Post 144. Vegan Milktart 🤩😘😍
Pie Crust recipe on post 143.

When I made this milk tart, it was the first time I made it vegan, so was shooting from the hip.
A few notes, The corn starch and milk mix must be quiet firm, so I think I used 4 heaped Table spoons of corn starch in the end (one can add either corn starch or milk as u go.
I also added 4 Table spoons of sugar, Add less or more depending on your taste. sorry and thanx. #veganism #healthyfood #healthy #delicious #crueltyfree  #veganfood #veganrecipes #healthyeating #plantbased  #food #raw #rawfood #govegan  #cleaneating #whatveganseat #vegansofinsta #livekindly #vegansofinstagram #homemade #makeyourown #vegansa #livekindly #pretoriavegan #southafricanvegan #deliciousguy #milktart #veganmilktart

For the meringue 200ml of aquafaba beaten stiff. Then add 100ml of caster sugar. Put tha aside
4 x heaped Tablespoons of corn starch
Pinch of turmeric for colour
Quarter teaspoon of black salt.
Mix in a little cold water and mix away all the lumps.
In a pot on the stove bring to the boil 1 liter of almond milk and 3 Tablespoons of sugar. (add more or less depending on taste)
When 3) boils add some of the hot liquid into the cornstarch 2) mix. Mix it through and then pour it back into the pot. STIR continually until it thickens into a firm custard. If required add more almond milk or cornstarch. Now add a capful of almond essence. Stir in and remove from the stove
Now fold the meringue mix into the custard using large figure of 8 folding motion.
Empty into 2 pie crusts. Dust with cinnamon and let cool down and set before serving.

Good Luck

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