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The calm before the storm... #pride

Meanwhile downtown, as another Pride paraded by, I couldn’t help but wonder: Was I over the rainbow? After all, if your days are out and proud, did you really need a month? Was it time for me to drop Roy G. and break up with Mr. Biv? But, I thought: Maybe Pride isn’t for Me. Maybe it’s for We. Maybe it's for all the misters & sisters under our rainbow living far from equal... maybe it's for the kings, queens & in-betweens too afraid to be proud... pressured to paint over their true colors. Maybe it shouldn't take bravery just to be yourself. Because whether you’re in a club or a closet, you have to wonder: What would the world be like if we didn’t waste energy on shame? If no one spent a second thinking their truth would leave them abandoned and alone? Thankfully, we G’s & L’s & Q’s & B’s & T’s & TBD’s…we all have scars in the same places. So we decided to start a family. Like all families we sometimes fight, but more often we love. Because it’s not always easy living outside their narrow minds. But it’s better together. So we come out, sing out, dance hard, hug strong, stand tall, flags high, reach higher, live fully, breathe deep, love deeper, love wider and love louder. So that what they hear—louder than hate, ignorance, conformity, or fear—is pride. #CarrieDragshaw
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In the middle, loud and proud, Carrie's wearing a T from @marcjacobs Proceeds from this T benefit New York City's LGBT Community Center, a place very close to my heart @lgbtcenternyc. The photo on the T was taken by @nathanperkel at the 2017 Stonewall protests. Live out & love hard, my darlings.

#Pride inspo! Could you be more obsessed with @marioncameleon?! 🏳️‍🌈

Unreal week with kids in and around Boston! ☘️#Celtics #Pride ☘️@Celtics

When I was in high school my best friend read a bunch of poems I had written which were clearly written by someone in love. I tried to hide the fact I had been in love with a boy back then, but he was (and still is) my best friend and I just put it all out of my chest. His acceptance and understanding transformed and touched me forever. I realized I had no reason to feel disgusted with my own being. Then I made peace with the fact I was gay. However, I still thought it should be a secret shared with feel and, must importantly, I thought I should keep dating girls to have a family. All of this was only transformed after my second year in college when my boyfriend and I broke up. We had a secret relationship and our behavior said nothing about who we really were. (Un)fortunately, he met someone else right after and this guy was completely out, not to mention that he was a well known person too. After all the people realized they were dating and I suddenly had absolutely not talked to my ex, well, I was put for once and for all out of the closet. It was really hard in the beginning, I had just ended a two years long relationship and many of my so-called friends were not there to support me when I needed the most. Well, time heals and life in college got better, I also found a new boyfriend... Yet, my family still didn't know and I had no plans to tell them. Since my parents are divorced, I lived with my dad who told me he wanted to talk to me one week. I knew his tone was different and predicted what was coming. After a long lunch and coffee somewhere else we walked a little and sat. He asked me if my boy friend were my boyfriend, but he immediately apologized for asking such a personal question and told me I was free to answer it or not. He also pointed out que was just asking because my little sister started asking questions and told me whatever I said would be what he would take as a final word. I saw the opportunity and told him. Surprisingly, he accepted it very well and also encouraged me to tell my mom, who was sad in the beginning but is fine now. It is so amazing to be who you are all the time and every minute I wasn't seems like time I wasted.

A nationally renowned poet, activist, and a black queer immigrant single mother, Staceyann Chin shares her experience of coming into herself and her identity, when her surroundings were anything but accepting. In this episode of #FirstPersonPBS, Chin goes into the harrowing trauma that led her to pursue a life in which she will never be silenced again. “I think I was not just undone by the thing itself happening, I was also undone by the fact that I did not fight back, and that I didn’t respond in a way that was fierce and feminist and loud and unapologetic … and maybe it was then that I decided I would never be silent again about something that was happening to me,” she shares in the episode. Chinn’s first stirrings of activism centered around her lesbian identity, and once she came to the U.S., it was followed by her identity as a Jamaican immigrant. As she read the works of Audre Lorde and June Jordan, her philosophy became more intersectional and she realized all oppression is related. “I think if you form connections with people, if your life expands, then it is natural that the people who you are concerned about, the issues you’re concerned about, expands also.” For the full episode with this badass woman, go to @FirstPersonPBS’ Facebook page.

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Uhhh, what did u guys choose? #playinggames #episodeinteractivechooseyourstory #new #episode #hardchoice #fun #pride
I choose "no preference" ❤️

Se for pra sempre eu nem quero ❤️
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Let's celebrate together! #getgoldstruck #toronto #canada #pride #2017

Rainbow nails for a Pride Special Edition of The Bon Bon Bon Room tomorrow in @wigwamdublin courtesy of @shauna_x92 @tropicalpopical #nailart #naildesigns #Pride #Dublinpride #ondutyshowgirl #rainbow #thebonbonroom

One more look at Castro District before we heard back East. Check out the decorations celebrating #pride month 💖🌈

Take me back ! Haha edc was too dope this year ! hopefully go again next year ! @yehdna415 glad you enjoyed your first time at edc! 😂😝😅👽🙌🙌💜💙 #edc2017 #allarewelcome #pride #edm #musicislife #tinyrick #takemeback #lasvegas #feelthebass #goodtimes #rollinhard #goodvibes #allthetime

Post with "Dyke" in them are being removed for breaching Facebook Community "standards". In the last 7 years I've been active on Facebook, I've used the report feature a handful of times. Those post contained threats, leaked private information, porn, or encouraged violence against women/lesbians. Facebook did nothing about those, but me and my sisters self identifying as "Dykes" or discussing lesbian issues during PRIDE month is what gets banned.
#censorship #fascism #homophobia #dykepower #dykepride #lesbians #lesbianism #dyke4dyke #pride #lgbtq #glbt

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