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The Heart Sutra of Perfect Wisdom
Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva,
when practicing the profound
Prajna Paramita,
perceived that the five skandhas are empty
and thereby became free from all suffering.

O Shariputra,
form is none other than emptiness;
emptiness is none different than form.
Form is emptiness; emptiness is form.
The same is true with
perception, conception, volition, and consciousness.
O Shariputra,
all dharmas are characterized by dependence upon causation.
They are neither created nor do they perish, neither defiled nor immaculate,
neither increasing nor decreasing.
Therefore in emptiness there is no form, no
perception, no conception, no volition,
no consciousness;
no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, or mind;
no form, sound, smell, taste, touch,
or object of mind;
no realm of eyes...
up to no realm of consciousness;

No ignorance nor its extinction...
up to no old-age and death,
nor their extinction.
There is no suffering, no cause of suffering, no extinction, no path,
no wisdom and also no attainment. Because there is no object to be obtained.
The Bodhisattva, through practicing Prajna Paramita, have no obstacles in the mind.
Having no obstacles, they overcome fear, liberating themselves forever from delusions, ultimately realizing Nirvana.
All Buddhas of the past, present, and future relying on Prajna Paramita,
attain Anuttara-Samyak Sambodhi.
Therefore one should know that
Prajna Paramita
is the great supernatural mantra,
the great, bright, unsurpassed
and unequaled mantra,
the destroyer of all suffering, the truth.

A mantra of Prajna Paramita, should therefore be proclaimed.
This is the mantra:
Gate Gate Paragate
Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha.

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We have so many magical blog posts up on the blog this week! ✨ Everything from sustainable period products to how to hold a Blessingway to our newest job opening ~ it's all in the link in bio! ✨🌙💜

Today for #PriestessCrush Friday, I’m shouting out Guru Jagat! The woman who’s done the most to bring Kundalini into today’s world keeps it super real. ⠀

Sex, kriyas, rock n’ roll are all frequent topics of discussion in the GJ universe. Thank you, @gurujagat, for being so inspiring and refreshingly down to earth at the same time.👳🏼‍♀️💪🏼✨💪🏼⠀
Tag #priestesscrush if you have a cool chick to nominate.⠀
(Image via @gurujagat$⠀

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If you have a broke heart that needs mending this one is for you.
I feel that it has immense healing powers. The upper crystal is very strong and really radiates a soft and loving energy. The wand is more precise. The upper one opens you up and the lower one gets straight to work ❤️ When I hold this one in my hands I can feel the strong energy really tingling my palm.

This one is a worker, and are just waiting to "come home" and help its carrier.

Opalized rose quarts with rose quartz wand.

For sale ❤️

Вот он виновец улыбки предыдущего поста ))) Как же хорошо это чувство влюбленности
Напишите мне что такое любовь для тебя ?
Мой ответ - Любовь это открытие себя в других людях и восторг узнавания ( это как каждая фотография немного автопортрет)
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I’m on my period. And I’m tired. And I’m so ok with it. I actually love it. Wow...what a beautiful reflection to have. I used to get so down on myself for this phase of my cycle. It feels soooo good to honor every phase! Oh my gosh. 🌹

I really relate to the idea of each week of our cycle being a season. For me, winter is when I’m bleeding, spring is after I bleed, getting ready to ovulate, and ovulation (my favorite!) summer is the week after ovulation, and fall is right before I bleed. The energy of each season goes so perfectly with each week. My energy, creativity, social life vs introversion, it all connects perfectly, and I love it! It helps me be easy and loving on myself and really understand where I’m at. 🌹

Yay for being a woman and experiencing these cycles of the moon, ourselves, and each other. So blessed! #sacredbleeding

Wake up every morning and "like" yourself.
Embrace your inner divinity. The world ain't give it and the world can't take it away!

Remember her?
She changed
But still
She IS the big sister of Taki
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Today we gotta show some love to the #missingwitches #familiar for reminding us every day of what is important in life. She is perfect love and perfect trust. 💕She encourages us to run and jump and laugh and play - to #GetOutside, to stop and smell the ... everything 😂 using all six senses to navigate her path. 🔮
She plays by the rules unless the rules don’t suit her. 🗡
She gets plenty of sleep, and drinks plenty of water. She is #connected to #nature. She has no shame around her body. ☀️ She voices her opinions but is also a great listener. She sets clear boundaries and does her best to respect the boundaries set by others, but she makes her own desires known with unwavering confidence. 🎀👑 She is #gratitude incarnate. #Queen of #IDGAF and she is what we aspire to be. 🐶💜🌈❤️🔥 #pentagram #fail #win

As within, so without - someone said.

For many many years I've been struggling with the concept that true guidance comes from within us. We should rely on our inner compass as the most accurate tool in our toolbox.
And yet, I've rarely got hints & insights, specific ideas or precise directions just by sitting in meditation & listening.

The best guidance for me comes from outside. In fact, there's less & less distinction between in or out for me.
Usually, it arrives through people: something they do or say will light a bulb or even a fire somewhere in my consciousness & body and off I go! Inspiration delivered to my doorstep.

Yesterday a brief exchange with a sister led to me deciding on taking my role during a ceremony next week more seriously.
It made me realise that I wasn't fully walking my talk.
And that the only way to show up for others is to show up in integrity for mySelf.

I choose to go deep & deeper into my joy this week. To be able to hold a different kind of space this time.
With the warm & earthy support of the medicine of raw cacao

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
My routine:
- Take a few deep belly breaths expanding the diaphragm
- GRATITUDE for everything I have (health, amazing family, friends, life, business, and ability to manifest anything)
- Drink 2 cups of fresh Kangen water
- Gently get out of bed & stretch
- Affirmations for prosperity, abundance, and success
- Breakfast with my family
This practice has completely transformed my reality in amazing ways! Bye bye frantic mornings, rushing to get to work, and skipping breakfast. I don't even look at my phone until after breakfast anymore. BEST LIFE EVER!
You can have your best life too - it's 100% your choice.

What is a priestess? She is magic inside and out. She is Balance. She pulls energy from inside, out, and outside, in. She works the Elements. She creates. She is both passive and active. She is servant and Goddess both. She is air, she is water, she is fire, she is earth. She is moving. She is still. She is nothing. She is everything.
She is real but sometimes you cannot see her. Sometimes she hides because she stands between the worlds and must be alone to listen sometimes. All who see her face and identity are privileged because when the woman in the moon draws the curtains back to reveal her face, the world sees the divine beauty radiating through. Can you see it? Can you feel it? The rumbling of the priestess path returning from the past. There is an answer to every question and it already lives inside. Sometimes you just need a bit to remember. Don't worry, it will come to you. You are a priestess, even if you don't know it, all you have to do is REMEMBER.

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