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Pre spawn bassin today with @rhythmtech79. Caught a few chunks around 3 pounds. Thanks @markdanielsjr for the idea of taking the front hook off lipless cranks. Using them this way this time of year is brutal!!!! #liplesscrank #crankbait #bass #bassfishing #largemouthbass #spring #fishing #fish #fun #funfishing #bigbass #nicebass #springfishing #prespawn #prespawnbass #prespawnfishing

Nice toad caught on the BJ Head!

Not only do you get quality but price as well! Be sure to check out our jig line #Repost @floridapeech with @get_repost
On the left is a @bjscustomlures jig and on the right is a @mysterytacklebox jig. I fished the bjs jig for two days on hard rock bottom and the mtb jig I fished for 30 minutes on the same rock bottom. The bjs jig cost 2 dollars and the mtb 4 dollars. I’ve been a loyal MTB PRO subscriber for over 2 years, that’s over 24 boxes and roughly 700 dollars; I am happy to say this will be my last. Thank you bjs for putting out a quality product at a reasonable price! If you want handmade quality jigs check out the link in my bio🎣

Introducing gun metal shad! #matchthehatch

Me and @nickhat47 doing work on some smallies.

Quality product for killer prices!! #Repost @watugabasser with @get_repost
Took 2 hours for this jig to look like this even so there's very little paint chip and was dragging on asphalt rocks and pavement.

Time to stock up! 10% off sale in honor of the classic!

Another addition to our BJ Magnum Finesse line the alewife jig. This color will also be appearing in other jig styles. #matchthehatch

Custom craw color I put together for a staffer. Don’t see something you want let us know we will build it for you!

Our Purple Haze color in the new BJ Magnum Finesse Jig line.

Great way to end a weekend doing what i love

My man @gthangoutdoors doing work today in the high school tournament!

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