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Mom-"B, stop taking selfies and posing in front of the mirror."
Also Mom-**fixes hair and poses for photo**
Love you ma😘
🍎 doesn't fall far from the 🌳 #likemotherlikedaughter #prettyvisuals

Every. Single. Time. πŸŒ„

#charleston #prettyvisuals #nofilter #welivewhereyouvacation πŸ™ˆπŸ’πŸ½

Fuck boys give me the heebee-jeebees #fuckallofyou #stoner #dontneedlove #prettyvisuals @teenhearts

Views like this I could never get over✨ #prettyvisuals

🌴🌊 🎨🌴#prettyvisuals #lasolas#latergram

Reflections on the universal solvent. #prettyvisuals #marina #foggy #mist #waterflowingunderground

When day turns into night.

Stopped for a hike on our way home from work and it was the best idea we've had all week πŸ‚
#prettyvisuals #fall #hike #LaCrosse


When day turns into night.

Whether we're parked in a concrete jungle, rain forest or anywhere in between, Roam is our home. The living space is only 50sq ft while our front porch and back yard are enormous. Leading us to letting go of the material things that no longer serve us to bring in amazing life experiences.

After nearly a week of snow and rain Mount Rainier came out to play. It was interesting to witness the first snow mark the change of season here during the equinox. @roam.thevan

Farewell to Washington for now after nearly two months in the beautiful evergreen state. Hello, Oregon!

Mom-"B, stop taking selfies and posing in front of the mirror."
Also Mom-**fixes hair and poses for photo**
Love you ma😘
🍎 doesn't fall far from the 🌳 #likemotherlikedaughter #prettyvisuals

Deep blue emergence.

Wrapped up this epic summer with a backpacking trip in the rugged, yet pristine and beautiful Olympic coast. .
Embarking on the hike we thought it'd be a multi day long walk on the beach. The trail led us through miles of slippery rocks, many vertical climbs over headlands using washed up nautical lines tied to a tree you hoped was strong enough to hold you (not an easy task when carrying a big pack), bushwhacking through dense jungle then having to wait hours for low tide to cross many sections of the trail. Lucked out with sunny weather and loved every second spent surrounded by mother ocean connecting us to most things we know. We didn't see anyone for days; felt completely isolated. If we were abandoned here, you wouldn't hear any complaints from us! #pnwwonderland

Lighthouse at last light.

Two months on the road has flown by like road signs in our rear view mirror. We've added some good miles to the odometer as we went from sea to shining sea exploring places like this one that are truly majestic!
We're thankful for moments like these, but wish it would last just a little bit longer. .
This was taken in the Wind River Range, WY during the start of our third week on the road.

We've encountered some rough dirt roads, but none compare to the steep, rocky road we followed to reach this spot. The reward was worth it; sparkling blue lakes and nothing but jagged peaks as far as the eye can see. Kick ass out there this weekend y'all! ✌🏼

Hello spring! Aren't you just the prettiest! I'm very happy you're finally here. #springfever #happyheart #flowerstagram #bloomflowers #prettyvisuals

Though we didn't get any pictures of the eclipse, here's a peak at our view the last couple weeks as we enjoyed time with good friends and family. Orca sightings, wild blackberry picking, and intense ping pong matches. PNW island vibes! Our hearts are full. Now off to the North Cascades!

To the sky and all that lies between.

Spent the weekend listening to great music; it felt like another planet with all the wildfire haze in the air, but beautiful nonetheless. Feeling grateful and inspired by our talented friends @rage_raddington

Mosel Mosel Mosel

Backcountry backpacking, wildlife viewing, and jumping off cliffs into crystal clear blue water... 10 days in this place sure didn't suck! Thank you, Glacier for your wonderful experiences. Stay wild!.. and to those 3 Grizzlies we saw on the trail, thanks for eating those huckleberries and not eating us! Now onto the PNW. 🌲

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