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While they were getting ready for the super bowl I was working💚
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GET GLOWING! On the site 👉🏾 4 teas to drink for clear, radiant skin. 💕
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Quality vs quantity 😍 enhancing one face at a time
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After my belly photo shoot for My Precious Bebe 🙏🙏👶🙏🙏 One of The Best MUA: @creative_carlina you're amazing!

Good morning Sunshine on a gloomy day🌞
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More from the Glow-N- The Dark Cycle🚲 #prettygirlsglow

Becca X IslandChic77 collab🙌🏾🙏🏾Can't wait to show you guys all the products to help you glow! I guess #becca wants me to show unuh makeup to lol
Thanks @beccacosmetics I 💚 it! :
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My Slay 2016 pack!! Hair Skin and Nails vitamins so my hair and nails can be healthy and strong as possible,my cleanser so my skin and be soft and clear,my greens on the go to detox my body and get my servings of fruits and vegetables each day and my body applicator to keep my stomach toned!! I'm excited to share these products with you all! Me and my friends love em! If you and a friend you refer become loyal customers I'll give you a Pretty Girls Come from Detroit t-shirt!
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You have until midnight to become a brand ambassador for only 9.99!!! Let's get it ladies!!!💚

Today is the last day to join my team for 9.99💚
Let's get it!!!
Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success. (Proverbs 15:22)
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Everything comes to her who hustles while she waits💚
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Are you using social media to make money? Let me show you how you can make money using social media and in the process grow your hair,clear your skin,and boost your energy! Dm me for more details

GET GLOWING! On the site 👉🏾 4 teas to drink for clear, radiant skin. 💕
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My business is truly a blessing. People who are better connected have more power and reap the higher rewards.💚
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...the A-type, high-achieving, big-dreaming, "quick-starting" women, who do life a bit differently. Where's my business besties? Who ready to ready to join me on this mission?
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I haven't had Any product on my nails since November 2015 besides polish! No shellac, No acrylic,No gel,no tips! No nothing!!!! My nails are the healthiest they've Ever been!!! But I have to admit, y'all make it sooo hard!!! Y'all nails be sooo cute!!! But I can do it!!!!
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Be the girl determined to make an impact on Detroit – the one who voluntarily assumes the difficult roles because she trusts that she is capable. Be the girl who guides it in the direction she wants to see it go.
They’ll call you the one who tries way too hard; or perhaps they’ll talk of your loyalty, drive, and determination💖
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Good morning Sunshine on a gloomy day🌞
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Help my friends lose weight,enjoy great skin,grow my hair and Party! That's what I get paid to do!!!!!! Happy Freedom Friday!!!!!!
Is your job Fun?!
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When I was a little girl my daddy used to tell me he could spit fire and make it rain. I'm crazy enough to think me and my girls can too!!! You joining us or watching us? You ever seen girls from the Eastside of Detroit become Millionaires? Keep watching💚

If I'm WINNING your WINNING! I'm gonna be seeing a lot of wealth for my friends soon! Competition is Dead!!! Collaboration is 🔑💰 Let's get it ladies!!!!
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It's the Biggest Beauty Event of the year!!!!! The annual "G"Hive event is back!!! Come visit me and my girls at our Eastside location Saturday from 4-7!!!! We'll have All our beauty and wellness products there for you to try!!!! And we can also talk about you taking a seat at the winners table and starting your very own beauty and wellness beauty!!!! I can't wait to see my girls!!! We always have a great time!!!!
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BEAUTY is our BUSINESS💚Who's joining us?

Your network determines your net worth. Have the right people in your circle,they can help you build financial wealth,assist you with personal and professional development and so forth. You are only as good as those that you allow on your team!!! Welcome to my team!!! Join us!!! Happy Freedom Friday!!!!!!
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