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How the hell did I not know yesterday was national nude day!! Nothing like a clothing optional 5k to bring like minded people together. Bouncing Buns. #pretzelcitysports #nationalnudeday

Definitely wouldn't have been able to run a 15k a month after a 50 miler last year so this combined with the 5 ice pops I ate immediately after finishing makes me pretty happy! πŸŽ₯@brimil #trailrunning #pretzelcitysports #getoutside #rei1440project

Thirsty Thursday 5k #trooperthorns #pretzelcitysports πŸƒπŸ»

Running third thirsty #5k #pretzelcitysports #416

#tbt to Saturday's Inside Trail Half Marathon in San Rafael. Taking it coast to coast this weekend - Chilly Cheeks I'm coming for ya! #narnia #raceeverything #chillycheeks #pretzelcitysports

We get post race special doughnuts because it's close to Phil's b-day. #dirtybird15k #pretzelcitysports #trailrunning

First pre-race selfie of the year ... and it's September! #pretzelcitysports #50k #trailrunning #ultrarunning


Want to@Run next Saturday? Why not do it to help a family in need? Let's #cometogether to Help Troopers Help a Houston Family in need 9/30/17 #run #jog #walk #helpforhouston5k #houstonstrong #pretzelcitysports all proceeds will go to a family who lost everything πŸ’™ @hornhelene

Thirsty Thursday 5k #trooperthorns #pretzelcitysports πŸƒπŸ»

Running third thirsty #5k #pretzelcitysports #416

Signs and banners are going up!! Time to ramp up the excitement for this family friendly event to support the Horst Family from Honey Brook on their mission!! Come out & join the causeπŸ’™πŸ’›β€οΈ
#cookiesforacause #5k #nonprofit #pretzelcitysports #twinvalley #brandywineoutfitters #honeybrook #coatesville #missionarytrip

After only 11 months of overhauling my dietary madness (I was a junk vegan. I admit it) and habits, running and working out, I'm down 67 lbs total.
This is a journey. This is a lifestyle.
This is NOT a "diet". This is deciding-hourly, daily- to make choices that benefit my HEALTH and well-being. I didn't use any photoshop on these. I was that chunky and struggled to barely fast walk a 5k and finish last October 8th. I JUST took the photo on the right, still on cloud 9 after completing my first 50k on Sept 3rd. (Labor Pains 12 hour endurance race). I did not do anything to the photo on the right to make myself look any different than I do sitting here typing.
Guess what? I'll be 49 in January and have AB definition! It can be done.
I've boiled the journey so far down to a couple things: "how badly do you want it?" (whatever it is) and "there are no finish lines."
You have a choice every minute of every day to decide to do something that affects you positively or negatively. Treat yourself with care and respect. Don't purposely destroy a healthy body... there are so many people who would do anything to have that. Be compassionate with yourself. It might take a long time. That's OK. The time will pass either way. How will you spend (or waste) it? Be grateful, but work hard. Be grateful you CAN change and have that ability. Decide, then do it. If you falter or fall, cry, assess where you're at, acknowledge that it's tough but worth it. Dust yourself off and keep going! Me? I'm not stopping. I'm still a #workinprogress !
Special thanks to so many... @Sword for the fuel, @drinkOrgain for nutrition @Altrarunning and @Oofos for keeping my feet happy, Ready Set Run in Stroudsburg, my fam at @RetroFitnessMarshallsCreek @DanielaHosier @womensrunningmagazine @trailandultra @trailrunnermag & @RunnersWorldmag for knowledge! #pretzelcitysports for my first ultra, my husband who loved me/loves me no matter my size/shape, & a few of my inspirations, @CoryReese @dirtdiva333 @scottjurek
but you all know who you are. ;) #runner #trailrunner #ihavearunnersbody #sportsbrasquad #keepgoing #inspire
#itsaprocess #veganathlete #ultrarunner

This weather motivates me like nothing else

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