Thanks @bosh.tv for this awesome recipe from the #boshbook 💚
Sweet and sticky tofu 😍
Then I made a quick bok choi and shiitake + shimeji mushroom stir fry 😍

Had a nice Sunday brunch at @doppiozerosa - where they’ve updated their menu to accommodate vegans!! I am so happy to have food at @doppiozerosa That I don’t have to leave anything off of 😍
Tried 3 of their new Vegan options 😍😍
The Vegan tofu scramble, Coconut milk fettuccine, and the Very Vegan pizza 😍😍
Was all amazing, and I can’t wait to try the rest of their new vegan options!! 💚💚💚

Finally got my hands on a @bosh.tv #boshbook through @exclusivebooks 😍😍😍
Filled with so many awesome recipes!! 📚👨🏻‍🍳
Can’t wait to try these!!!

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