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Episode 573: Different Band Positions for Side Steps
[make your sidesteps harder]
Various studies have looked at the efficacy of the side step exercise and its many variations such as the monster walk in terms of gluteal activation. All of these exercises have found relatively high gluteal action, making them a staple in many corrective exercise programs. There are many ways to progress the sidestep, but one of the simplest ways is to change the band position. The lower down the chain it goes, the larger the lever arm and thus the harder the exercise.
Around knees = EASIEST
Around ankle = HARDER. The lever arm creates a normal amount of torque at the knees for everyone who is concerned about it being too much to handle. We put more stress on our lateral ligaments during everyday functional tasks than the amount a band will place on the knees. Of course, if someone has something like an LCL sprain don't place the band at the ankle, but for everyone else it is 100% fine!
Around foot = HARDEST. Get some extra peroneal and lateral ankle muscle activation. Try to keep your Toes pointed forward the whole time, don't let them point in!
Cue 1: DON'T LET TENSION OUT OF THE BAND. Keep constant tension on the band during the whole exercise. The moment you lose tension, you lose that extra gluteal activation you're trying to get in the first place by incorporating the band. Also, the band is often more of a neuromuscular facilitator than something that will actually add any load or demand to the exercise, so losing tension means you’ve just lost that tactile cue.
Cue 2: KEEP YOUR HIPS LEVEL. People love to cheat and use their quadratus lumborum and other trunk muscles during this exercise. Look at yourself in the mirror: does your pelvis move while doing this? It shouldn't move at all. If you feel pain or stress in your low back while doing this exercise, you're doing it wrong. #sidesteps #glute #glutes #theraband.
Bands @alphafitnesssolutions

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Ender hoca der ki; karanfili unutmayın ... öyle çoluk çocuk var iş var güç var ; bugün pazar ev kalabalık bahaneler bitmez der :) karanfil #maya #mantarı ve #kandida yı önlemek için birebir der .. tedavisi için de...Hatırla ve 1-2 tane atıver ağzına ; özünü al ve posasını sakın yutma ; toksik olur der. Ben hatırladım ve güzel arkadaşlara da hatırlatıyım dedim. Belki hamurişleri , tatlılar vs yendiyse daha da önemli :):) Keyifli pazarlar 😊 #prevention #prevent #cure #yeast #yeastinfection #cureyeast #candida #candidadiet

Multi use THIGH GUARDS to prevent CHAFING, RUBBING AND EVEN HIDE UNWANTED SCARS!!**** by @tat2x http://thighguardsusa.com/

Check up time 🤒🏥 .. .
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Special thanks to my friend @giorgio_me for #lovely #care #policlinicogemelli

Simple pleasures 🙌🏻
Coffee, balls and magazines.... hang on, who’s this chick ‘fitter and healthier than ever before in her 40s’?! 😂
My 15 minutes of fame, thanks for the feature @preventionaus 🙏🏻
Go grab your copy (with @mishbridges on the cover) to read all about it, and head to the blog (link in bio) to see how I went from chain-smoking, junk-food-eating couch potato to health and fitness blogger 👊🏻
Happy Sunday, lovelies x

Learn more about How Not to Die from Type 2 Diabetes on NutritionFacts.org here: http://bit.ly/HNTDdiabetes (link in bio)

#HowNotToDie #Type2 #worlddiabetesday #wdd #lifestylemedicine

The struggle is real!
I will eat at a handful of farm to table/vegan restaurants. Other than that, it's home cooking! Slow food is what's up.
Who can relate? 🙋🏻‍♂️ #vegan #plantbased #organiclife #healthy #realfood #wellness #prevention #FoodisMedicine

FBF to this photo around this time last year. This post is geared towards healthcare students & providers:
ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE IS DUE TO INAPPROPRIATE PRESCRIBING OF ANTIBIOTICS BY HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS💥 (It's the same reason for the opioid epidemic!) It's also thought that one of the third leading causes of death in the US is related to medical interventions.
It is our DUTY TO DO NO HARM! It is our duty to prevent adverse outcomes. Sometimes that means not making the patient (or our friends who call us for a Z-pack because they've had the sniffles for 2 days) happy. *Patient satisfaction has been correlated to poor outcomes, by the way.* While we should always be professional & kind, it is not our job to give patients what they want/expect, when it has clearly been shown to cause harm. It boggles my mind at how this type of practice still continues in medicine.
I find that taking time to educate people, which takes more time than writing a prescription, can go a long way. It is a privilege to be able to do what we do & we shouldn't do things out of convenience. Yes, many infections warrant antibiotics, but if someone walks into our office with a cold that we highly suspect is due to a virus, focusing on symptom management & educating the patient is the best medicine. It affects the whole world! Let's do the right thing! ---
Healthcare students and providers. I want to hear from you⬇️ How do you contribute to appropriate antibiotic use?


Διανομή και ενημέρωση στο Πεζόδρομο της Αγίας Σοφίας, στο πλαίσιο της ευρωπαϊκής εβδομάδας εξέτασης για τον HIV και τις Ηπατίτιδες. #testing #hiv #hep #mycheckpoint #ahf #ahfeurope #instalifo #instalike #instamood #enadaxtyloarkei #whitetower #prevention

Day 19: cervical retraction or better known as the chin tuck! Fact- for every inch your neck moves forward you are putting 10lbs of extra weight on your jaw, neck and upper back muscles! Do you have a desk job, always on your phone, suffering from neck pain? Try adding chin tucks to your daily routine! Even if you’re not feeling any pain adding this exercise is simple and can prevent long term damage to your deep neck flexors! Very simple to do! Place two finger on your chin and push your chin back and down (as if you are pushing the back of your head into a pillow) your ears should be inline with your shoulders. Hold this position for 10 seconds, 10 times and see the difference this exercise will make in your everyday life! #jbsathletictherapy #athletictherapy #personaltraining #getmoving #liferequiresmovement #chintuck #painfreeliving #cervicalretraction #prevention #preventioniskey #deepneckflexors #exercise #fitness #health

For all my fit friends 💪🏼 who eat healthy 🥑 and use oils 🌱...please read and consider!
From Naturopath Dr. Jessica Hoogendorn... “Ok, this NEEDS to be said! Even if you are eating 100% organic, #Whole 30, Paleo, Vegan or Keto.......
Even if you are drinking what you think are "healthy" shakes, #exercising 5 days a week and are fit and skinny as a fiddle.
Even if you use all the essential oils available. Even if you ferment your own 'kraut and kombucha, make kefir out of raw milk and eat yogurt everyday.🌱🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️💪 Yes, even then, you NEED a probiotic (with an antifungal). 👾Even then you NEED to be concerned about balancing your blood sugar. You gotta kill that yeast overgrowth with special enzymes and an antifungal. You gotta keep that blood sugar from the vicious spiking cycle. I promise this is something every single one of us needs to address every single day. "Our bodies are designed to feel amazing! If you don't feel AMAZING every day, then this is most likely WHY!" Another interesting note: Dr. Hoogendoorn went from selling a probiotic available only to medical practitioners to Plexus Probio5.

She says, "The results I'm getting [with Plexus] are better than my first 13 years of practice. I used to have good results helping people manage what they had, but now we are hitting it out of the ballpark left and right addressing root causes, and that is so exciting to me." That is exciting to me as well! Plexus continues to be on the cutting edge of gut health, microbiomes and so. much. more! ❤🙌
#readytofeelamazing #breakthecycle #seewhyplexusissoamazing #guthealth #overallhealth #prevention #agebackwards
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موڤمبر هي حملة عالمية تطلق في شهر نوڤمبر لزيادة الوعي بسرطان البروستات، يقوم الرجال عادةً بإطالة شاربهم خلال هذا الشهر، ويشجع الرجال الذين لديهم شارب أو لحى بأن يحلقوها في 1 نوفمبر ليبدأو بإطالتها مجدداً والالتزام بكافة الفحوصات الطبية اللازمة.

تلك المبادرة التي تعرف باسم "موفمبر" جاءت من أجل التوعية بمخاطر بعض الأمراض التي تصيب الرجال وخاصة سرطان البروستات.

شعار تلك المبادرة الخيرية هو "الشارب"( Moustache) أحد رموز الرجولة المعروفة عالمياً، مثل الشريط الوردي لمكافحة سرطان الثدي لدى النساء الذين يتخذون من شهر أكتوبر شهراً لحملتهم.

للتعرف على الحملة وتفاصيل أكثر عن سرطان البروستات والفحوصات الدورية تابعونا على


إبتداءا من اليوم

#تعزيز_الصحة#موڤمبر #حملة_شهر_موڤمبر #سرطان_البروستاتا #الرجال #شارب #صحة#وقاية #علاج #فحوصات_طبية #التوعية #نوفمبر #مخاطر#الأمراض#سرطان_البروستات
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Moustache #health#prevention #Prostate #Cancer# Men #healthpromotion #GCC #Bahrain
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No Carrot Hugging 🥕
Keeping it real 👍No Gym Junkies - 20 Min Home Workout Will Do #RealFood ☀️#make £££ getting healthier #giveback #payitforwards #treats #Guinness #LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE 💥Kill your bills
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In Astana. Talking about #beauty 😌

Emotions=empty. 🥀

@deceasedforever edit/audio

The more and more, I delve into videography, (reason I haven't posted much here lately) the more I seem to be learning about holistic healing.
Sound bowls are amazing instruments of relaxation, meditation and healing.
Today I was lucky to briefly be on the receiving end of a sound bowl healing and it was a truly special experience. I even learnt how to use them. Super cool to use by the way!!! #soundbowls #soundhealing #meditation

Multi use THIGH GUARDS to prevent CHAFING, RUBBING AND EVEN HIDE UNWANTED SCARS!!**** by @tat2x http://thighguardsusa.com/

So, over the last five months I've been working on an amazing project with @_collectively , that I am fiercely passionate about, with the fantastic people that are Jon, @frank_maccfc , Frazer and @steph.slack
We've created a classroom based game called Who in the Zoo Are You. Each day every child in the class checks in by putting their token in the pot labelled with the emotion that relates to how they are feeling at that moment, Happy Hippo, Sad Snake, Confused Croc.
The children learn to be aware of and comfortable expressing their feelings and teachers get an early warning where children might need further support. With 3 children in an average class having a diagnosable mental condition, it's important work and that's why we're so passionate about this - we believe early intervention will help reduce mental health conditions later in life.Our vision is to see our game in every Y3 classroom in the country. We've already trialled the game in some schools

On Weds we pitched Who in the Zoo to over 100 influential people in the fields of commerce, design and well being and we've been blown away by the reception. We are super excited about where this could go - but we need help = more schools to trial the game, businesses, designers, buyers, journalists, mental health advocates/bloggers/campaigners - anyone with an interest in this field. DM me if you are interested or could help.
#WhoInTheZoo 🥜🦍🍌🦊🌴🦒
Follow us on Twitter @WhoInTheZoo

#whointhezoo #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #youngminds #childrensmentalhealth #earlyintervention #prevention #headstogether #emotionalintelligence #eq #childrenswellbeing #primaryschools #schools #classroom #tools #conversationstarter #talkingsaveslives #letstalk @youngmindsuk @heads_together @mindcharity @teachfirstuk @nhsenglandldn @bethanjharris @tessblencowe @beejollieme

Por qué y para qué?
1️⃣ Para tener una Piel limpia y oxigenada. ...
2️⃣ Porque Evita el envejecimiento de la piel. ...
3️⃣ Para Previenir el acné. ...
4️⃣ Porque el maquillaje produce Ojeras más marcadas. ...
5️⃣ Porque las mascaras ocasionan Pestañas débiles y quebradizas. ...
6️⃣Porque los labiales causan Labios resecos y agrietados
7️⃣ Para que la piel del rostro no pierda luminosidad
8️⃣ Para prevenir la flacidez y deshidratación de la piel #medicinaestetica #maquillaje #prevention #pielbella #pielsana

Some of the work done earlier this week with Port Vale’s @anthony_defreitas28
On the road to being injury free and preventing future injuries! ✅ #RMBTherapyClinic #cuppingtherapy #sportstherapy #timtam #football #injuryfree #professional #sport #prevention #stokeontrent #portvale #graston #massagetherapy #health #fitness #gym #cure

Οι παθήσεις των ματιών δεν έχουν να κάνουν μόνο με το πόσο τα κουράζετε και ποια κληρονομικότητα μπορεί να έχετε, αλλά είναι και θέμα διατροφής! 🐟🥕⠀

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