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See how hype DATE PARTY was, hit the LINK in BIO for Vlog 45 and comment Jackson's biggest competitor for the Jackson minute, along with any other ideas for new segments. Trying to switch it uppp 🦉🦉

👌"Mark ya #presence & set ya #landmark "(dedicated)👌 #Limit_is_only_the_sky_which_you_cant_touch !
(deep)😉 🔸@classy_yuan_rai

Feeling like a little kid.. haven't had this much fun in a long time! At Unleash the Power Within for my first #TonyRobbins experience ✨🙌🏽✨ Keep shining your Light!

Aztec roots. Nagual is a person that guides others to find who they really are, to help them find their own spirit, their own freedom, their own joy, happiness and love ❣️ Mexican Indigenous roots calling.
My blood is on fire. Rooting and allowing the energy from my ancestors that I carry on my DNA to manifest in all aspects of my life.
I Am supported

I Am an Indigenous woman and I'm proud of my roots. Don't mess with me! 🙅🏽 Aztecs are powerful people.

Be kind to others, but don't forget your•self .|• #manifestedminds

What if you're weekend checklist consisted of nothing other than being fully present ✨ Enjoy, yogis! #vibetribe #lotushouseofyoga #shineyourlight #bethelight #presence

"When body and mind are together, you are fully present. You are fully alive and you can touch the wonders of life that are available in the here and now. So you practice not only with your mind but with your body. Body and mind should be experienced as one thing, not two. On that ground, you see that everything you are looking for is already there." ~Thich Nhat Hanh 🍂
Eco~friendly suit by @_kahunakaiswimwear_ 🌸
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Tomorrow...this happens. ✨


Focus Blend and glittered out nails!!! By @_sparkle.girl_ 😘

Okay I have a hard time staying completely FOCUSED 😳. Who can relate? 💁🏽 I have this oil with me at all times and I love using it throughout the day to stay more present 😌

I use it pre-workout too! 💪🏼 It really helps me focus entirely on what my body is doing and play more full out (your mind plays a huge part in a successful workout) 🤓 ❤❤❤ This blend ❤❤❤

Sisterhood! 🙏 Can you feel the LOVE? These ladies are a huge part of my heart + soul. 💗 We've known each other since our teens... decades now!! AND my goddess do I honor, bow to and love each of them. 🦋💎🦋💎🦋💎Life is filled with delicious challenges and yet in some areas, things flow easily. Our sisterhood is one of those areas for me... easy, fluid, revealed, wholehearted, unwavering, precious, potent and simply HILARIOUS at times. 😂After a rich, beautiful call together (hence, the screenshot 🤗), I had to take a moment to share my joy + gratitude for these pillars on my path. What I have learned from these amazing women is that true love does not come with conditions, expectations or pressure. Our love is spacious and true, welcoming each other as we are. 🌺🌿✌🏼Life is short. We never know what's around the next bend. Thank and appreciate those you love today... even if it's holding your embrace with your beloved a few moments longer, whispering your appreciation into your little one's ear, or stepping out into nature and thanking the bright, beaming ☀️ sun. Gratitude is a super power. Use it often and watch your life light up the world. 💗💎 #lovelovelove #gratitude #sisterhood #divinefeminine #breathedeep #appreciationpost #presence #jaima #bethelight

When your "run" is relaxing and easy .... and you were present for the whole time ... is it time to increase miles? #runner #fitnessmotivation #timeforme #habitforming #health #mindset #presence @allisonbbryan @allanschoenberg

I am learning,
The arrival is temporary.
Once I think I've made it
there's a new door swung open with more to explore.
I keep chasing the end
Where I am finally there, answers in tow.
I am embracing this human experience - transient, malleable, roller coaster, happy, sad, a colourful spectrum.
my heart today...is wide open
and I will still love it on the days when it closes.
why do we chase a destination?
have we not learned that it's a moving mark?
we are here to evolve,
an arrival would be the demise of our purpose.
I will enjoy the temporary
I will enjoy the tension between desire and fruition.
Because that longing in my heart is just as important as the having.
'What is' is part of the process.
There is not one part better than the other...
Though, we'd like to think so, but that only causes suffering ;)
Right now, I am here,
Content with what is. ✍🏻: @cheldupuis

Loving this pretty little water color expression of the root chakra I found on the @freepeople blog by @kristen.hedges . Balancing tips: touch the earth, redecorate, purify home, eat warm rich foods, practice hatha yoga ❤️❤️❤️

... And she found riches in the most unlikely places - love in herself and happiness in the poetic chaos of life. #minnejoys
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Don't #Strive To Make Your #Presence #NOTICED ,
Just Make Your #Absence #FELT ...

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