Don't let underarm sweating be an embarrassment!💧💧 There is a treatment! Watch and find out how you can prevent this!
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This is preposterous! Imagine drinking chemical cocktails like this every day or ones from bottled waters where we also contribute to the environmentally destructive single use plastic epidemic and wondering why we’re so sick, lethargic, disease ridden, cancer promoting, body aching, aging too rapidly, etc etc. We have one body, which is mainly comprised of about 75% water, yet we fuel it with the worst waters possible and/or not even enough to begin with?! Come on guys, it’s time we start waking up and making some better more educated decisions that will effect us, our families, and the world for the better. 💚🌱🌊

Road Trip or on a Plane Quick Stretches 🚗✈🚗✈ If you're used to moving around and being on your feet, a long road trip​ or plane rid​ can be UNCOMFORTABLE on the body! Even if you're used to sitting these stretches and taking breaks to stand up and walk around are BENEFICIAL 👊👊👊 Like to QUICK stop every 2 hours or so (especially if I'm keeping hydrated and needing bathroom breaks)...but really sitting longer than 1-2 hours isn't great for your back and hips 🙅‍♀️🚫🙅‍♂️ And if​ you are in​ a low or ​'​bucket like​'​ seat, it can aggravate things more 😵😵😵 So here are 4 stretches that I love to do to LOOSEN things up along the way or PREVENT flare-up of issues already present 🙋🙋🙋 ⏳⏳Hold stretches 1-2 minutes each ⏳⏳ QUAD STRETCH: grab ankle, keep knee in line under hip, and tuck hips under to NOT arch the low back
FIGURE 4 HIP AND BUTT: cross foot over opposite knee, sit back while sticking hips out (to avoid ROUNDING low back), push knee down with hand if want to emphasize stretch
LUNGE HIP FLEXOR: step back into a lunge (doesn't have to be a big step), tuck hips under (to avoid ARCHING back), slightly lunge forward if you don't already feel the stretch after tucking the hips under

LUNGE OVERHEAD SIDE BEND REACH: start in same position as hip flexor stretch, reach overhead and bending AWAY from back leg, don't forget to keep hips tucked under
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A 10 day cleanse is 1️⃣ way to break your food addictions which can either be ✅lifelong or ✅cycles. Anyway you look at it you must
1️⃣recognize your addictions😳
2️⃣decide to get rid of them🙏🏼
3️⃣create a healthy lifestyle🌿
4️⃣be committed to yourself😍
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