The Champs came back to shed a little wisdom to the future F-5 Champs today! #F5 #FOE #LEGACY #BTW #PRIDEPRIDEPRIDE #ROADTOACHAMPIONSHIP

So proud of you, coach. ♥️💛#SMOED #pridepridepride #ERVC

Introducing the 2018-2019 University of Minnesota All-Girl cheerleading team! Comment below what you are most excited to see from us! #SkiUMah #PridePridePride

Introducing the 2018-2019 Small Coed Team! We can’t wait to get to work! #Smoed #RiseUp #PridePridePride

Introducing your 2018-2019 University of Minnesota Coed Cheer Team! #skiumah #pridepridepride

I am so thankful for these last 3 years of blood, sweat, and tears. I have grown so much as a person and learned what it’s like to physically and mentally push myself further each day. I had so many first experiences and met some of the coolest people. I wish I could’ve seen where another year would’ve taken me, but there is a bigger plan I must trust in. I look forward to this next chapter in my life 💛 #pridepridepride #im #risingup #skiumah〽️

Congratulations to all of the new Spirit Squad athletes! We are excited for the 2018-19 season! See you all at the Maturi Pavilion @ 9:00am tomorrow! #Smoed #SkiUMah #RiseUp #PridePridePride

Congratulations to the new University of Minnesota Spirit Squad athletes! We can't wait to see you tomorrow morning at 9:00am! #SkiUMah #GoSota #PridePridePride

You never really retire, right Chris? •

#boyfriendappreciation #HYGC #pridepridepride #collegecheer

Tryouts start today! Hope to see you there! Good luck to all athletes trying out!
Link in bio for more info!
#GoSota #RisingUp #PridePridePride

What’s up everyone it’s me!!! Your local trans guy!!! Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!!!!! As pretty much everybody knows, I talk about being trans a lot, irl and on IG. It’s a huge part of my identity, especially now my medical transition is still so fresh and new and cool. I like being out and proud, and the further I come the more I want to be exactly that. I’m very open about everything and wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to this. I’ve found that this makes it easier for the people around me to accept my identity and to be open for this strange new thing that they suddenly see happening up close instead of just from far away. Since I started to be open about everything, I’ve also found that I’ve gotten a lot stronger. I try to turn my stories into an armour that can protect me. I share my things and put myself out there as much as I feel I can handle. Things become less sensitive for me when I do so, and thus it doesn’t hurt me as much when someone would insult me or make fun of me. I don’t mind questions. As long as people are respectful, I think curiosity is a good thing. I’m willing to talk about anything and explain things to whoever wants to listen. Of course, I don’t represent the entire trans community. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own journey and their struggles. But by sharing all that I do, I try to at least put mine out there. If not to show to other people who are curious or interested, then for myself. As a reminder that I’m brave and that I’m doing good. This shit’s tough, but it’s really worth it. Stand up for trans rights. Support transgender people. Accept and support their identity and their journey. We’ve been here forever. We’re not leaving. Whether we’re out of the closet, in it or somewhere in between. Whether we’re accepted or not. Today I’m celebrating my pride for all that we are and all that we will be! I’m wishing every trans person in the community a lovely and prideful day. Whether you’re out or not, whether you’re questioning or sure of yourself, you’re valid. Keep on going! #transgenderdayofvisibility #transpride #ftm #transguy #transcommunity #pridepridepride #🌈

Grind in silence...let your play make the noise! Powered by @myocortex #F5 #FOE #LBU #BTW #PRIDEPRIDEPRIDE #ROADTOACHAMPIONSHIP

There's no breaks on the Road to a Championship! Grindmode at @myocortex all week! #F5 #FOE #BTW #PRIDEPRIDEPRIDE #ROADTOACHAMPIONSHIP

Getting better together at 2018 FIU Butch Davis Coaching Clinic. #F5 #FOE #BTW #PRIDEPRIDEPRIDE #ROADTOACHAMPIONSHIP

Always a great day to get better...even better to do it together. Thankful to The University of Miami on the opportunity for professional development at CaneTalk. #F5 #FOE #BTW #PRIDEPRIDEPRIDE #ROADTOACHAMPIONSHIP

Congratulations to everyone who has been invited back to tryout in April! Keep working those skills and we’ll see you soon! #PridePridePride 〽️

That’s a wrap on our 5th-9th Grade Clinic! Thanks to all the great athletes that came & participated! #PridePridePride

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