. No one ever stands in the way of her needs or wants. No man can control her. She is the wild feminine – raw, mysterious and has own her secret agenda. She is what you cannot see right now, all you can do is trust and let yourself be entranced by her absolute magical beauty inside her world of feeling. She is paradoxical; she can be many feelings in a moment! When you encounter the energy of Helen, you are being asked to forget your logic and just go with your feelings. Water she is water and fluid and she is the wild woman the wild rebellious nature within you.
Helen causes conflict wherever she goes, not by deliberate intention, she is the unconscious making what needs to be seen conscious. She is the deep dark feelings within that are longing to see the light of day. All those secret fantasies of what you are longing for are awakening within you, she draws them out of you and when you look into Helen’s eyes you know you being drawn into fate an unavoidable seductive power. Know that your deeper feelings are beginning.. rest posted in the comments

What does it mean to fully show up in your Queen?
I've been asking myself in these days as I've felt pushed and pulled and not as in alignment as usual.
Some factors are external and motherhood related and I accept full responsibility for how I respond to my surroundings and all I invite into my life.
for the way my energy dances and harmonises with that around me.
But when we are not fully embodied and perhaps feeling like a hot emotional mess are we really not Queens?
I call bullshit on this.
We are DIVINE in all moments.
Sometimes we just err a little to far on the side of humanness as this is part of the getting down and dirty on the earth plane.
A bit like my feet deep in the mud on the lane in Wales. Doing my best whilst navigating the terrain of my own private underworld.
And minutes after this photo was taken the dog raided the neighbours yard and killed two chickens that my beloved then had to put to rest with his own hands.😬@unclejoecrossley
And still we breathed, and smiled and did our best to stay plugged in.🌲
Even while the world around us was in a flurry of movement, recalibration and integration.💎💥
We held it down when the going got tough and continued to show up in our own way.🌹
Perhaps not at regal as before.
With messy hair and a bent crown.👑
Without the right words.
But we were real.❄️
And still as magical as always.🌟
It seems many of us are opening our #boxofdarkness right now @themotherspirit 🌹
What a month?
I'm opening my heart to all of you. 💜
Maybe we all hold ourselves and each other gently in these days.
#likeaqueen #priestesspath #rise #boxofdarkness #wales #motherhoodriding #maidentomother #embodiment #shakti #sacredsisterhood

F I R E - M a g i c
Just preparing my space now to read the cards I randomly chose for a free 3 card offering. I haven’t looked at what they are yet - that’s part of the magic for me ✨

My white sage from the garden has dried out and as I light the sage with my home made beeswax candles the scent sends me into higher state, it awakens my senses and I feel like I’m being lulled into meditating ha!
I find so much pleasure and joy in creating my sacred alchemy, making my own hand poured candles plus having the great fortune of a garden that’s full of wild herbs... which are so happy!
#ritual #magic #witch #witchesofinstagram #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #hedgewitch #priestess #priestesspath #hypnotherapist #hypnosis #betterdothereading !

V E G E T A B L E - B L I S S
Because all this time I’ve been missing out on vegan pastry!! I ended up buying more and making some vegetable pastries, with;
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

And yep I got lazy and got the #thermomix out and let it chop up all my raw salads; kale salad, broccoli salad, coleslaw, beetroot salad 🥗
It might look messy but it tastes so good to eat health.
I’m FULL ha!
I’ve not been living in my home for about 5 months, but I’m back and my kitchen is where all the alchemy happens! So happy to be home 🙏 now I’ve just gotta remember to use my fresh herbs growing wild in the garden!! #vegetarian #vegan #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #health #healing #healthyfood #kitchenwitch #soulfood #witchesofinstagram #witch #hedgewitch #hedgewitchesofinstagram #priestess #priestesspath #hypnotherapist #hypnosis #hypnotherapy

I love matcha mornings 💚

I love this picture. No, actually, I adore this picture. The lusciousness of the flowers. The delicateness of the rings. The way that the camera has caught some of the mystery that is inherent in each of us. And it also makes me laugh as I remember the manner in which the photo shoot unfolded. Of course I didn't sleep the night before- I have been gently yet fiercely moving through some visibility challenges these last two years, smiles, and this really was the litmus test that I had set for myself- and when the photographer showed up the next day I had dark shadows under my eyes and my face was puffy. Umm... reminding myself that there was always Photoshop (which I haven't used yet in any of the pics) I took a deep breath and posed! And...I LOVED it! Once I committed fully, decided fully that this is what I was choosing, I showed up fully. For myself. I allowed the camera to see me. And I could feel it. What I called 'the pocket.' That moment when time seems to expand out and lengthen. When the photographer, the camera, me, the moment lined up perfectly. Again and again and again. It was a turning point for me. It still is. I can do this. So can you. Choose. Commit. Show up. For you. I think it's going to be my new mantra, smiles. ----------------------------------------------------------#souljourney #transformation #transcendence #consciousness #beingyou #energyhealing #energymedicine #darknightofthesoul #dreamer #healer #seeker #visionary #shine #kundaliniawakening #awakeningwomen #divinefeminine #goddess #priestesspath #growth #truth #awakening #spirituality #cosmicdancer #femininerising #emergence

Ancestors, generations. All around us our ancestors. The ones before us that we are more connected to than we know and feel. All around us are the spirits of our ancestors. In the trees, animals, nature, and also in our linage. Together with the protector rune Reid- the rune of Thor I must understand that I am not alone on tjis quest. By Making the right choices I heal what was once broken, healing the ancient motherwound and Ancestors all around to guide me when needed.
#dailyritual #dailyguidance #runemagic #runes #reid #thor #tor #ancestors #linage #healing #gaia #priestesspath #priestess #goddess #thursday #torsdag #glteborg #gothenburg #sweden #meditation #soundhealing #aurabyindra


Meet the Rowan tree.
Protection. Expression. Connection.
Liberation of
I just began taking her essence as my new solstice plant spirit ally,
And it feels like coming home.
Like being cradled in an etheric bubble of safety,
While being encouraged simultaneously to express myself more fully (With discernment and boundaries)
From this dropped-deeper
Rowan protects against witchcraft and enchantment. She is prominent in Norse mythology as the tree from which the first woman was made.
Only feels appropriate to be opening to her wisdom as I’m running an interview series around leadership in the Feminine Arts.
Also, Greek mythology tells of how Hebe the goddess of youth, dispensed rejuvenating ambrosia to the gods from her magical chalice. When, through carelessness, she lost this cup to demons, the gods sent an eagle to recover the cup. The feathers and drops of blood which the eagle shed in the ensuing fight with the demons fell to earth, where each of them turned into a rowan tree. Hence the rowan derived the shape of its leaves from the eagle's feathers and the appearance of its berries from the droplets of blood.
As I began taking her, in the initiation of the 12/12 portal, I began bleeding. I intend on journeying with her long enough to intimately KNOW her as a plant spirit. As I was communing with her last night, I had a clear vision of one of my past incarnation initiations into priestesshood.
From this space of Long-term commitments to the plants, I can begin to create elixirs for clients that are founded on an even more rooted, embodied knowing of the heart and womb essence of the botanical medicine alchemy I create and extend in service to Gaia and all. #thankyourowan
(Thank you to @woman.rising for suggesting this incredible ally. Our interview goes live today for the Womb-Centered Leadership Initiation Interview series! Link in profile. )
#rowan #magic #faeries #allmybestfriendsareplants #plantallies #floweressences #treemagic #earthwisdom #wombwisdom #psychicprotection #plantspiritmedicine

On my beach walk today I found several beautiful patterns made by the sand, wind, and waves (and insects? Not sure about the last one 🤔)... either way it was a healing, calming walk after a long and stressful day 🙏🏼🏖
⠀ .⠀⠀⠀
.⠀ #destressing #travel #gardens #summer #artist #plants #countrylife #calming #travels #beauty #tree #santacruz #mystic #mystical #vegantravel #vegantravels #vegantraveler #priestess #visionary #naturelove #priestesspath #meditate #psychedelic #trippy #californiagirl #inspiration #californiaadventure #accidentalart #beautifulworld #sandpatterns patterns

R e s t a r t
I was in my own counselling session last night (yes I have my own supports, which help me help you!) and I had remarked how I’ve spent a large portion of this year peeling away the masks, liberating myself from some of the old life taking behavioural patterns and collapsing old time lines, that it hadn’t been easy and that it’s been step by step process. I made decision, practiced my hypno religiously and chose a moment to start, then made the decision to start. I prepared for the hard yards... they are still there but I do have plenty of moments of light relief too!
Here’s the thing with change, it’s virtually impossible to do everything at once! It is a series of little steps and we can’t rush forward to these more life giving states of without creating internal and external scaffolding. We need the step by step learning to leverage us to the next step.
My fitness practice has generally been my therapy too and teaches me where my blocks are .... and why discipline and continuity are important to sustain change and to create new neural pathways, new cognitive life giving patterns/connections/loops, which change our perception, emotions, behaviours and realities. ... I could run so easily today and I would have loved a long run, but it’s school holidays and my daughter refused to do more than 5km on her scooter. I’ve worked through some blocks recently and it seems energetically I’ve a little more energy! And so I’ve finally attempted to add in some strength work... got my old weights out 😳 and attempted 10 pushups too ha! And two were on my knees! My daughter sneaked in my little step whilst I’m ‘struggling’ - got a long way to go ha! Had a giggle when I found this amongst my nature shots ... Gotta start somewhere!
Now taking bookings for next year 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions message or call!
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“Life is not black and white. It’s a thousand colors that each have a voice. You get to decide which one you listen to. But you don’t get to organize it all into neat little boxes that make sense. That’s not why your here. You’re here, in this body, on the planet, to learn to love the multi-layered, multi-dimensional experience of being ALIVE.” ~ Kino MacGregor
#selflove #introspection #lifesanadventure #lifeforce #grace #wisdom #divinity #goddess #priestesspath #livelifetothefullest #downtherabbithole #justdance #delicatelyfierce

Every time I dive deep into the underworld
I'm grateful
When I'm pushed
When I find resistance
When I feel uncomfortable
I know the emergence is coming
Like the sweetest yet messiest rebirth ::
I know I must dissolve fully to reach the next stage of the journey
If I do not there would not be space to fully embody the newness
Although it hurts I smile
Breath helps
When the ground feels unsteady
And the deeper trust that comes from doing this countless times
Lifetimes upon lifetimes of emerging
More radiant and wise than before

Pic @liberatedheart 💎💜
#emergence #rise #goddess #sacredsensuality #sacredsisterhood #priestesspath #mysteryschool

What is a Yoni Steam?
Yoni steaming is an ancient #ritual and herbal medicine practice that wombyn across the world have practiced for thousands of years to Unlock the Magic of our Womb, Restore Balance to our Feminine Cycles and Reconnect to the Spirit of Gaia. *
The medicinal oils of the plants collect in the steam and work to cleanse our #Womb space and support the graceful transition through life cycles such as Fertility, Postpartum healing and Menopause to releasing physical body ailments such as PMS, bloating, UTI/yeast infection, cysts, fibroids, #pcos, endometriosis, scarring, sexual trauma, libido.... *
...While supporting the release, transmuting and letting go of anger, resentment, inability to forgive; to clear the space to plant new #seeds and be energetically available to manifest abundance, full self expression and creative potential. *
Full Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam Guide at sacredlotusyonisteam.com
Let’s go deeper...
Leave a question below or Send me a message🌹
#sacredsexuality #yonisteam
#fertility #yoni #herbalist #vsteam #yonieggs #love #empoweringwomen #healing #kundalini #goddesscircle #priestesspath #naturalremedies #herbalmedicine #hormones #sacredheart #wombyn

When Shakti and Bhakti comes together,power of love and the force of faith comes together,then the great cosmic dance begins inside us,which makes the impossible possible!
During the dance,all the darkness in us starts blending in with the light perfectly. After all, life is but a dance in which we constantly look for the perfect ways to blend in and make a rhythm out of the unending darkness and unending light that is in us. 💜💜💜 Do not be afraid of the darkness in you. Do not be afraid of the light in you. Own all that you are!
Be love. Be kind.
#shaktians #shamanlife #bhaktiyoga #bhakti #hinduritual #hinduism #devi #amman #mentorlife #spiritualcoach #mindbodyspirithealth #goddesspath #priestesspath #namaste #soulwork #soulretrieval #deepthoughts #meditate #consiouslife #consiousness #cosmicdancer #light #energywork #energyhealing #mindfulnesscoach #divine #divinefeminine #picoftheday #instanights

“I am that soundless, boundless, bitter sea
All tides are mine, and answer unto me.
Tides of the airs, tides of the inner earth;
The secret, silent tides of death and birth.
Tide's of men's souls, and dreams, and destiny-
Isis Veiled, and Ea, Binah, Ge....”
-Dion Fortune
I took this photo after a sunrise sea rite I did at Folly Beach, SC, almost 5 years ago to the day (12/15/12)
:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
Day 13, Water Representation for #witchwaywinter

What is the priestess path?

The Priestess is a glorious feminine archetype, a woman who dedicates every step that she takes, her entire life, her whole being, in service to love.

This is a magnificent mission, and it is not just a statement. It takes deep internal work.
It takes facing our shadow and working through our unworthiness, arrogance, neediness, immaturity, manipulation and all the other unconscious patterns that dim our light.
It takes creating space in our consciousness so that we can actually hold high voltage intensity and light.
It takes creating an inner marriage of masculine and feminine within us.

It takes dropping the need to reach somewhere. To become somebody. To even become a priestess.

The Priestess path is not a track towards a goal in the future that happens separately from our day to day life. It is a moment by moment engagement with the depth of Life. A moment by moment choice to meet each moment as a gateway to infinity.
Imagine a world where women don't compete with each other, but walk side by side.
Imagine a world where light, joy and the ecstasy of another woman do not make others shrink, but, on the contrary, empower everyone to shine. 
Imagine a world where we can really see one another and know that we are in it together. Imagine a world where you know that no one is gossiping behind your back, but, on the contrary, open clear communication and listening is a norm. 
Imagine a world where you know that you are held. And on the days when you don't feel like shining you know that there is another sister walking on this earth and doing the shining for all of us. 
In this world we let go of a goal-oriented approach towards individual enlightenment. 
In this world we choose to rise together as humankind. 
This is the world I've always longed for. 
And this is the world we are creating together.

And so… I have created a school dedicated to helping women remember what it means to walk this privileged path, what it means to commit to showing up for love, as love. It is called the Priestess School.

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Everything comes to an end. Nothing lasts forever.Some consider this reality a tragedy. It’s bittersweet. Forever would become your eternal prison no matter what the circumstance. When we fully grasp we have no control over any of it, practice gratitude, and can cultivate awareness of being in every moment fully, we have no regrets… because we showed up to every experience. .
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😩 can we be done already? This #mecuryretrograde has been just awful. . #painisgrowth
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Druidess 5x7 art print. ✨ The Druidess represents our magical selves. The part of us that is in tune with the energies of nature. She resides in the forests and groves and she worships at the sacred oak tree. She is the witch and the priestess of nature. She tells us that it’s time to go outside and become connected with our original mother, the earth 🌏 Prints, prayer cards and this original painting can be found in my shop. Link is in my profile 🙏 #druid #druidess #priestess #priestesspath #paganism #naturegoddess #earthgoddess #paganart #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #celticmythology #celticart #witchesofinstagram #spiritualart #goddessart

T h r e e C a r d R e a d I n g

1 - 2 - 3 what’s it gonna be?
Which do you feel drawn to?
Reveals tomorrow night! Thursday.
Spirit Led - Soul Driven
Prompted by Spirit... #witchesofinstagram #witch #priestess #priestesspath #mythictarot #mythology #archetypes #goddess #gods #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #freetarotreading #seer #psychic #soul #spirit #spiritguide #hypnosis #hypnotherapy #hypnotherapist #witchcraft #witchery

As a kid I always wanted to go to a party during December like I’d seen in the movies. Years later inspired by @joannapcolbert beautiful book, I threw Santa Lucia parties. For 5 years looking around my home, seeing friends old and new eating,drinking, and being merry gave me so much joy. It’s been 3 years since my last party. While I do miss having them and I’m sure others miss coming to them, each year when asking my soul “does this hold meaning for me as I am now?” I have to honor my soul’s answer. What traditions and celebrations hold meaning for you as you are now? ================== #divinefeminine #innerwork #sacredwork #journalwriting #priestess #journaling #journalentry #journallove #journalpages #priestesspath #priestesspower #journal #raiseyourvibration #journeyinward
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At heavens gates
I turned to wait
Heart raised
To sky
Battered & bruised
The Void replied "You gambled
My love,
You gambled time and again
You never lost.
You never lost sight
Of me
Even when
You could not see"
"You picked thorns
From your heart
With a smile
And danced in shattered dreams weaving new chapters as though it were art"
"You loved without question
Found none unworthy
Loved without payment
For love its own pay"
"You left
Huge heaving
sobs wet upon my shoulder
Breath by my ear"
"You cried in sadness
Cried in joy
Turned around
Called it all love"
"Yes my love, you gambled;
And that's what made you human"
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Eee @jo_kendall and I are super excited to connect and chat all of the things with the wonderful @tara_bliss today as part of our January Sacred Book Club. We’re reading ‘High’ by Tara which is a party girl’s guide to peace which we thought was absolutely perfect for this time of year with the festive season upon us. 🎄✨
We’ll be recording the interview and sharing in the Sacred Book Club group. If you’re not part of Sacred Book Club yet, whaaaaaa?? 😧😯😜☺️
Sacred Book Club is the first in the HumanKind project series dreamt up by my lovely @jo_kendall which we’ll be rolling out next year. HumanKind is a profit for purpose so with Sacred Book Club you get to read all the things and feel good about reading as 100% of any donations received will go to purchase books for children in the out-of-home care sector and to the families of those within hospice care.
We believe that books are magical and they allow, encourage and promote imagination, they transport, inspire and make us feel differently about things we’d perhaps otherwise never encounter. And that’s the magic we’d like to pass on through this project.
So, if you have any questions my lovelies or there’s something you’d like us to ask Tara, then please comment below or DM me or Jo. Yay all the feels!! 💕✨ ⠀⠀⠀
PS: what was your favourite childhood book? 📚

Getting ready for the first edit of The Magdalene Blueprint - Hallelujah for big, blank, white walls! 🖤 The OG version is still up. If you haven’t gotten yours find the link in the bio. You will automatically be getting the next edition when it’s ready ✌🏻xo, Mariaestela - mariaestela.com/aym

Wake up and smell the magic✨🖤
I'm cooking up some very special new offerings for 2018. It has to do with the Magdalene Consciousness, visionary leadership, karmic healing, reclaiming our spiritual lineage, and living from Soul essence🌟Details coming soon, but here's an invitation already: if we haven't met, and you feel resonance with my work and wanna know more about what I do and how I can help you, there's a link in my profile to schedule a chat - it's very informal and open, no strings attached, like a virtual coffee shared. I would be thrilled to meet you and support you in 2018 and beyond🌹

Shaman, ancient healing and wisdom. I call upon the spirits to heal the deepest wounds. I call upon the creatir to free me from the illusion of separation.
It is easy to forget the source of all illness is Spiritual wounds. Your body talks to you, the world talks to you.
You know what is wrong, and you know how to bring back balance- and it is your job to drop these veils that unable to see the truth of it all.
Travel within and hear what spirits tell you. Hunt the shadows of yourself and society to heal what needs to be healed.
Also today the rune Ur. The unmanifested, the birth of something new and unknown. To create out of my free will, Guided by spirit.
This is the way back to source, to Oneness. #dailyritual #dailyguidance #runemagic #runes #azurite #earthmagic #shaman #spirit #healing #ur #uruz #healing #healer #priestesspath #shamanicpriestess #gaia #arcturus #stargate #göteborg #gotheburg #sweden #soundhealing #meditation #art #goddess

Happy Feast Day, dear ones. 🌹❤️ _
May you be as tender, pure and unconditionally loving in the heart, as you are, supple, overflowing and juicy from the Womb. #guadalupe
#mothermary #virgin #ladyofguadalupe
#wombcenteredleadership #femininearts #feminineleadership #wombwisdom #virginmother #goddessbless #mystic #leadfromthewomb #priestesspath // #repost from @clubclitoris art

🍃⚡🌎⚡🍃 ~TT
Photo and lyrics by moi.
If you do creepy well...embrace it.🕸
Keep calm and wear a sgian dubh.
#fae #faerierealm #ravenswork #excalibur
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mystic morning light ... every day contains the energy of a whole moon cycle. every moon cycle contains the energy of a whole year. starting in stillness, building momentum, reaching a peak - high noon, full moon, summer solstice, then releasing light moment by moment until the day is done. as we approach the new moon 🌚 what is whispering your name? speak softly and listen to the stillness - what find you there? i will be hosting an online gathering this saturday before the new moon. stay tuned for details ✨🙏🏼✨ it will also be an opportunity to initiate your new moon journals for the upcoming lunar cycle. still need to order yours? hop on it <link in bio>. #lunarliving #winter #moonjournal #lunarcalendar #mooncalendar2018 #lunarradiance #newmoon #waningmoon #morninglight #creativepractice #poetryinmotion #lunarcalendar2018 #priestesspath #innerwisdom #newmoonintentions #natureismyteacher #themoonismycalendar


In preparation for the upcoming Jade Temple Online Initiation we are exploring 5 days of Holistic Yoni Care for exalting your feminine body, mind, sex and spirit!
We kick off with none other than the Jade Egg! The benefits of the Taoist Jade Egg practices are numerous, and here I wish to speak on the essential role these practices play in our daily or weekly self care.

The Jade Egg is ultimately a tool of longevity, a beauty enhancing component that works from the inside out! How does this work you might ask?
In the Taoist system, along with many others, our most vibrant life-force energy is our sexual energy known as Jing. It is stored in our ovaries as women. When we work with the Jade Egg we not only activate this juicy energy, but we create a stronger pelvic floor that acts as a cauldron to hold this energy, whereas a weak pelvic floor can leak it. This energy, when held in the body and activated by these ancient practices helps us to maintain our youthfulness, our vitality, our glowing beauty, our erotic nature and even our spiritual awakening. The energy of Jade helps to balance the energies of Yin and Yang within the body, allowing us an embodied experience of contentment, fulfillment and genuine joy. These practices bring more sensation, blood flow, juiciness and dexterity into our Sacred Jade Gate, aka Yoni.
These practices have survived the tests of time because of their effectiveness for both healing and exalting our body-mind-sex-spirit!
If you are wanting to dive deeper into these practices, see my last post for a chance to receive a FULL scholarship for my two month long online Jade Egg Initiation, a Jade Egg, or a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg.

Jade Eggs are also available in my Shakti Shop at the link in my bio.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Holistic Yoni Care tip!

In Love, Devotion and Vitality,

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The calm within the storm is where peace lives and breathes. It is not within perfect circumstances or a charmed life... it is not conditional. Peace is a sacred space within, it is the temple of our internal landscape. We are free to visit it, whenever we seek sanctuary. Underneath the chaos of everyday living, peace is patiently awaiting our discovery... go within. - Jaeda DeWalt
I absolutely LOVE this. And it’s so poignant for this time of year, where everything is heightened by a sense of rush - whether that be to get all those christmas presents, to see all your friends and family, to tick off that ‘to do’ list, or just to close the chapter of this year. Sounds exhausting huh? ⠀⠀⠀
It’s doesn’t need to be quite so exhausting. A few posts ago, I wrote about flippin Christmas. A chance to reframe our thoughts around rushing towards the end of the year and to focus our thoughts towards feelings of calm, groundedness and contentment. Instead of rushing, what can you do today that helps you to reframe your festive rush my lovely? ⠀⠀⠀
Would love to hear what you decide. Xo 💕

"The powerful aroma instantly hits me with a force that makes me close my eyes and lower myself to my knees. The ensuing moments (or was it hours?) of my life feel so intensely rich and powerful. Entered into by way of simply saying thank you to the Great Mother and Mary and then asking them what they would have me do. ⠀

What do they desire to use me for? What am I called to?"⠀

Solo Quest Day Two. Love and leeches. Both make an appearance.⠀

#4sj2017 #schoolofshamanicwomancraft #mothernature #journalling #leeches #marymagdalene #priestess #priestesspath #priestessofthemagdalene #natureashealer #rewildingthefeminine

Be practical expect miracles!!! ✨🌟💫🌙🦄💖

Sneak Peak from last nights Womb Wisdom Transmission workshop - @flowerpower_nyc 🌿🔮🌿
We gathered as wombyn and departed as #sistars... together we rise!
Bless up @arielletheherbalist for inviting me to share in this high vibe space!
Unlock the Magic of Your Womb, Restore Balance to Your Feminine Cycles & Reconnect to Your Lifeforce... yoni steams for all!
#wombwisdom #sacredlotusyonisteam #herbalist #vsteam #yoniverse #yonisteam #earth #jah #medicinewoman #goddess #priestesspath #medicinetribe #naturalremedies #truth #love #selflove #ritual #kundaliniawakening #yogaoflife #medicinal #wombyn #magick #organic

Sneak Peak from last nights Womb Wisdom Transmission workshop - @flowerpower_nyc 🌿🔮🌿
We gathered as wombyn and departed as #sistars... together we rise!
Bless up @arielletheherbalist for inviting me to share in this high vibe space!
Unlock the Magic of Your Womb, Restore Balance to Your Feminine Cycles & Reconnect to Your Lifeforce... yoni steams for all!
Orgone Pendant by @bonzblessit *
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Connecting with nature, being mindful and allowing your inner child to play is a wonderful way to finding inner peace. Finding peace must never be compromised for anything or anyone. And the beauty of finding peace is that it doesn't require anything external, only your complete attention to your self. 💜💜💜🙏 The key is to allow ourselves in making that effort in finding peace and keeping it a priority in our life.
Make the most of today!
Be love. Be kind
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A verse from my poem ‘Fly High’.

When we fly high on the wings of Eagle, we view our lives from our Soul’s perspective, and all our earthly fears fade within the totality of our Soul’s experience over lifetimes.

To receive my FREE guided visualisation with Eagle, links to my weekly Philosophia Wheel Self-Growth blogs and videos, as well as links to my distant healing prayer posts, sign up for my newsletter on my website (link in bio) xxx

This has always been my favourite way to channel whisper because the feeling of his presence is embodied. My eyes are open, my senses are awake and my state of focused awareness is a whole experience, not just in the mind. For these reasons my relationship with Whisper is deeply felt in its truth. Whispers energy has transformed over time and he really only steps in now when he feels there is a genuine need for his guidance. Otherwise my soul is my compass. Tonight he told me that my soul requested his presence for extra support. Whilst I didn’t get specifics that you might expect from a reading what he did share was a whole lot of love and support ❤️ and to remind me of trust. He reminded me to be strong in soul (and what that means to me) that he’s been singing my soul and spirit song, reminding me to sing my soul song to call in spirit (that is specific, I know the song), and some other details that I can’t specifically remember now as I began to cry 😢 but I know the meaning of tonight’s session.
I’m really grateful for this other dimension to my life, it creates so much magic and mystery to remind of the magic in believing. I’m looking forward to sharing more ‘embodied’ workshops with you next year ✨

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