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Who can guess what’s on my mind? 🤔 #PRETTYMUCH

Checked out the @ollynutrition @skinlaundry collaboration this morning and got to scoop up some complexion and beauty gummy bears. They had me at gummy bears. But truly feeling beautiful in the dead of NYC winter when you're wearing god knows and over it all takes a lot of that good stuff thats on the inside. It's the I'm beautiful because I'm doing wonderful things, living my truth, bringing a smile to a strangers face, making chit chat with your dry cleaner who never laughs. Beautiful is being nice because that counts for a lot and shaking off the annoyingness that comes with life with a bit more grace than last year. So.. stay warm and love yourself, you're doing a great job. #randomactsofkindness #winterblues #prettymuch #skindeep

Another #waaaaaybaaackwednesday back to my first time wearing weaves...miss those day #prettymuch #ripjeans #islandgyal #islandlifestyle miss home


It's fun to hang with good friends like Lola during spring break #prettymuch #whatever

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