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A wonderful Monday morning made even better when seeing a rainbow and meeting a mom (barista at SB at Safeway) that wrote a note on my coffee. I taught her daughter who is in 10th grade now. I miss teaching a lot. Hope your Monday is off to a good start 😊 #amyssecondact #preschoolteacher #speaker #youmvp #mondaymornings #thankful🍁

I'm not going to say that I disliked how I looked in the before, because I didn't. I was working out regularly and felt I had finally found "balance" in my life as far as my health and fitness go. I thought this was how I was going to look from then on 🤔
But...then I fell in love with my workouts. I fell in love with the community and the support of my girls. I had my girls pushing me to TRULY try for my best. I have people who check my mindset every day and help me build a body that I've never been more PROUD of.
New challenge group is coming up quick!! I'm not done yet - want to see how far YOU can go? Start those healthy habits BEFORE the winter holidays, and join our little fam of badass babes 👭 Drop an emoji below and I'll send you the deets 💕

⭐️ALPHABET ACTIVITY CARDS⭐️ How cool is the activity Sam is doing here?? 🙌🏻 He's finding the sticker that doesn't belong in each set and crossing it out ❌ LOVE 😍 Brilliant, easy - so.much.learning 👍🏻 I got this idea from @dayswithgrey's Preschool Alphabet Activity Cards - this is Xx is for X Out ⭐️ Full disclosure: Beth sent me my set for free because I've been chatting with her about this product since she first came up with the idea 💡And I'm so so excited for her 🙌🏻 I get nothing for posting about this except the joy of sharing a really good product 💫 There are 26 activity cards, each card has at least 2 activities on it AND a blurb about how the skills align with kindergarten readiness 👫 So cool for our preschoolers 👍🏻 What an easy way to have activity ideas at the ready - I think I'm going to put my cards on a key hook and flip through on boring, clock is ticking backwards type days 😂 The link in my profile today will take you to @dayswithgrey's post about them OR DM me and I'll happily send you the link 🎉 Congrats Beth! These turned out so cool 🎉

Was scrolling through all of my Facebook photos and came across the picture on the left. Wow! Such a difference. Not exactly what I weighed on the left, it was roughly 100 pounds ago, but that number doesn't really matter does it? I feel so much better now and I'm so thankful to myself for changing my ways.

I've heard that the average person gains between 7-10 pounds over the holiday season. I can say that has always been true for me. Anyone else? That's just extra weight that's going to drag me down emotionally and physically. I don't want to go into a new year like that.

And ladies, you do NOT have to give up all the things you love to have great results. I would seriously hate life if I completely cut things out of my life🍷🍫🥧 Maybe you just want maintain your fitness, have awesome energy and feel good about the healthy choices you are making. Maybe you’re wanting to have a community of support to help deter you from eating too many sweets.

Whatever your goals are I’m here to help!! ✌🏻 Registration is NOW OPEN for my new exclusive Holiday Hustle group!! I’m looking for ladies ready to lose 3-10 or more lbs., wanting to ditch the sugar, bloat and look and FEEL their absolute BEST through the holidays and into the new year.

You’ll get:
🔹Your choice of tons of fitness programs 🔹An easy to follow portion focused meal
plan 🔹A community of ladies and myself to hold you accountable
🔹Chocolate is allowed (woohoo!!!)
🔹Daily superfood shake to reduce junk binges that are tough to avoid this time of the year. 🔹Prizes for completing bonus challenges
🔹Holiday recipes and tips to help you stay on track while traveling or at parties.
I have 7 spots open as of right now for new ladies! Spots will fill up QUICKLY, so message me or comment below 👇👇as the deadline is Nov 22nd.

The group starts November 27th and keeps you on track through Dec 31st!! Whose joining hands with me?? Let’s do this TOGETHER! It could be the best gift you could give yourself! 😉❤

Ms. Nini reporting to duty 📚
Who else is ready for a long weekend?

Comment 🙋🏽🙋🏽‍♂️ if your ready.


Just a reminder when one of those days happen!! 👩🏻‍🏫Have a restful Thanksgiving break teachers!! 🦃 A much needed break!!🍎🍎🍎🍎#teachersfollowteachers #teacherlife #tiredteacher #preschoolteacher #preschoollife #prekteacher #teachersofinstagram #teachersday #teacherstyle #teachersoffduty #thanksgivingbreak 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

Made super long cheerio necklaces! We started of with bracelets but they got excited and kept adding Cheerios... 😊 ❤️ #students #cheerios #necklace #entertainment #preschool #preschoolteacher #busy #cute #teachersofinstagram #teachers #preschoolteacher

This job was harder than it looked, and our tweezers were not a good fit for this at all... But the kids still found ways to pop off those kernels. 🌽I'm serious about the popping part- they were flying everywhere! 🙈😂
As a side note, I've wanted to try this activity for years, but never knew where to get dried corn. I found these at my grocery store last month, and wondered if they usually sell it in the fall, and I've just never noticed before? 🤔

“Encourage one another and build each other up.” 🙌🏻 1 Thessalonians 5:11 #concentration #countingactivity 🎃🎃🎃 #teamwork 👊🏻💪🏻🤙🏻 #preschoolers #Montessori #preschoolteacher 👩🏻‍🏫💕

Conversation of the day with a preschool student⬇️
Me: What kind of ice cream do you like?
Student: Um...frozen

Me: Oh right, yes I suppose that would be the best kind 😂 #preschoolteacher #preschoollife #duh #myjobisfun

l cannot adhere to “food labels.” For way too long, l kept trying to fit these different food boxes. Paleo. Whole 30er. Gluten free. Eating clean. I think it’s amazing when they work for someone, but they all made me feel super guilty and kind of like a failure. Maybe it’s all in my head, but when l check myself under any of those l feel obligated to follow their rules all of the time. They leave me feeling restricted (like what if I want a glass of wine!? Or a sandwich!?) and eventually l just want to eat all of the things l’ve been saying ‘no’ to. So far this week has been filled with a ton of veggies and proteins and healthy fats, but come Thursday l am enjoying some wine and a crescent roll (or three). And then Friday, it’s back on. Living healthier is not one size fits all. You have to find what works for YOU ❤️

PSA: if you haven’t ordered @meljoulwan Well Fed Weeknights book you’re missing out. This recipe (Harvest) and every other one l’ve made have been amazing 🙌🏻

We love our field trips to the Brookdale Senior Living. Young children and elders have much in common, they are both great teachers. And for those of us in the middle they remind us what it is to live in the moment and appreciate what is here right now. #sellwoodmoreland #portland #wisomoftheelders #intergenerational #preschoolteacher #waldorfeducation #choosekind #daycare #wonderofchildhood

That moment when you're hanging out with one of your childhood friends after not having seen each other for many many years (and you had to travel across the country to do so!), yet thanks to Facebook we are still in touch and have connected over our kiddos and being intentional about teaching in the home, and then when she's digging in her big mom purse looking for a snack and pulls out Fundanoodle Muscle Mover cards and is like "oh hey! Look what's in my bag!" ...that moment right there made my Fundanoodle Ambassador day!!! ❤️😍❤️ Thanks for being one of my first Fundanoodle fan friends @jennaevans04 !! 😘

Love that Muscle Movers come with a handy dandy O-ring to keep them on and that they are so easy and great to keep in a diaper bag or a purse or the car and pull out when the littles are needing to be engaged in an activity - such a great alternative to screen time!
Uppercase and Lowercase sets!
#fundanoodle #learningletters #makelearningfun #preschoolteacher #preschoollife #grossmotorplay #purposefulplay

An a-MAIZE-ing project to fit in to your Harvest theme. Even baby Mila enjoyed finger painting her bubble wrap in shades of red, brown, and yellow. **
Encourage finger painting on the textured side of the bubble wrap. Once complete (and still wet) stamp an imprint onto white or yellow paper. While it's drying, cut out a bumpy cone shape from a contrasting color and glue on a paper stalk/leaves. Once the paint is dry, layer the two and 🌽🌽🌽

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