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I do support Tradition believe me. But I also believe living in a Status Quo Ante for Human beings as a whole is detrimental. The Dinosaurs never had a chance like we Humans do to progress and protect ourselves. I am a White Nationalist dont forget to as I put my race first but Humans as a species I would protect as well. Protect my Race and Species from total annihilation whether from Invasion of ET or Natural Disaster, we need a backup plan and technology can help us. Now onto the military. The Military would be close to the Roman Legion with Military service mandatory for citizens of nation. Now I am basing my military off a few sources such as Nordic Mythology and the Roman Empire. There would be segregated White only military member who serve (so if minorities live in country, they can not serve forcefully or willingly) Nevertheless there will be a Valkyrie style group for the Female squadron and a Male Squadron. Being with your own is mutually beneficial to the group and nation. The Men dont have to worry about the Woman on a mission, Woman dont get "sexually assaulted" by men while out etc. Cybernetics can give woman a upperhand on the battlefield but they will be trained just as hard as the Males and if they dont make it, they dont make it. Survival of the Fittest and if you pass training with your cybernetics, you will be trained how our European brethren have trained without technology. We must adapt to tech but also preserve our traditions of the past
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A white student who stands accused of brutally beating a black teacher’s assistant was released without bail on Wednesday.
Corey David Burfield, 18, of St.Paul, is charged with one count of first degree assault & one count of third degree assault. He was allowed to go home after his mother said “she would watch him” & was allowed to leave jail without posting any bail.

The victim, Mohammed Dukuly, had worked for the school for about 10 years. He was well liked by students, some of whom told the local papers that “nobody ever put hands on Dukuly”
According to reports of the attack at Harrison Education Center, Burfield knocked him to the ground & punched him several times, leaving him unresponsive. Dukuly had been in ICU on a ventilator but is now opening his eyes and moving his arms and legs. “Quite frankly, we are disappointed,” Imam Mohammed Dukuly, the victim’s uncle, told reporters after the court appearance. For a serious case like this “I think he should’ve been on bail.” Well, Uncle Imam, you’re a lot kinder than me. I think somebody should kick this kids ass & give him the same beating he did this poor, innocent man who was his teacher. If I were his mother, I would do it myself. He would never see daylight again.
I’m not quite sure why he was let out so quickly or why without any bail.

Why haven’t we heard about this story? If it were a black kid beating a white teacher senseless, I am sure it would be everywhere and TWITLER would have told them to leave the country and the bail would be so high so they could not afford it. Oh and the DA would throw in some other charges so the kid would probably spend life in jail.
We need to really talk about the divide in equality amongst POC and white people. It’s allowing white kids to get away with murder & black & ethnic kids to spend a lifetime in jail for marijuana possession.
The imbalance of power that is coming from the top & trickling down, is the exact reason hate crimes are on the rise for the first time in decades.
In past years, hate crimes have been on a steady decline.
Last year right when the DONALD came into office, there was a spike in hate crimes, it is not a coincidence 💔

Please fol

Just play dumb, and the politicians and lawyers will all protect you

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I am one the many who believe and one of the few who publicly speak out

God Fearing
Family Valuing
Gun Owning
Constitution Protecting
Country Loving
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Red White and blue Defending

Deplorables that they warned you about
Who are you?

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This is all of the polling data we currently have in the Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Primary. Most recent polls show former Congresswoman Gwen Graham and Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine nearly tied. However, this is Florida we are talking about. Even primaries are unpredictable in Florida. Not only that, it has been proven time and time again that primary polls are more prone to error than general election polls, especially in swing states. And, according to these polls, a huge amount of Democratic voters in the Sunshine State remain undecided ahead of the August primary. Those undecided voters will be crucial over the next three months, and you can rest assured that Graham and Levine will spend the remaining before the primary trying to earn the votes of these undecided voters. And while Levine appears to be leading, Graham has said that she leads in fundraising. The bottom line is, this is anybody's race. This primary will be one to watch. The winner, who will likely have an advantage in November due to Trump's unpopularity in a state that guaranteed his victory in 2016, could have the chance to become the first Democrat to occupy the Governor's Mansion in Tallahassee since 1999.
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Pain is coming. The end.
#RepostSave @justredpills with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Vachel Lindsay explains how @netflix will eventually collapse with their Liberal Progressive @barackobama Propaganda....
First Link on Slide 2: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/obama-ted-sarandos-netflix-nicole-avant-315830
Second Link on Slide 2 & 3: http://variety.com/2018/digital/news/netflix-ambassador-susan-rice-board-1202738289/
@reuters link on Slide 6 & 7: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-netflix-debt/netflix-to-raise-1-5-billion-in-debt-idUSKBN1HU1KS
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