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Each day we have morning circle time when we sing songs, dance and enjoy movement. Here we are singing an action song that explores the growth of a plant from a seed. The picture shows the children curled up as little seeds.

We’ve been observing buds form and then flowers bloom in our garden.

We are loving watching the bees 🐝 sipping nectar and gathering pollen in our garden flower 🌷

We founds lots of wriggling worms in our garden soil.

We encourage you to take a moment to contribute ideas to the master plan. Such as the park needs a toilet close by. Add a young children’s bike track.

Our sewing projects are progressing well. The children are such joyous crafters.

The children have decided these are finished. They are so beautiful!

Can you tell that we love Autumn and all the natural treasures it brings? 😍
Munchkin pumpkins and conkers are the perfect addition for this homemade playdough. Mia sat here for 45 minutes prodding, poking, moulding and rolling. It really is such a good activity for strengthening those growing finger muscles 🖐 .
We’re off to find more pumpkins to add to our collection today! Happy Friday explorers 😊 #graceandgraykids #toddlerplay #finemotorskills

This shopping activity is a great way to work on vital life skills. With two shops to choose from it’s a great way to encourage students to make choices and compare prices. There is so much included in this pack and you’re students are going to love it! 😍 You can find it on my TpT by clicking the link in my bio or on my website teachingautism.co.uk 🌟

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