Focus today on one thing only. Be completely present for everything that you do.⠀


Amy Cuddy: Wstań! (Presence. Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges)
Umysł wpływa na ciało a ciało wpływa na umysł. Kiedy przed nami trudne spotkanie, stresujące wystąpienie, rozmowa od której wiele zależy możemy sami dla siebie być bardziej obecni, czyli świadomi swojej najgłębszej historii, przyjmując na 2 minuty jedną z tych pozycji 👍💃

¨Focusing is a little door. Some people want to give the name 'focusing' to
everything they find through this door. No, focusing is just attending to the
bodily uneasiness of a problem.¨- E. Gendlin. For more, check out Facebook Live today Friday at 8 AM ET - http://ow.ly/H1OO30mieJ6

Morning guys!

Just a quick reminder that to get onto your path of Passion and Love you don’t need to actively look for it - you just have to clear the way. Clear anything that isn’t unconditional love, within and without. Expand your inner world from a state of fear to a state of love and your path REVEALS ITSELF TO YOU - starting from your thoughts, extending to your body, then finally to your surroundings (not the other way round!). Remember, service to YOURSELF is the foundation for service to others, and let’s face it, that’s why we are all here. It can take time to peel the layers away, it can hurt, but there’s absolutely no other way to live.

DM me if you’d like an intuitive energy reading to see where you’re at. £25 for a short time only x

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Shoes are perhaps the most important accessory you buy. Even if you aren't an accessory person, we all need to wear shoes, it is not something we can do without.
They have the power to make or break an outfit. Once you learn what not to do, you'll be able to step up to a whole new level of accessorizing.
1) Wearing Shoes That Have Seen Better Days.
"Do you know how much I bought this shoes?" "I so much love this shoe, this is my best shoe." matter how heartwarming it is for you to say this words, it doesn't change the fact that - " Everything has a shelf life." It doesn't matter how much you love it or how expensive it is, all good things must come to an end.
If your shoes have holes ( eventhough you think people can't see it), are faded, scratched or look like they've been dragged through the mud, please don't wear them again, just throw it out.
However, there is one exception to this rule. Shoes in decent condition with minor issues such as worn heels or sole replacement can be taken to be repaired. Spending a few naira to repair them can be cheaper and easier than buying a new pair.
2) Wearing Black All The Time.
I know Black is versatile and free you from that stress of saying/thinking what I will put it on, but your shoe collection should not be exclusively limited to Black. Black isn't the only color out there. Try something else. Dm me for a Brown shoe and belt (October Flash Sale).
3) Wearing Socks When You Shouldn't.
Socks are a necessity with dress shows and sneakers but sometimes your feet look better makes. For example, never wear socks and sandals together. There is absolutely no exception to this rule. This also applies to Moccasin Shoes
4) Wearing Square Toes Shoes.
Square-toe shoes are now incredibly outdated. If you happen to own a pair or two, it's time for you to part ways with them no matter the good condition they are.
That it #nkygang.
NKY Classic

Wild thing.. you make my heart sing 🐯

As someone who grew up in a tropical climate, the ebb and flow of seasonal change hits me hard. I find it difficult to be grounded during this time of year, but the practice helps. It's like coming home. And that's one of the great pleasures I find in the practice, because yoga removes the distinction between home as a feeling and home as a place, it offers both at once. And who can argue with that?

☯️ Meditation & Mindfulness are always part of my workshops. Dance steps are nothing without Presence 🙏💫 #roniesaleh #unleashyourspirit #meditation #mindfulness #presence #hereandnow #kizombafusion #kizomba


Ujjayi pranayama (Sanskrit = victorious breath) is a breathing technique which gives freedom from bondage, leading to subtle states of mind while energizing both mind and body.
It is also called psychic breath.
In this practice we breathe deeply in and out through the nostrils while slightly contracting the muscles in the back of our throat.
The sound created sounds similar to a baby snoring or the waves of the ocean crashing to the shore 🏝️ It the helps us to synchronize breath with movements during yoga, making the entire asana practice more rhythmic and increasing our awareness and presence.
🌸 Tranquilizing, calming mind and nervous system especially in situations when we feel anxious or nervous
🌸 Deep psychic relaxation, helps relieve insomnia especially before sleep
🌸Slows down heart rate, regulating blood pressure
🌸 Heating effect helps eradicating toxins in mind and body
🌸 Increases oxygen level in blood, improving respiratory capacity
🌸 Encourages free flow of prana
🌸Increased state of awareness and presence

Remind me never to drive to the Gold Coast after lunch time on a Friday! #whatwasithinking.

Last chance tomorrow to see these paintings up at the @thecreativecollectivebrisbane Art Exhibition. Do yourself a favour and go check them out. You can do all your Christmas shopping early! #bonus

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