Living my best life 2018 = attending charity events with all the yummy Barbara lynch food, oyster boat, fois gras, tacos, fireworks, all da drinks... an awesome spectacle on Spectacle Island charity event ( yes, that’s oyster juice all over my dress) #bostonharborislands #spectacleonspectacle #prettyprettyboston

Thanks to the men for watching the babies plus Jared giving an extra hand so their wives could celebrate with me. You all rock!!! #prettyprettyboston

Sunday funday = church, bunker hill parade, drank wine, made yummy salsa, grilled yummy meats, and Jared burned his eyebrows, his luscious eye lashes, and some hair off his head 😂😂😂 🤫 #prettyprettyboston #whenburpingthegreenegg #goesbad

Summer 2018 = living our best life on The General with our faves ... #prettyprettyboston

#Abalone every time we play, I promise Jared I won’t get mad and cry/whine when I lose. 😭😭😭😤😤 #prettyprettyboston

Thanks J.dAddy for a fun evening of learning to cook new yummy foods #youdAbest #prettyprettyboston

❤️❤️ #prettyprettyboston

FYI- after pic, I forgot to take pics before we ate. J.daddy SmokeHouse is open for funship. Shout out to Jared for grilling/smoking yummy ribs, brauts, shrimp, wings, veggies for our faves to enjoy... everything was delicious! #prettyprettyboston

Night cap with my bestie... old fashion, frosè, and popcorn #prettyprettyboston

Oh hey, Red Sox (My home team) and my other home team (Orioles) 😂😂😂 #prettyprettyboston

Season 2, Episode 1 of “Grilling with Jared on the Green Egg.” We were a bit rusty today but stay tuned!!!! #prettyprettyboston

Just the cutest snack, excuse me, meal in all the land!!! #prettyprettyboston

This exist at Papyrus, if anyone is interested!!! #prettyprettyboston

It’s my favorite season of the year... #redsoxvsroyals #mondayfunday #prettyprettyboston

Pretending it’s warm enough for frosè and oysters on a patio means it’s warm enough for frosè and oysters, right ? #prettyprettyboston

I tend to be wasteful (work in progress) and also never throw away paper towels after I use them... Jared has started labeling my masterpieces 😂😂😂 #prettyprettyboston #yesIhaveAwineSippyCupEssentially 😂

Calling it quits on this cold and rainy marathon Monday. This is 30😭😭🤮 #prettyprettyboston

Marathon viewing, oysters, and margarita snow canes #favedayoftheyear #prettyprettyboston

Great morning of worship @hillsongboston and then hanging out with our fave, Olivia (Olivia’s parents were present too 😂😂) #prettyprettyboston

Clairebear wants to win that 500 hundo... kicking ole Benny off his throne 😂😂😂 #prettyprettyboston

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