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Prevention of teenage suicide
Its so heart warming visiting the schools in Port Mourant Bernice and talking with the kids. To be able to save lives is the best feeling #humanitarian
#volunteer #preventsuicide #savelives #POTS@potsguyana @lisapunchmusic

Her cry for help and we ignored it and didn't see it. To prevent this stuff check on what your friends like on insta you will never know if it's their cry for help #suicidial #preventsuicide #priscillachiu #RIP https://instagram.com/p/BTIJ2QUltNn/

I know we all come from different backgrounds and upbringings and we deal with shit differently.… BUT Never LET suicide be an answer or solution to any of your problems. Please reach out to your brothers, reach out to me! let's be there for one another. - JMendez, Co-Cap


Fall seven times, stand up eight.❤🙏 #maketheworldsmile #preventsuicide #suïcidalthoughts

Everyday we have a reason to enjoy. Stay alive challenge accepted @johnnyresets

If you've watched or are watching #13reasonswhy, please read these talking points from @preventsuicidepa, @jedfoundation, & @savevoicesofedu for appropriate and positive messages that can help process emotional responses to 13RW. Remember @800273talk and @crisistextline are always available. #gotyourback #13rw #preventsuicide

Stay alive challenge accepted #preventsuicide


I hate people who do\make these type of things, please be safe everyone and don't fall for it they tell you false things to make you commit suicide :*< #bluewhal #beware #staysafe #preventsuicide

PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THIS!!! This is my friend Mia, I've known her for a little over a year and the entire time I've known her she has been shaming herself, calling herself ugly, and has tried to commit suicide uncountable times but every time she has tried I was there to save her before it is to late. I think she is a very beautiful young woman and if you think so to like this picture!!! In about a week or so I will be sending a screenshot of this to her on Snapchat so she will see other people that don't even know her think she is beautiful just like I do and hopefully she can gain atleast a little more confidence #beautiful #preventsuicide #helpmiaout #miaslifematters #unique #helpmehelpmia

happy birthday to this GORGEOUS girl, she has inspired me, and kept me here, seeing this show, has taught me that suicide is NEVER the answer. thanks to #katherinelangford and her AMAZING acting, making everything so surreal and emotional to the point where i am emotionally attached to this series, i hope that today is her best of days, as it's her first birthday, being known as both #katherinelangford and #hannahbaker 💜💜💜 #13reasonssig #13reasonswhyyoumatter #13reasonswhy #13reasons #13rw #birthday #preventsuicide #actress

Prevention of teenage suicide
Its so heart warming visiting the schools in Port Mourant Bernice and talking with the kids. To be able to save lives is the best feeling #humanitarian
#volunteer #preventsuicide #savelives #POTS@potsguyana @lisapunchmusic

Ngangkari are the traditional healers of the Anangu people. For as long as anyone can remember they have been caring for the wellbeing and mental health of Indigenous people.
Before white settlement, traditional ideas like kurdiji were used to keep Aboriginal communities in good mental health - suicides were virtually unheard of. After white settlement, government funded institutions intervened in Aboriginal communities with Western psychology - the suicide rates skyrocketed. We are losing 150 indigenous people a year to suicide, the majority of them young people. Go to link in Bio and donate $5 or more to our @gofundme Crowdfunding campaign. Also join our Facebook Page for more info #linkinbio
This image by Judith Crispen is of Lily Nungarrayi Hargreaves and she is close to 100 years old. In this photograph she is sitting by "her mother", Catfish waterhole. She has come here to sing to the waterhole - not for any ceremonial reason, but just so it feels cared for.

Always appreciate what you have in life, even the smallest joy. If you're still unsatisfied with your life then you're an unhappy person. The people you love are the ones that keep you going and never take that for granted because it only takes one moment for you to realise that they are more important than the things that we desire in this crazy world. Don't spend your lifetime being stressed over everything but find the smallest happiness in your life and embrace it. It only took me one second after knowing the love of my life have cancer to open my mind to see life in a much wider view. It was perfect before but now it's more than perfect because we cherish every moment of happiness and sadness. What keep us going is knowing that there are definitely people going through worst than us. If they can do it then so can we, so can everyone. I believe these things happened for a reason and wishing for things to not happen has no purpose. Cherishing and living in this moment of your lifetime with the people you love is what's important.

PLEASE READ IT!!!: I don't know whether it's real or not but pls stay Safe I DONT WANT ANYONE TO DIE JUST BC IF A BULL SHIT SO PLEAS STAY SAFE LOVE YOU ALL
- |😈✌🏻🦄🍀|
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Why I will walk to #stopsuicide on June 17 th in Washington DC.
Visit my @afspnational Out of Darkness Overnight Walker page to donate & help me to #bethevoice for #education #assistance & to #preventsuicide ! #mentalhealth #mentalhealth #washingtondc #afsp

#preventsuicide Always be kind to everyone.☺

"A semicolon is used when an author could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life." For all the ones we've lost and all the beautiful souls still fighting... I love you!🖤;❤️; #semicolonproject #preventsuicide #support #community #kitchenlife #pdx

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